Meet the Mi Piaci muses: Jodie, Jess & Roxie

22 February 2022
By Hemma Vara

Discover what inspires these strong women and how to emulate their looks.

Produced in partnership with Mi Piaci. 
Jess, Jodie, and Roxie.

Mi Piaci’s autumn winter 22 collection ‘Together’ is inspired by the heroines in all of us. A joyful curation of contemporary silhouettes and electrifying textures, what better way to portray this than with this season’s Mi Piaci muses — three admirable Aotearoa women who embrace individuality through fashion and their respective ways of living.

Introducing Jodie Heslop, Jessica Clarke and Roxie Mohebbi, who share with us Mi Piaci’s invigorating new collection and inspiring musings about life and style. To shop their looks, click on the below images. 

Jodie Heslop

A lover of good food, margaritas, and time spent with friends, rising model Jodie has great taste. Her favourite Mi Piaci style of the moment is the Andie knee-high boot. Modern and bold like Jodie, the boot features an offset block heel for an edgy vibe. 

Jodie’s foray into modelling began when she attended an open-casting call for a local clothing brand. She modelled for their resort campaign, and before she knew it, she was signed to an agency.

It may not seem like it, but Jodie says she used to hate getting her photo taken. “I literally used to be so shy and awkward and absolutely hated photos. It wasn’t really until I was about 18 when I sort of grew into myself and really gained my confidence, but no I never saw modelling in the cards for me.”

And it’s Jodie’s empowering yet individualistic nature that makes her the utmost Mi Piaci muse. “In a world where people are trying so hard to look like others or fit into society’s mould, I think it’s so important that we have these spaces and platforms that celebrate individuality while being so inclusive because it showcases that it’s more than okay to be different than what society tells you. I think once you start realising the fact that there’s so much beauty in being different, it really frees you to be authentically yourself.”

Shop Jodie’s bold style by taking your cues from this selection of Mi Piaci autumn winter 22 boots — think grunge-inspired chunky tread soles and sleek panel detailing in a variety of candy-coated and neutral hues. 

Jessica (Jess) Clarke

Jess has had an admirable modelling career overseas, returning to New Zealand during the COVID-19 pandemic to co-found natural supplement business Mother Made. 

Wearing the Lory boot in tan suede, Jess says the new season styles “can look cool on anyone”, and are perfect for bringing an individual look together. She refers to one of her muses, Jane Birkin, for her effortless style and iconic footwear — who would definitely rock the Millie ankle boot in sapphire croc or the Mira ankle boot in vintage cream leather with ease. 

A strong advocate for personal wellbeing, Jess swears by water and sleep — “burning the candle at both ends is fun but your body will be good to you if you give it what it needs”. And when it comes to the best piece of advice she’s received, she says “It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice.”

Jess’s approach to life and style is both relateable and refreshing — take inspiration from her ethos with these elementary yet elevated styles. Embrace statement flared heels, tapered points, and luxuriously soft suedes. 

Roxie Mohebbi

A former nurse turned formidable actress, when it comes to being a modern muse, Roxie says “I think that being a ‘heroine’ is an increasingly complicated role. There are so many versions of what that could look like so ultimately I think it’s about being brave – and doing your best wherever you can.”

There’s no doubt that Roxie navigates life and style with courage, with her favourite Mi Piaci silhouette being the must-have Archie knee high boot in navy metallic. She comes from a long line of strong powerful women, looking to her matrirchal ancestors for strength and resilience. 

When asked what courage means to her, Roxie says “courage feels really uncomfortable most of the time. I was taught that courage was to do the right thing even if it was hard or scary – because its better to be scared of being courageous than be comfortable with being complicit.”

And just like the Mi Piaci autumn winter 22 collection, Roxie embraces individuality in favour of fear or judgement. She is currently working on film projects that allow her to embrace this tenor wholeheartedly. 

These Roxie-inspired styles from the current Mi Piaci collection are sure to put a swing in your step and encourage you to seize the day, no matter how challenging it may be. Opt for classic autumnal colours, sturdy soles, and streamlined fits. 

Discover the Mi Piaci autumn winter 22 collection at


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