QT Auckland: Where fine art meets fine interiors for an unforgettable stay

11 July 2023
By Fashion Quarterly

By inviting guests to embark on an artistic adventure, QT Auckland ensures an unforgettable stay that blurs the boundaries of traditional hospitality.

Jennifer Steinkamp LED Screen

Hiding in plain sight in Tāmaki Makaurau/Auckland’s waterfront precinct is QT Auckland, a boutique hotel housing an eclectic art collection that begs for your attention — and deservedly so. Meticulously curated by QT’s long-time collaborator, interior designer Nic Graham, the hotel’s gallery showcases stunning works by local and international artists. 

On entering QT Auckland, you’re greeted by a harmonious fusion of art and design that sets the tone for your stay. Exuding sophistication and creativity, Graham’s attention to detail and understanding of Tāmaki Makaurau/Auckland’s essence see installations expertly integrated into the hotel’s public spaces to thought-provoking effect. 

From the moment you step into the lobby and see the statement piece by Australia’s Minka Gillian, the artwork piques your curiosity. The public spaces also include the talent of several local creatives, including Louise McRrae, Ilya Volykhine and Max Patté. It’s QT Auckland’s tribute to our arts scene, as well as an opportunity for visitors to add off-the-wall pauses to their visit. 

To fully appreciate the brilliance within the hotel, guests are encouraged to embark on their own tour of the art collection. Each piece is purposefully placed to allow a visual journey to unfold as you navigate the communal spaces and corridors. At check-in, an exquisite composition by New York digital artist Jennifer Steinkamp plays on a large-scale LED screen (pictured above). 

Every lift lobby features a custom salon hang curated in partnership with Tāmaki Makaurau/Auckland agency Misterwolf that combines a diverse range of source materials and commissioned artists and photographers to add to the narrative of your stay. There’s a long-established symbiotic relationship between art and fashion; they intertwine to inspire and influence each other, creating a dynamic and ever-evolving dialogue of creativity and self-expression. For the fashion devotees among us, Minka Gillian’s Mind Garden 2 alone is worth a visit. 

Exploring the artist’s imaginary internal landscape, its handwoven structures transform everyday materials into objects of beauty and intrigue. The incorporation of bespoke artworks throughout QT Auckland benefits guests by creating an ambience that’s visually captivating, culturally authentic and intellectually stimulating. Through the installations, we’re encouraged to explore, engage and connect with the stories that unfold around them, thereby enhancing our experience of what this vibrant city has to offer.

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Max Patte Venus Rising
Jennifer Steinkamp LED Screen (left), Taupo Lava Glass (centre)
Minka Gillian Mind Garden 2
Timothy Oulton Inception Mirror.


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