Miss FQ Maybelline New York Influence Award nominations are now open! This is what you need to know.

22 July 2019
By Fashion Quarterly

Guess who's back, back again...

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Guess who’s back, back again… It’s the Miss FQ Maybelline New York Influence Awards, and we’re looking for the young New Zealanders who are making it happen for themselves and their communities.

Last year we had hundreds of nominations, thousands of votes (nearly 32,000 in fact!) and over a million eyeballs watching as the awards unfolded – and in 2019, we are ready to do it all over again. But this time we want to make the Miss FQ Maybelline New York Influence Awards bigger and better than ever; to do this, we need your help.

We want to celebrate and recognise the unique voices and personalities that are out there doing it, so we’ve teamed up with Maybelline New York to look for game-changing young New Zealanders who are doing amazing things, both on and off the ‘gram. Maybelline is all about ‘making it happen’ and we couldn’t think of a more appropriate tagline to live by when scouting for this year’s talent.

Miss FQ Influence Awards

The campaign begins with nominations which are open now (like, literally in the form below you guys!). From there, with our key partners, Miss FQ will select five finalists per category and soon after, you’ll be able to vote for your favourite influencer in each category on MissFQ.co.nz from 19 August 2019. Voting will be open for three weeks.

After that, the winners will be announced at a VIP party on 26 September in Auckland where all of our finalists will be invited, as well as Miss FQ’s closest friends, celebrity pals and some of our lucky readers, too (FYI: everyone who votes will be in the draw to win some fab prizes, including a $200 gift bag full of Maybelline New York goodies plus double passes to attend our shindig!).

Think you — or someone you know — could be a winner? Nominations are now open, so read our instructions for nominating below, and then fill in the form. Full Terms & Conditions can be found below.

The categories are:

Beauty – brought to you by Maybelline New York
Are you a beauty obsessive, always experimenting with and educating others on beauty products, trends and treatments? If so, this one’s for you. Across all the latest launches from luxe-to-less, and always up-to-date with — if not a predictor of — the season’s hottest runway looks (plus how to achieve them at home), you’re the beauty expert that we can’t stop tuning into. Let’s face it, the beauty bloggersphere is bursting at the seams, but what keeps us coming back is your authenticity. If you like something, we’ll know about it. But you aren’t a sell out — we know we can trust your opinion, not to mention your skills.

The definition of style #goals from top-to-toe, your wardrobe gives us total outfit envy. You might have a signature look that you rarely stray from (can’t improve on perfection, y’know?) or maybe you’re confident in your eclecticism, pulling off every aesthetic with ease. Either way, you clearly live and breathe fashion and your creativity and conviction inspires all of us to try new trends.

Social change
Whether you’re saving the bees, marching for gender equality, spending your spare time making lunches for kids in need or coming up with sustainable alternatives to plastic straws, you’re a person who cares A LOT about the planet and all the people living on it. Not content to just sit behind your keyboard and whinge about everything that’s wrong with the world (and why it’s all the fault of the baby boomers), you have solutions, you’re out there implementing them, and you’re using your network to spread the word. Basically, you’re our hope for the future, so we want to celebrate you and find out how we can be helping your cause.

Health, Body & Wellness
From wellness to workouts, this influencer is all about living a healthy lifestyle in a positive way. Exercise and healthy food obviously rank highly, but so does balance and body positivity, too. They’re encouraging, not preachy, and inspire you to get moving and eat better because it’ll make you feel good, girl! They also look the part as far as fitness fashion is concerned; you can count on them to tell you what’s cool and works well for your active lifestyle. And all the while, they’re championing body diversity, self-care and encouraging us to love the bodies we’re in.

Innovation, Business & Tech
You might not have billions in the bank just yet, but if you’ve managed to transform a hobby into a side-hustle (or main-hustle!) and it’s doing not too badly thank-you-very-much, we want to hear about it. No, seriously. How did you do that? Cos whether you’re self-made in the truest sense of the world, or had ample resources available to you and leveraged these in a super smart way, we’re all ears. It doesn’t matter if you’re making apps or appetizers — what’s important to us is your passion for your product, your clear work ethic, and how your story serves to inspire the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Travel – brought to you by Bondi Sands
There’s no two-ways about it — your ’gram is FOMO-inducing AF. But behind every snap of a Shinjuku street scene or a Cinque Terre sunset, there’s substance. Something unexpected. A shot that shows us that wherever you go, you go all-in. You meet the locals. You immerse yourself in the place’s culture and history. And yes, you know all the best spots for selfies. But you’re not doing this for the likes. Maybe you travel for work, or maybe you’re just really good at saving. Either way, you appreciate all those stamped pages in your passport because they allow you to give your followers a window to the world, and perhaps change a few perspectives along the way.

Up & Comer – brought to you by Lee Stafford
Are you one to watch? You might be a micro-influencer in your industry now, but at the rate you’re going you’ll be a household name sooner than we can say ‘obsessed’. It doesn’t matter what your area of influence is (and yes, you may enter any of the above categories provided you meet the criteria, below). If you can show us that your star is on the rise, and that you have big plans for the future, we’ll see what we can do to get you all the way there.

Arts and Culture
Whether you’re an ceramicist or a DJ, an #InstaPoet or an illustrator, a singer or an amateur food reviewer, you have talent by the bucket and we’re here for whatever you’re going to do next. If it’s reviews, we trust your opinion implicitly (and might have been known to drive miles out of our way to check out the chicken burger hole-in-the-wall you recommended last month). If it’s art, poetry or music, we are inspired, riveted and moved; we can’t look away, and for very good reason. You owe it to New Zealand to share your talent!

You’re creative, you’re out-of-the box and you’re not here to mess around. While others are content in following a trend, you’re the one who’s out there, forging a new path and going where nowhere else dared to go before. You stand for something and are willing to shake things up and go that extra mile to let it be so. Nominees for ‘Disruptor of the Year’ can be within any of the above categories, provided you meet the criteria below and are all about that #game-changing life.

The criteria:

  • Nominees may enter themselves or be entered by someone else.
  • Entries are open to New Zealand residents only.
  • Individual, pair and group nominations will be eligible for for all categories – brands or businesses will also be eligible to enter the Innovation, Business & Tech category.
  • Nominees may enter more than one category but must provide a new nomination for each entry.
  • All entries must include the nominee’s follower count on their highest followed platform at the time of entry.
  • All entries must demonstrate evidence of the nominee’s influence.
  • Influence will be determined by the following factors including, but not limited to, number of followers, engagement, quality of content, relatability, and authenticity.
  • Nominees for the Up & Comer category must have less than 10,000 followers on their primary, or most-followed, platform (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat or Twitter) and can also be nominated for any of the other categories, provided they fit both requirements.
  • Finalists will be chosen by Miss FQ, in collaboration with Maybelline New York, Lee Stafford and Bondi Sands for their respective categories only.

Miss FQ Maybelline New York Influence Awards – Terms and Conditions of Entry – Influencer Promotion
1. Information on how to enter and prizes form part of these conditions of entry.  Entry into the promotion is deemed acceptance of these terms and conditions.
2. Employees of the Promoter and any agency involved with this promotion, and the immediate families of such employees, are not eligible to enter.
3. The Promotion will operate in two rounds – the first, a Nomination Round commences at 12.01am, 22 July 2019 and ends at 11.59pm, 4 August 2019. The second, a Voting Round, commences at 12.01am, 19 August 2019 and ends at 11.59pm, 8 September 2019. (Promotion Period).
4. To enter the first round (Nomination Round), either:
(a)   Nominate yourself as an nominee via the form found on MissFQ.co.nz answering all required fields; or
(b)   Be nominated by another person via the form found on MissFQ.co.nz answering all required fields
5. All nominees must be New Zealand residents over 18 years of age
6. Nominees may be nominated in the following categories (Promotion Category):
(a)   Beauty
(b)   Style
(c)   Health, Body & Wellness
(d)   Innovation, Business & Tech
(e)   Social Change
(f)    Travel
(g)   Arts & Culture
(h)   Disruptor
(i)    Up & Comer
7. Nominations which are successfully received by the Promoter in the Nomination Round by the Nomination Round Expiry Date will then be considered for advancement to the second round (Voting Round). 5 or 6 nominees (ultimate number to be determined by the Promoter in its sole discretion) for each Promotion Category will advance to the Voting Round.
8. Nominees who advance to the Voting Round will be determined by the Promoter in its sole discretion, based on the criteria outlined on the nomination form page found on MissFQ.co.nz (Voting Round Selection).
9. Voting Round Selection will take place at the offices of the promoter, Bauer Media Group, Shed 12, 90 Wellesley Street West, Auckland City on Monday 12 August at 10am.
10. Nominees who advance to the Voting Round will be notified via email, private message on Instagram or Facebook or by announcement on MissFQ.co.nz and associated social media accounts.
11. In the event that an ineligible influencer is selected to advance to the Voting Round, or the Promoter is unable to contact a Voting Round selected influencer within 24 hours of the Voting Round Selection, having made reasonable attempts to do so, the Promoter may deem that influencer’s entry invalid and select a new influencer to advance to the Voting Round on the same terms as the original Voting Round Selection.
12. Winners of each Promotion Category in the Voting Round will be determined by a mixture of public vote (50%) and an expert panel (50%) made up of Miss FQ editors, Maybelline New York executives and guest judges nominated by Miss FQ. Public votes may be cast at any time between 19 August 2019 and 8 September 2019. Votes may be cast by the public by selecting one preference per category and submitting their details found on the associated form.
13. Winners of each Promotion Category will be notified via email, private message on Instagram or Facebook or by announcement on MissFQ.co.nz and associated social media accounts. There will be one winner per category.
14. The Supreme Category winner will receive: A year’s supply of Maybelline New York makeup valued at $1000; a $800 Maybelline New York Night Out Package, including one night accommodation at a hotel in central Auckland and your makeup done by Maybelline New York NZ Makeup Director Gee Pikinga.
15. You agree that if you win the Supreme Award, Miss FQ, Maybelline New York New Zealand can record some (or all) of the prize experience, and that we will own the footage and can use it however we like. However, we will never use the footage for any commercial endorsement which isn’t linked to the competition without your say so. Sometimes we might ask you to take the recording for us, and you agree to help us out with this.
16. In the event that an ineligible Voting Round winner is selected, or the Promoter is unable to contact a Voting Round winner within one week of the Voting Round Selection, having made reasonable attempts to do so, the Promoter may deem that Voting Round winner’s entry invalid and award that Voting Round winner’s prize to the runner up, as determined by the public vote in that Promotion Category.
17. Voting Round winners will only be deemed a winner once they have claimed their prize and been verified by the Promoter.  Voting Round winners must claim their prize before November 2019.
18. There will be one reader prize of $200 worth of Maybelline New York products drawn at random from all entries submitted during the Voting Round. To qualify for entry the reader needs to place at least one vote during the Voting Round and submit their name and email address via the entry form.
19. The prizes are not transferable, changeable or redeemable for cash. The prize does not include the cost of passports, visa’s and other travel incidentals (including spending money, medical expenses, airport and hotel transfers, insurance, meals, and hotel extras).
20. In the event that a prize or any part of a prize becomes unavailable for any reason beyond the Promoter’s control, the Promoter may in its sole discretion decide to provide an alternative prize.
21. In the event of a Voting Round prize winner being, for any reason, unable or unwilling to redeem a prize, the Promoter will select another Voting Round prize winner as based on the public vote in that Promotion Category.
22. The Promoter reserves the right to request verification of the age, identity or residential address of any nominee or any Voting Round or Nomination Round winner and any other information relevant to entry into or participation in this promotion. Verification is at the discretion of the Promoter, whose decision is final.
23. The Promoter reserves the right to disqualify any individual who breaches any of these terms and conditions, acted in a fraudulent, dishonest or disruptive manner, or otherwise than in accordance with the spirit and intent of this promotion or is involved in any way in interfering or tampering with the conduct of this promotion.
24. Neither the Promoter nor any other entity associated with this promotion will be responsible for any late, lost, misdirected, corrupted, incomplete or incorrectly submitted entries, including but not limited to entries not received due to technical problems or human error. The time entries are deemed to be made will be the time the entry is received, not the time the entry is submitted by a nominee.
25. The Promoter reserves the right to disallow entries in its absolute discretion and without giving reasons.
26. The Promoter reserves the right, at any time, to verify the validity of entries and determine the eligibility of nominees (including an nominee’s identity) and to disqualify any entry or refuse to award a prize where false or misleading details have been given by an nominee, or where an nominee has behaved in a fraudulent or dishonest manner, or otherwise than in accordance with these terms and conditions or the spirit of the promotion.
27. By entering this Promotion, nominees agree to the use of their names, photographs and likeness for promotional/advertising purposes, and agree to make themselves reasonably available for this purpose. The ensuing copyright will rest with the Promoter, without any claim to compensation from the nominees.
28. If a winner is under 18 years of age, the prize may be awarded to another nominee.
29. All promotion entries become the property and copyright of the Promoter. By entering this promotion, nominees assign copyright in their entry to the promoter.
30. The winner acknowledges and agrees that he or she will comply with all instructions given by employees of the Promoter and other agencies associated with this promotion, and agree not to do anything that may bring the Promoter into disrepute.
31. The winner agrees that as a condition of their participation in the prize, he or she may be required to execute a waiver and indemnity in the form provided by the Promoter.
32. If a winner cannot accept or take part in the prize for any reason, that prize will be void and no compensation will be payable.
33. Failure by the Promoter to enforce any of its rights at any stage does not constitute a waiver of those rights.
34. All decisions made by the Promoter its employees or agents are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
35. The Promoter may amend, suspend or cancel any aspect of the promotion (including any prize) at any time in its sole discretion.
36. Except for any liability that cannot be excluded by law, the Promoter (including its officers, directors, shareholders, employees, advisors, assignees, agents, licensees, representatives, advertising and promotional agencies), excludes all liability (including negligence), for any personal injury or any loss or damage (including loss of opportunity), whether direct, indirect, special or consequential, arising in any way out of the Promotion, including, but not limited to, where attributable to any of the following: (a) any technical difficulties or equipment malfunction (whether or not under the Promoter’s control); (b) any theft, unauthorized access or third party interference; (c) any entry or prize claim that is late, lost, altered, damaged or misdirected ; (d) any variation in a  prize; (e) any tax liability incurred by a claimant or nominee; or (f) use of a prize.
37. As a condition of participating in a promotion, the winner indemnifies the Promoter, all organisers, sponsors and all other persons and organisations associated in any way with that promotion against all claims, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses (including legal fees on a solicitor and client basis) which the winners may incur arising out of their participation in the promotion and/or participating in a prize, howsoever caused.
38. The Promoter collects and holds personal information provided by nominators and nominees for the purposes of this promotion and for future promotional purposes. Failure to provide requested personal information may disqualify a person from being able to receive a prize. All personal information provided by nominators and nominees will be held by the Promoter. Under the Privacy Act 1993, nominators and nominees have the right to access and correct any such personal information.  Nominators and nominees may access, change and/or update their personal information and obtain a copy of the Promoter’s privacy policy by contacting the Promoter on 09 308 2679 during office hours.
39. As we are running this competition in conjunction with Maybelline New York, Lee Stafford and Bondi Sands, their Privacy policies also apply and by entering, you also agree to each of its terms.
Maybelline New York:  https://www.maybelline.com/privacy-policy
Lee Stafford:  https://www.leestafford.com/en/privacy-policy
Bondi Sands:  https://www.bondisands.com.au/privacy-policy  
40. The Promoter is Miss FQ, Bauer Media Group (LP) NZ, Shed 12, City Works Depot, 90 Wellesley Street West, Auckland
41. If required by the Promoter, the Winner/s agree to participate in any promotional activities associated with the Prizes such as public appearances, photo opportunities or media interviews as might be required by the Promoter and the Winner’s name will be published. As a condition of winning the Prize, the Promoter may take photo(s) or request the Winner provide photos of the Winner. The Promoter may use the photo(s) for any purpose including, but not limited to, publishing the photo(s) on the Promoter’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. The Winner agrees to the Promoter using the Winner’s likeness and image for any purpose related to the Prize and Competition.

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