5 reasons why we’re loving the new Nova 5T release from Huawei

20 September 2019
By Fashion Quarterly

We tested out the latest in tech and we’re obsessed.

Keeping up with the latest tech is crucial for any girl-on-the-go, but finding a trusted gadget at an affordable price is no small feat. That is, until now. In a fast-paced world where no two days are ever the same, having a phone you can trust to get you from A-B which is not only sleek and stylish, but also reliable and durable for whatever your day throws at you, is so important.

Here at Miss FQ, we’re all about keeping up with the latest in fashion and the newest phone release from Huawei, the Nova 5T, is nothing but sophisticated in all the right ways… and best of all, without the hefty price tag.

That’s why our digital content producer Maxine Fourie teamed up with Huawei to take the Nova 5T for a spin. She shares her thoughts below on why she’s loving their latest release:

1. The five AI camera

Whether I’m snapping a travel photo abroad or angling my phone to get that perfect picture of brunch, nailing the perfect shot is easier said than done. That’s why having a quality camera to assist me is a non-negotiable.

The camera is one of the my most used features on my phone as it allows me to capture all my memories and work-related content, enabling me to keep, store or share them with the world, that’s why a feature on the nova 5T that I can’t get enough of is the AI 48MP main sensing camera. This will be any millennial’s new best friend as it’s a camera made for multi-scenario shots.

For example, I can snap high-def close up images of beauty looks backstage at fashion shows, take high-quality imagery in the evening when out with friends (the low light camera is next level) and carefully curate a selfie for when I’m feeling cute (the beauty filter feature means even if I don’t feel cute, I can still look it!). Trust me when I say if you want a feed like an influencer, using this camera will ensure it stays #GramWorthy at all times. And at a cool RRP of $699, it’s more affordable than a professional handheld camera – say what?!

2. Storage space

To me, there’s nothing more annoying than being in the middle of a snap-happy moment and being interrupted with a ‘not enough storage’ alert to kill the moment.

The tasks I have in my day to day job means that I need plenty of storage space to keep songs, apps, photos, podcasts and videos all in one space without having to compromise and delete to make room for new additions which is something that I was consistently doing, up until using this new release. With 8GB RAM plus 128GB of storage on offer with the nova 5T, I can concentrate on capturing new content (not rifling through old stuff, figuring out what to delete) and what’s not to love about that?

3. Lag-free browsing

There’s nothing worse than waiting for a screen to load when you’re in the middle of a binge-watch or when you’re deep in an Instagram stalk (two things that on the odd occasion *ahem* I find myself doing) but luckily when using the nova 5T, this was something that didn’t happen to me.

The lightning-fast Kirin 980 chip is the lag-free lifeline of this phone, and provides a fast and fluid user experience. This was one of my most notable features while using this phone, because it allowed me to spend more time engaging with content and doing the things I love, rather than waiting and staring at a blank screen. Hooray!

4. FullView display

Instead of staring out the window and being bored out of my brain on my commute home (let’s face it, usually because of a dead battery!) I chose to stream my fave show Mindhunter on-the-go instead, thanks to Huawei’s nova 5T’s 6.26-inch Huawei Punch FullView Display. With its HD quality screening, it’s like having a mini TV or laptop in my pocket and Netflix (not to mention my commute) has never looked better because of that. #Love!

5. The supercharge feature

Working in a digital role means that I’m on my phone more often than not. Whether that’s creating imagery for our Instagram account or snapping outfits in the front row at fashion shows, my phone goes through a lot in just one day, and it can be hard to stay charged on-the-go without desperately searching for a power bank.

One of the things that make the nova 5T so appealing to me is its battery life that has an average last time of 13 and a half hours (that’s a lot of time to scroll through the ‘gram). If the battery longevity hadn’t gotten me hooked already, the supercharge feature would be the one to win me over…

The 22.5W HUAWEI SuperCharge technology feature put simply is the answer to all your low-battery woes. Slow charging slows down my day, but with this feature, I was able to charge up to 50% battery life in just 30 minutes! So yep, no more sitting around and turning my device on aeroplane mode while I wait for it to fuel up. Talk about convenient…

This article was brought to you in partnership with Huawei. To find out more about Huawei nova 5T, visit https://consumer.huawei.com/nz/


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