Press Pause: A new scent to support hormonal harmony

27 October 2022
By Sarah Murray

Find out why New Zealand fragrance house Abel's new innovative offering is a need-to-know scent.

Abel's new fragrance is designed to support the stages of Perimenopause.

From the makers of Nurture (a fragrance to celebrate and support motherhood) comes Pause – an innovative fragrance designed to support hormonal harmony during Perimenopause. 

Launched last week to align with World Menopause Day, the unique frgrance was a personal response to the hormonal changes experienced by founder Frances Shoemack and perfumer Dr Fanny Grau’s. Both women felt Perimenopause (the period of hormonal change typically experienced by women in their late 30s to late 40s leading into Menopause itself) was ‘only discussed as a signpost for being devoid of vitality’.

“In my late 30’s I started noticing hormonal changes in an otherwise predictable rhythm,” explains Frances. “Night sweats, irregular cycles, and other changes that piqued my curiosity. When I began to research and learn about perimenopause, I felt like there was a huge gap in my knowledge and a total lack of community around this transformational change. Among girlfriends, sisters, or intergenerational women, all with whom I’m very open, I realised I’d never had a conversation about perimenopause. Not a single one. It felt emotionally and physically isolating.” 

They set out to change this. 

Abel's Frances Shoemack draws on her own experience of hormonal changes in creating this one-of-a-kind fragrance.

“I started researching and uncovering incredible information about essential oils and their role in supporting hormonal flux. I felt a functional fragrance utilising these ingredients  would not only provide comfort and strength but help to gently open up the dialogue around Perimenopause,” says Frances. 

The fragrance itself continues with Abel’s journey into therapeutic perfume with essential oils being selected based on their positive impact on hormonal wellbeing. And the rich floral scent is so much more than an intoxicating fragrance, as Frances explains further. 

“Luscious Mimosa is the hero in Pause. Not only is it just a beautiful scent, it’s well known for its mood-stabilising properties –  being equally as comforting as it is uplifting. Supplementary ingredients include Narcissus  which features for its ability to support sleep. There’s also verbena in the opening notes which has been assessed in science-backed studies for its ability to reduce stress. Finally, Hay Absolute promotes tranquillity – providing a sense of emotional calm during a physically overwhelming  time.”

All in all the vibrant orange bottle, and unique scent profile reflects their mission to bring confidence to this stage of womanhood. And taking it a step even further 1% of Pause proceeds will go to Solar Sister – an organisation to support local women in Africa to create clean energy businesses. Better yet, like all their perfumes, this beautiful offering can be worn and loved by any age, gender or stage of life. 


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