Miss FQ team trial: This affordable haircare range has a solution to basically every hair bugbear

26 June 2018
By Fashion Quarterly


If you are 100% happy with your hair 100% of the time, you’re probably lying (or a unicorn).

We all have our bad hair days and our hair bugbears – yes, even the Miss FQ team! When we heard the new (and super affordable) Schwarzkopf got2b hair care range could deal with basically every hair dilemma known to man, we put our hands up to try it.

Read on to see how each team member fared:

Megan Got2B Dry Shampoo

HAIR TYPE: Fine and lightened, slippery and relatively shiny.


My main hair bugbear is…It’s so flat! I like to wear my hair tousled and not too sleek but it’s impossible to get any height and movement at the roots.

So the product I used was… Schwarzkopf got2b Fresh it Up Volume Dry Shampoo.

My thoughts while I was using it… The first thing I noticed is that there’s no little powdery bits, it sprays in in a super fine mist that doesn’t overload hair. As well as tackling oil it delivered instant stiffness at my roots, the bottle says it has a ‘backcomb effect’ and that’s pretty accurate, the volume was impressive.

The result was… I love dry shampoo and have tried almost every one on the market. This one gets my seal of approval because of the lack of residue, it’s really impressive how it doesn’t have that powder that ends up sitting on your scalp, and it also feels dry and not ‘tacky’ like some can get. It’s also got a fresh, not-too-overwhelming scent. I’m definitely going to keep using it, it’s going into my arsenal as a 5pm dry shampoo as I think it’s going to be super handy for an end of day style refresh before going out at night, or giving my usually super slippery hair some grip to easily style into an updo.


To celebrate the launch of this range in New Zealand, we’ve got one Schwarzkopf prize pack and a $500 travel voucher to give away to one lucky winner. We want to see your unique style, so click the link above to find out how to enter.

HAIR TYPE: Fine with oily roots and dry, brittle lengths and ends (lucky me!).


My main hair bugbear is…Its lack of volume (’cause fine), and the eternal ‘to wash, or not to wash’ dilemma that comes as a result of having what I’ll call ‘combination hair’. My roots are in a state after just one day, but constant shampooing and heat styling dries everything else out.

So the product I used was…Schwarzkopf got2b Fresh it Up Dry Shampoo in Dark Brown.

My thoughts while I was using it…I typically use dry shamps as a volumising product rather than a style extender, because I hate the dusty grey residue most of them leave on your hairline. But the brunette tint of the dark brown Fresh it Up made it undetectable on me, and for this reason I was able to wear my day two hair down, when ordinarily I’d already be in bun territory. With the top of my hair looking refreshed, I lifted up random sections and sprayed at the roots to add lift. Finally I spritzed the product through my freshly curled lengths, brushing them out before scrunching and rubbing the strands between my fingers for texture and body.

The result was…
My hair looked thick and clean (but not too clean), and I’m smug about the fact that I didn’t need to fry it with the hairdryer, or strangle it in a too-tight bun to achieve this illusion. My new secret weapon, I can see myself integrating Schwarzkopf got2b Fresh it Up into my daily regime, whether it’s for a bit of grit on day one, refreshed roots and extra body on day two, or to disguise the absolute oil slick I have going on from day three onwards.

HAIR TYPE: Here’s a picture – I have a blonde lob comprising of thick hair with naturally unruly waves, medium texture, and frizz through the crown. My hair is heavily colour treated, tends to garner oily roots yet ends that are dryer than a dad joke plucked from a Christmas cracker…


My main hair bugbear is… Achieving a consistent texture from root to tip.

So the product I used was… Schwarzkopf got2b 2 Sexy Volumising Hairspray.

My thoughts while I was using it…  After my serious heat styling methods to establish a pliable blank canvas, I used my straightener to craft curls from my mid-lengths through to ends forming circa 2006 Tay-Tay ringlets. I used the got2b 2 Sexy Volumising Hairspray to set the curls. At this point, the curls are fixed about 20 cm wide from my head. Paired with my white bathrobe I’m giving off some serious mad scientist post-explosion vibes. Note to self: popstar pink packaging and a fruity scent is a sweet disguise for potency; this product has relentless holding power. I apply my makeup, get changed before taking a comb through my curls to reveal softer, blown-out looking tousles. Too easy.

The result was… A slept-in, woke-up-like-this style that lasted ALL day. While it’s efficacy might be a bit too bombshell for my day-to-day (I mean, hello, “Sexy Volumising” is in its title), it’s staying power will be called upon for a night out for I have no doubt in its ability to withstand the elements of a formal occasion or series of dance moves ‘in da club’. Should I be relocating to Wellington or the Manawatu where the wind runs rife and is a means of power, the Schwarzkopf got2b 2 Sexy Volumising Hairspray would be a daily necessity.



HAIR TYPE: Recently cut and quite liking it which is new for me as usually it is a constant battle to get my hair to look good.


My main hair bugbear is… That I have no volume and I cannot really experiment or try out cool hair styles when this is the case.

So the product I used was… Schwarzkopf got2b Fresh it Up Volume Dry Shampoo.

My thoughts while I was using it… Having dark brown hair means often when using dry shampoo I come out the other end looking like a 29-year-old not aging well, grey streaks and all. But with this dry shampoo, it wasn’t the case. Wake up, spray the dry shampoo and walk out the door. No more flipping my hair around, shaking my hands through it trying to get all the white streaks out.

The result was… I absolutely will be using this product again! For a long time, I’ve been trying to extend the wash cycle of my hair (I’m sick of washing every two days and then every other day it gets oily again), and now that I have this product, I can literally spray and walk away. It will allow me a couple of extra precious minutes in bed during winter… and who doesn’t want that?!

HAIR TYPE: Fine – but there’s a lot of it. In terms of texture, my hair is generally wavy but it can also be pretty temperamental at times and I get the odd ringlet here and there.


My main hair bugbear is… Around the age of 14 I developed the bad habit of washing my hair every day… and I can’t seem to free myself from that cycle. It’s a real pain because not only is washing it every day unhealthy, but it also means that my hair up-keep on a day-to-day basis is very time consuming.

So the product I used was… Schwarzkopf got2b Fresh It Up Extra Fresh Dry Shampoo.

My thoughts while I was using it… I tried this Schwarzkopf got2b dry shampoo as an alternative to washing my hair every second day. To apply, I sprayed the product on my roots and then thoroughly brushed my hair to allow the product to settle. Despite not having washed my hair, it looked clean, healthy and fresh with no trace of oiliness or limp locks. As an added bonus, the dry shampoo’s fragrance was really refreshing.

The result was… Clean and healthy looking hair despite not having to wash it. This is definitely the perfect way to get me out of my daily washing habit as the Dry Shampoo provides the same effect and smells delicious.

Schwarzkopf got2b hair protectant spray

HAIR TYPE: Thick, curly, frizzy, dry, damaged and colour-treated. Basically every hairdresser’s nightmare.


My main hair bugbear is… At some point in my teens, my hair decided to switch from being stick straight to full Sarah Jessica Parker curls. Add to this the fact I’ve been colouring my hair since age 13, and unfortunately my hair’s natural state is less Carrie Bradshaw at cocktail hour, and more Jon Bon Jovi circa 1991.

So the product I used was…Schwarzkopf got2b Guardian Angel Heat Protection Spray.

My thoughts while I was using it… I gave this product a try ahead of my brother’s recent winter wedding, knowing full well I’d have to wrestle it into shape using all sorts of hot tools before being exposed to the elements on a cold and windy Hawke’s Bay evening. After washing and towel-drying my hair, I spritzed a generous amount of the spray from root to tip, and combed it through using a wide tooth comb before blow drying. It felt light and the fragrance was quite lovely – I didn’t feel like I had added an extra slick of greasy product, as can sometimes be the case with heat protection sprays.

The result was… I give my hair a hard time with heat – first with a dryer and then using my hair irons to first straighten before adding curls – but I noticed that the end product was bouncy and smooth hair that was not at all fried. While this product might not make it into any of my #beautyshelfies anytime soon, I’ll be keeping it on hand for all of my future heat styling marathons.

HAIR TYPE: My strands are fine, but there are a lot of them – meaning my hair can be quite bulky and limp at times. My hairdresser cuts sweeping layers into my hair and takes a lot of the bulk out of the bottom so that I get more of a wispy feel.


My main hair bugbear is… I’m always on the lookout for new ways to build texture into my hair – I prefer lived-in waves rather than anything too “set” or polished-feeling.

So the product I used was… The Schwarzkopf got2b Beach Matt Mermaid Look Texturizing Salt Spray .

My thoughts while I was using it… Post-shower, I towel dried my hair and gave it a good spritz of the texturizing salt spray before running a wide tooth come through it. Straight away I noticed the spray’s super fresh scent. Yum! I then blow dried my hair in sections using a flat paddle brush. Once dry, my hair had body and there was just the right amount of definition in my layers without feeling too messy.

The result was… This is a perfect day-to-day sea salt spray that doesn’t leave a sticky texture or dry out my hair. It’s simple, quick to use and creates an easy wave – minus too many flyaways!

HAIR TYPE: I have long straight hair with a ¾ head of Loxy’s hair extensions, which I have for thickness and length. My natural hair is very fine with not a great deal of volume.


My main hair bugbear is… Pre-extensions, I was a daily shampoo and condition kinda girl, occasionally even twice daily if a cardio workout was involved. These days, in order to look after my investment in hair extensions, I aim to limit myself to two washes per week. Gulp. It’s not been an easy adjustment. Hair extensions don’t produce any moisturising natural oil as the hair that grows from your head does, so they can dry out easily.

So the product I used was… Schwarzkopf got2b Fresh it Up Dry Shampoo in Dark Brown.

My thoughts while I was using it… In the morning while getting ready for the day, I lift my hair in 2 inch sections around the crown of my hair, shake the can and spray short bursts from about 20cm away from my head. What grabs my attention is the rich chocolatey scent and the dark brown tone of the product as it sprays from the can. As someone who uses dry shampoo daily, I tend to get a chalky white build-up at the crown which has a dulling effect, so the brunette tone of this product is a major drawcard for me. I allow the product to sink in at the roots and grab onto the oil build-up in my hair while I finish my eye makeup. I then take a soft bore bristle brush and brush the powder out to the roots leaving my hair work ready and almost as though it’s been freshly washed and dried.

The result was… I would class myself as a dry shampoo connoisseur, as I use a can a week at home and also have one in my handbag and one on my desk. I use various brands with different price points, but I would absolutely purchase this again. I found it efficient, easy to use and I enjoyed the fragrance which is a bonus.

* This article is brought to you by Schwarzkopf got2b, available now from all good retailers.


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