4 local women on how they manage stress in their workplace

8 November 2018
By Fashion Quarterly

We can all agree that work can be stressful — but to be frank, we ’d probably get bored if it was all smooth sailing. In the interests of keeping our cool when things heat up, we asked a few friends of FQ to share their tips for staying sane at the office.

At TSN HQ, we operate with a no-drama policy. We try our best to be honest and kind in all of our interactions, and basically, have a protective umbrella of like-minded women who support one another. Our work environment is kid-friendly, which means we’re able to be both professionals and parents at the same time. It’s a rocky road destabilising the patriarchy and I don’t think there is less stress, but there is happiness in being able to call the shots and support others around you to do the same. Our other essential? Coffee.

Anjali Burnett, Twenty-seven Names co-founder and designer

Our workplace is really important to us. We have a mood board that’s constantly evolving and most flat spaces are adorned with crystals, shells and other objects that inspire us. Our team often travels to the US, and navigating multiple time zones can be stressful, so we make sure we take breaks when we can; I’ve always found time outdoors to be really replenishing. A few of us went to Venice Beach at the start of the year and attended a Ra Ma class with Guru Jagat. We fell in love with kundalini yoga and now I often practice before coming into work.

Charlotte Devereux, Girl Undiscovered co-founder

What we achieve in a day at Moochi never ceases to amaze me. I used to plan and organise myself and the workflow for the business, but as my team has grown in number and skill,  I’ve found I can go with the flow of their work. I have to think on my feet to keep up, so all I need now is a good sleep.  It’s not that I don’t care enough to be organised, but this crazy fashion business has so many moving parts, and I trust in them more and more to get what they need from me. It’s not exactly textbook management, but it seems to be working!

Kellie Taylor, Moochi founder and creative director

I’m a big believer in exercise and taking care of myself. I find walking or tramping around our beautiful country and Pump classes at Les Mills great ways to balance out a  busy life. When I’m travelling,  I use the Down Dog yoga app — it’s good for body and mind. Eating well, drinking lots of water and snacking on a steady supply of almonds throughout the day help my concentration and energy levels. For my sanity and soul, it’s coffee in the morning, and laughs and wine in the evening with my fantastic group of ‘book club’ girls.

Sharyn Condon, Staple + Cloth owner and designer

Photos: Stephen Tilley, Helen Bankers and Supplied

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