Naveya & Sloane co-founder Rachel Sloane invites us in to her personal jewellery collection

17 April 2024
By Fashion Quarterly

We chat to the co-founder on the pieces in her personal collection that mean the most and which ones she reaches for on a daily basis.

Rachel Sloane, co-founder of bespoke New Zealand jeweller Naveya & Sloane.

Can you share with us the story behind one of your most cherished pieces in your personal jewellery collection?

The most cherished piece in my jewellery collection is a ring that I had made about a decade ago. My partner Alex surprised me with an incredible radiant cut sapphire for Valentine’s Day. The stone itself wasn’t the most expensive and perfect stone, you could see the variation of colour under magnification or if you looked really closely, but it had the most incredible vibrancy and reminded me of the ocean, a place that holds a tonne of significance for me. There’s this raw beauty to natural gemstones and diamonds which is captivating, and the fact that Alex chose this particular stone meant the world to me. I decided to design a diamond set signet ring to elevate the gorgeous sapphire. Inspired by a classic signet style, it is quite low set and snug to wear. Hidden inside the ring is an intricate moon backholing which makes it even more special and was inspired by my love for the celestial landscape. I feel very connected to this piece as it has a beautiful balance of simplicity, comfort and glamour. It’s always been my go to piece, accompanying me on all sorts of adventures.

What inspired you to become a jewellery designer, and how does that influence the pieces you choose to wear on a daily basis?

I’ve always been drawn to the stories behind jewellery. It’s about longevity and timelessness for me. These concepts are close to my heart and flow through my own collection for sure. I have my go-to pieces for daily wear, like my Honey Jane Chain and Lovers Knot, which make me feel beautiful and energised, even in jeans and a t-shirt. 

My jewellery gives me a different kind of strength, to have such precious pieces worn so close, with such sentimental value it is a really special feeling.

Rachel as a child.

Are there any specific materials or gemstones that hold special significance to you in your personal collection?

My sapphire is particularly special, it’s also reminiscent of my mum’s engagement ring. And of course, diamonds, I love my diamond engagement ring, these precious stones symbolise love and light for me.

How do you balance between creating pieces for your brand and curating your own pieces for you?

Well, I suppose I’m always aiming to create jewellery that I adore and that I would wear, and I just sort of figured that if we’re in love with them then other people will be too. I guess that’s what gives Naveya & Sloane its unique style.

Rachel as a child.

Do you have any favourite themes or motifs that consistently appear in your personal jewellery collection?

Knots and celestial themes hold significant meaning to me, you’ll find these woven through my collections and designs. For example, all of our signature engagement ring designs are named after constellations, a nod to the wonder and romance of the universe.

There is an essence of cosiness to our jewellery, for example the lovers knot literally feels like a hug when you put it on. I love jewellery that is so thoughtfully designed it becomes a part of you.

Hidden details are also important to me, and a key signature in our designs. Across our collections you’ll find design elements such as engravings or secret settings which add personal touches to each piece. Our designs are designed from the inside out, ensuring harmony and flow and allowing for the tiniest of details to be considered.

Rachel wears the Honey Jane chain.
The Lovers Knot.

Can you describe a piece from your personal collection that reflects your personal style and aesthetic as a designer?

At the moment it’s the Honey Jane Chain. I am drawn to its sculptural, bold and simple aesthetic that still has a refined elegance. This is an incredibly beautiful piece and when you take a closer look there is so much to discover. I am continuously inspired by love and light and the way this design catches the light is particularly special. Its wabi sabi aesthetic feels soft and comforting, yet powerful.

Do you have a piece that doesn’t necessarily have a significant monetary value but more sentimental value? Could you tell us about the memories associated with it?

My mum gifted me a beautiful sword brooch which is detailed in pearls and rubies. While it’s not worth a lot, its sentimental value is priceless. I remember as a child admiring it in my mum’s jewellery box, her sharing the family history and story behind it and dreaming of wearing it one day.

Images: Supplied. 

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