Meet your dream long-wear foundation: Maybelline Superstay 30hr Activewear Foundation

27 May 2021
By Hemma Vara

Finding a long-wearing foundation that stays put right around the clock hasn't always been easy. But with a new and improved formulation, you can rely on Maybelline Superstay Activewear Foundation to provide 30-hour wear when you need it.


When it comes to foundation, there’s no better feeling than knowing that it will stay put so you look your best no matter what the day might throw at you. A long-wearing foundation that looks like it’s just been applied even after hours of wear has always been at the top of 
Fashion Quarterly’s must-have beauty list. But any beauty buff knows it can be hard work finding a long-wearing formula that delivers on its promise of staying put while leaving your complexion feeling like it can breathe. 


Fortunately, Maybelline has answered our beauty prayers with the recently reformulated Superstay 30hr Activewear Foundation. Unlike traditional long-wear formulas, the lightweight game-changing foundation provides serious coverage and a flawless finish right around the clock without budging or drying out skin. Plus, it’s transfer-proof – say goodbye to foundation smudges on white shirts – water-resistant – making it ideal for year-round wear – and sweat resistant. 

Why we’re switching to Maybelline 30hr Superstay Activewear

Mention long-wear and foundation in the same sentence, and it’s impossible not to think of thick formulations that weigh skin down and leave it with that unwanted cakey feeling. Maybelline Superstay 30hr Activewear Foundation has been created to do precisely the opposite – according to Gee Pikanga, make-up director for Maybelline New Zealand, the formulation is the lightest Superstay foundation launched to date. 


But just because the formula is lightweight and breathable doesn’t mean that serious coverage and staying power have been sacrificed. As Pikanga explains: “It feels as though you are putting on nothing, but the visual transformation is happening before your own eyes.” Rather than cover up and hide your skin’s natural texture, the clever formulation acts like a second skin that enhances your skin’s best assets. 

Plus, there’s no longer any need to worry about fiddly foundation touch-ups through the day – Maybelline Superstay 30hr Activewear Foundation stays put no matter what the day ahead holds.  While weather – from unexpected winter downpours to sultry summer temperatures – can impact the longevity of our foundation, excess oil production and oxidation can cause foundation coverage to be less than flawless after just hours of wear.

Superstay 30hr Activewear Foundation combats all of these common long-wear bugbears to make 30 hours of flawless coverage possible. By harnessing innovative make-up technology and ingredients, Superstay 30hr Activewear Foundation is not only waterproof, but it’s also sweat-resistant and transfer-resistant. So whether you’re boardroom bound, heading out for a night on the dance floor or want to wear your favourite white shirt without worrying about getting foundation on it, Superstay 30hr Activewear Foundation will stay where you want it.

How to wear Maybelline Superstay 30hr Activewear Foundation

Thanks to its game-changing formula, which means no drying or excess oil production, Superstay 30hr Activewear Foundation is an excellent match for all skin types, even those with sensitive acne-prone and oily skin. It doesn’t clog pores, and of course, is dermatologist tested. And because of its lightweight and breathable formulation, it’s also the perfect long-wear foundation for those with skin prone to dehydration.

The foundation is available in 16 shades – which means Superstay 30hr Activewear Foundation caters to various skin tones – and can be easily applied and blended with fingertips or a sponge. It glides onto the skin with ease, meaning it’s simple to use. In other words, it’s the perfect foundation for both long-wear foundation fans and newcomers to long-wear, as once it’s applied, it looks and feels just like a second skin.

To get the most of your chosen shade of Superstay 30hr Activewear Foundation, you can choose to set it with Maybelline Superstay Full Coverage 16Hr powder for a matte finish. And if it’s not just your foundation that you want to stay put once you’ve applied, pair the foundation with Maybelline’s long-wearing Superstay Ink Crayon or Superstay Matte Ink for your lips.

Find your perfect shade of Maybelline Superstay 30hr Activewear Foundation right here.

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