5 morning routine tweaks that will transform your day

3 April 2019
By Fashion Quarterly

There’s power in starting your day on the right foot.

Investing a small amount of your morning to creating a positive mindset will help prepare you for the day ahead. In fact, it’s been affirmed that forming healthy habitual behaviours for the morning can set you up for a day of success.

So, what are you waiting for? Discover the five simple steps that will help kickstart your day below:

Wake up to music

You know that horrible feeling of waking up to a headache-inducing alarm clock in the morning? Yep, that’s got to change. Instead of being woken up by your regular alarm sound, set your clock to wake you up to some uplifting music instead. You can’t really go wrong with waking up to Ariana Grande’s newest album, can you?

Start your day with a healthy brew

One small morning tweak that can make a massive difference to your wellbeing is trading in your coffee for a do-it-all-organic tea. To avoid a coffee crash at 11am and the desire for a re-hit throughout the day, fuel your body with a natural blend and use your own energy sources instead.

Avoid screen time until breakfast

We tend to spend a lot of time on our phones, especially in the mornings and evenings and this can have a negative effect on our mental wellbeing. Start your day off right by completing the tasks you need to like showering, getting ready and making lunch, rather than rushing around and engaging on social media.

Let’s be honest, not that much has changed overnight, right?

Do a mini workout or stretching session

Activating your muscles in the morning can do wonders for your body. Stretching for even a mere 5 minutes in the morning will help to improve your flexibility, as well as decrease your risk of straining your muscles throughout the working day.

Aside from that, stretching will help you to relax and get into the right mindset before you embark on a busy day of work.

Activate your brain en route to work

Your journey into work doesn’t have to be a chore – you can actually get a lot of use out of that hour on public transport; use it as a time to activate your brain by listening to a podcast or reading a new book.

This article originally appeared on Grazia UK.

Words: Arianna Chatzidakis
Photos: Getty Images


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