Kourtney Kardashian’s best beauty tips

16 November 2016
By Fashion Quarterly

Kourtney Kardashian beauty tips Manuka Doctor

The eldest Kardashian sister is well known for her organic approach to diet and skincare, so it was only er, natural, when Kourtney was announced as the brand ambassador for Kiwi skincare line Manuka Doctor earlier this year.

Kourtney gave FQ her thoughts on the beauty benefits of manuka honey, what she does to relax and the secret to beautiful, glowing skin:

FQ: How did the partnership with Manuka Doctor come about?
Kourtney Kardashian: I really liked the ingredients, and love that the products are available at an affordable price point. All around, I felt that it fit in with my lifestyle. That’s what really drew me to the brand. I love to use as natural skincare products as I can. When I use harsh products, my skin breaks out. Manuka Doctor is really something that I can feel good about believing in and using.

You’re a big advocate of natural ingredients… can you tell us why?
After having kids and choosing so carefully the food they eat and the products I use of them, I started to learn more and more, and I thought, if I’m doing this for them, I should be doing it for myself. The Manuka Doctor range is amazing because it contains so many other natural ingredients that are easily absorbed and make my skin supple and hydrated without feeling greasy.


What is your typical daily diet?
I have avocado shake for breakfast every morning, try to have a salad for lunch, and for dinner I do gluten free, dairy free.

Can you tell us your thoughts on skincare?
You know, being in the public eye means you’re always photographed. In my case, we’re always filming, which means we always have makeup on. That makes your skin worse, which means you need more makeup…it’s a circle. And we all learned pretty quickly that you have to take better care of your skin before and after your makeup goes on, so that when the cameras are off your skin still looks good.

What do you find to be the main beauty benefits of Manuka honey?
Manuka honey is supposed to be amazing for its hydrating and skin smoothing benefits.

Your life is so hectic – running a business and looking after three kids. What do you do to unwind?
Once I’ve put my babies to bed, I love to take a bath and talk on the phone with my friends. Once in a while I will read a book or watch a movie. I love the Manuka Doctor Illusionist Rapid Lift Mask for when I’m tired or when I’m travelling and my skin needs that extra step. The Mask is amazing for that!

What beauty tip will you pass on to your daughter?
Beauty is a state of mind, not a state of body.

Your sister Kylie also is involved with a beauty line with her Kylie Cosmetics range – how do you support each other?
Kylie and I always talk about doing each other’s make up and filming it. I’d want to do it super natural on her and she’d want to do some heavy super, crazy look on me. I’m sure she’d use a Kylie Lip Kit.

Okay, the one thing we really want to know: How do you get such glowing skin?
Feeding my body and my skin with essential nutrients. The Manuka Doctor Facial Oils are full of delicious natural ingredients, which I apply to my body, not just my face. I put it on my hands every night, as my final thing because you shouldn’t neglect your hands. The Manuka Doctor Gold Dust Firming Serum also gives my skin a natural healthy glow. Under make up, it kind of gives you a little glow, really subtle.

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