The no-fuss beauty routine of Nike Master Trainer Kirsty Godso

21 February 2018
By Fashion Quarterly

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Kirsty Godso shares her non-negotiable beauty products and reveals what she thinks makes a woman beautiful.

From training at Les Mills in Auckland City to becoming a NIKE Master Trainer and working from Equinox Gym in New York City, Kirsty Godso is a fireball of energy.

On her recent visit back to New Zealand to launch the new Clinique FIT range, we grabbed five to find out more about her beauty regime….

Do you wear a lot of make-up? Which items are your non-negotiables?
I don’t wear a lot of make-up. My preferred look is natural skin with a glow, so I love CliniqueFIT mascara then very fresh looking skin. Non-negotiable are mascara and a brow brush! And I always have to have moisturised skin! Anything coconut-smelling is my go-to.

Your signature ponytail looks easy to care for – what hair products do you use?
Haha the higher the pony, the harder the workout right?! I love Triple Sec by Dry Bar which is similar to a dry shampoo but not as dusty and then I use The Ouai shampoo and conditioner!

Do you get regular treatments like facials, manicures, body scrubs, massages etc?
I am big on keeping my nails in good condition! I’m always in gym gear so I think it makes me more presentable! And then I see my masseuse every two to four weeks to keep my body in check. I swear by acupuncture and would rather go to yoga or infrared sauna than for a facial or other spa treatments!

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What’s your daily mantra?
I have so many! But really it always comes back to a few things:

Each and every day is a privilege and is irreplaceable. Be present, be patient, be purposeful and be passionate. Focus your attention on the people and things that light you up – remember, often less is more!

You are uniquely you so don’t use all your time looking at other peoples lives, use that time to look inwards! We cannot give to others what we do not give to ourselves. There is purpose in every situation even if it can be hard to see so never miss the opportunity to learn and grow from what the universe hands to you.

Who inspires you?
My family, my friends, Oprah’s Supersoul Conversations (best podcast channel ever) and battle ropes!

What makes a woman beautiful?
Confidence. A woman who is unapologetic with her joy, laughter, passion. Someone that is free to be themselves and doesn’t hide their uniqueness because of the opinions of others.

I switch between Comme Des Garçons Black Pepper & White and also a Maison Louis Marie perfume oil (#3 to be precise) which is a roll on and so beautiful.

Words: Tamsin Marshall
Photos: Instagram
This article originally appeared on Now To Love.

Kirsty Godso shares what’s in her closet:

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