Find out what’s in store for June with your monthly horoscope

1 June 2018
By Fashion Quarterly

Check out what’s going on for your star sign in June, from Miss FQ’s spiritual guru One Grounded Angel.

(March 21-April 19)
Emoji: Bunny


Truthbomb: there’s a touch of the Tony Robbins about you, Aries. Not saying you’re a hyperactive Energizer Bunny (well, actually, some of you kinda are…), but you’re tops at getting shit done. And that’s a superpower you’ll have to call on *big time* this month, Aries. Stop banging on about that kick-ass business idea or your plan to move to London, and actually do the thing.

On June 1, Mercury, planet of intellect, is cosying up to Mars, planet of motivation (FYI also your ruling planet), supercharging your ability to turn the flimsiest of ideas into gold. Since Mercury also rules communication, your persuasion skills are red-hot, so if you need to pitch or sell something, you are basically Suzanne Paul RN. But wait there’s more… the June 28 full moon in your 10th house, the career zone, means you’ll be thirsty for more goals to kick.

A word of warning: whatever your goal, it’s gotta be something that will make you happy. Trying to climb the ladder in an industry that bores you to tears, or push a side-hustle you feel meh about, is so not going to work. Without passion, an Aries will quickly get bored.

(April 20-May 20) 
Emoji: Microphone

Taurus horoscope One Grounded Angel

Angling for a promotion, or just sweet-talking bae into being sober driver on Saturday night? Mercury, planet of communication, and Mars, planet of confidence, are getting chummy on June 1, which pretty much makes you the Jason Gunn of the zodiac: you know just what to say (or type) to make everyone happy, including yourself. Your mad communication skills continue from June 12 to 29, when Mercury, your new BFF, is in your third house, which, conveniently, is the zone of communication (yep, that’s an astro double-whammy). It’s a great time to pitch ideas, write captivating posts or totally nail uni assignments.

Segue: if you’re not living the 2-minute-noodle-slurping student life but you’ve been thinking about it, dive in. Saturn, planet of discipline, is in your ninth house, zone of study, over the next few years – so if there’s a confidence-boosting workshop, public speaking course or even a full-scale degree you’re considering, do it!

BTW that ninth house also rules travel and entrepreneur life, so if you have ambitions to backpack through South-east Asia or start a business that disrupts an entire industry, the planets are giving you a green light (FYI this energy will be peaking around the June 28 full moon).

(May 21-June 21)
Emoji: Ear


The way to a Gemini’s heart is through their ears. True story! Nothing turns you on like stimulating, you-are-totally-on-my-level convos. Yep, communication is your jam, and that power is especially strong this month. FYI Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, and those of you who nailed classical studies back in high school (if you weren’t too distracted by all the nudity on vases, that is) might recall that Mercury is the Roman god of messages and communication. No wonder you love to chat so much!

From June 13 into early July, Venus, planet of lurve, is flying through your third house, the zone of communication – making it very likely you’ll form a love connection through conversation. And since that third house also rules networks and ‘hoods, the object of your affection could be someone local or already in your social circle (oooh!). Already been struck by Cupid’s arrow? Having a frank D&M with bae will take your relationship next level.

You’ll be feeling the love on June 28, too, when the Capricorn full moon in your eighth house, the zone of sex and intimacy, will have you wanting to get ascloseasthis to bae… so maybe shave your legs (no judgement BTW).

(June 22-July 22)  
Emoji: Family


This month the planets are asking you to focus on your home and fambam – which is kinda like asking Oscar the Grouch to concentrate on being grumpy. As the sign associated with all things domestic, Cancers lurve to play mama bear with their favourite humans. This is especially relevant from June 22 onwards, when the Sun, which amps up the intensity, reaches your sign. You could organise a family gathering, do a day trip with the parentals or take your kids on a cool adventure.

Remember when you were a little kid and thought the boogie man was lurking under the bed? Fear is back this month, and this time you can’t hide under the duvet – you’ll have to put your (chic) big-girl pants on and deal with it. In relationships, fear of getting hurt might loom large around June 21, when love planet Venus clashes with Mars, planet of intimacy, leaving you torn between holding back or leaping into a new romance… or maybe getting more authentic in your current love sitch.

And on June 27, the confident Sun fights with disciplined Saturn, making your fear of not being good enough as strong as Lorelai Gilmore’s love of coffee. Time for the big-girl pants again…

(July 23-August 22)  
Emoji: Crying face


Stock up on Giant Jellytip chocolate, because you’re now on a fun ride called the Emotional Rollercaster… until August (soz). Jupiter, the planet that super-sizes things, is getting jiggy with Neptune, the sensitive planet. The result: pretty much an emotional clusterf**k. If you’ve got emotional baggage in the relationships area, expect that battered suitcase to burst right open, spewing painful memories and unresolved feelings all over the place. The good news: this can actually help you recognise the super-unhelpful patterns you need to break away from, and it’ll also show you how much better you are for all the crap you’ve been through. As that wise philosopher Kelly Clarkson once declared, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

The even-better news: your ability to make your dreams come true is peaking from June 12 to 29 when Mercury, planet of intellect, zips into your 12th house, the zone of visualisation. That means that by focusing on what you do want, and ignoring all the reasons it could fail, you’ll attract your dream scenario like Meghan Markle’s family attracts controversy. Take some time to visualise what you want and really commit to it. You’ve got the power!

(August 23-September 22)  
Emoji: Balloon


If your idea of fun is an evening spent reorganising your pantry, you really need to mix things up (srsly). At the risk of sounding like a kindy teacher, it’s time for play now. Put ‘fun’ at the top of your to-do list (of course you have one – that’s how Virgos roll). The Mars bar slogan in the 80s was ‘work, rest and play’, not ‘work, rest and work some more.’ So swap routine for a hip-hop dance class, painting your nieces’ faces or going crazy at an indoor trampolining centre, maybe.

Speaking of play, since Saturn, the planet of discipline, is hanging out with serious sign Capricorn in your fifth house, the zone of passion and creativity, if there’s a creative project taking up real estate in your brain, you might feel compelled to express it on paper (or fabric, or HTML, or dance, or jewellery…). And yes, this can totally include sexual play, so you might wanna get your toys out of the drawer (yes *those* toys).

Around June 21, love planet Venus clashes with aggressive planet Mars, probably leaving you with fingernails-down-a-blackboard edginess. Avoid snapping or bitching at others; instead, try to have compassion for where they are coming from (yes, it’s hard. Yes, it’s meant to be).

(September 23-October 23)
Emoji: Scales


Being a Libra is a constant balancing act (the struggle is real!) and this month, you’ll be weighing up your sign’s thirst for security against your equally strong desire to be loved. Yep, there’s a reason scales are your sign’s symbol. This tension will intensify around June 14, when love planet Venus clashes with Uranus, the disruptor planet. And then on June 25, Venus draws swords with Jupiter, the planet of freedom. Ruh-roh. If you’re in an unhappy relationship but you can’t bear to be on your own, this could be an uncomfortable period. Ditto if you’re livin’ it up as a Samantha Jones singleton but inside you’re seeking the Art to your Matilda.

Here’s how to find a balance: make sure you’re not overly relying on love to make you feel complete – forget what the romcoms told you; security comes from feeling good within yourself, not from your relationship status (or lack thereof). Being able to make yourself happy is adulting #goals. And BTW if you’re feeling suffocated in your relationship, *now* would be a good time to talk to bae about that… before you do something you both regret…

(October 24-November 21) 

Emoji: Wristwatch


Feel like you’re not getting anywhere? If there’s any sign destined to shine brightest in 2018, it’s Scorpio – with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, in your sign for the first time since 2006, this is your year to knock Sel Gomez off her most-followers perch. Well, maybe not – but hey, nothing wrong with aiming high, right? Look, things probably aren’t happening as quickly as you’d like. The Universe wants to remind you that, just like a Mainland cheese, good things take time. Around June 27 you’re likely to feel as flat as Gigi Hadid’s stomach, thanks to the Sun facing off against Saturn, the planet of routine. Try not to get too discouraged – you *are* getting somewhere, you just can’t see it yet. Keep hustlin’!

If one of your goals for 2018 was romance-related, the planets are on your side. On June 14 the Gemini new moon in your eighth house, zone of sex and intimacy, sparks a six-month period of (you guessed it) sex and intimacy. This is good news for a) Scorpios wanting to meet someone with long-term potential, b) Scorpios wanting to take the next step with bae, or c) Scorpios with a pulse (hey, you are the sign of sex…).

(November 22-December 21)
Emoji: Prayer hands


Slow your roll, Sag. You’re as frenetic as a kid on Fanta, but this month is about learning to sit still (like, without looking at your phone). With Uranus, the planet of revolution, in your sixth house, the zone of wellbeing, there’s a revolution going on in the way you live, look for happiness and view the world (NBD, then). Getting on board the meditation train, starting a gratitude journal or starting a #100Days creative project might be just the ticket – and yeah, this is important. With Sagittarians’ classic play of taking on waaaaay too much, if you don’t do a major life upheaval you could be headed for a minor breakdown. At the risk of sounding like a smug Insta quote, you’re a human *being* not a human *doing*. You already have everything you need, Sag – chasing achievements for lasting fulfilment is an unwinnable battle.

All this personal development could have a major pay-off for your love life, too… not that you *need* a partner, of course, this is all about *want*. And if you do want, the June 14 new moon in your seventh house, the zone of partnerships, helps lure a partner your way over the next six months. If you’ve even got time for a relationship, that is.

(December 22-January 19)  

Emoji: Broccoli


This month is all about the cleanse – nope, not talking about your skincare routine. It’s about cleansing away toxins – namely: toxic friendships (like that friend who always ‘borrows’ money but never pays you back) and toxic habits, such as food you eat on the regular that your body is soo not down with (no judgement, but if a muffin is your daily breakfast, you probably need to make friends with wholegrain cereals).

Yo shawty, it’s ya birthday… sort of. The June 28 full moon is in your sign, and it’s hitting your 11th house, the astro zone of friends, so focus on how you can be a better friend to your favourite humans, and less attached to those who aren’t really on your team (see aforementioned advice about toxic friendships). Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Capricorn is the sign of masculinity (and the patriarchy *ugh*), and if your relationship with your dad is rocky or non-existent, this month you could find daddy issues are all up in your grill. Same deal if you’re clashing with a male authority figure (hello, anal-retentive boss!). Making peace with this – whatever way you come to terms with it – would be super healing for you.

(January 20-February 18)  
Emoji: Nail polish


Aquarians just wanna have fun… but they also want to keep everyone happy. It’s quite a conundrum, no? This month the stars are pushing you to back TF away from your sign’s people-pleasing tendencies and instead make choices that actually make *you* happy. Starting with treating yourself like the queen you are – reward yourself by maybe buying something new (*adds to cart*), booking a trip or a solo spa session. Because – sorry for sounding like a certain cosmetics slogan – you’re worth it.

As well as tackling your co-dependency issues, the Universe is also dishing out some tough lessons about not trying to force things to go your way, controlling stage-mom styles. From June 26 until late August, Mars, the action-getting planet, is going backwards (in astro terms, that’s a retrograde) in your sign which means things could be moving slower than Friday-afternoon traffic on Auckland’s Southern Motorway. You’ll have to let events unfold in their own time (soz) – especially in romance. Coming on too strong with a love interest or trying to influence what bae does or thinks will end in tears (ie: yours). Here’s a primer… Control when applying eyeliner: good. Control of others: bad.

(February 19-March 20) 
Emoji: Friends


Ugh, people are the worst. Well, some of them – but FYI Pisces, you actually don’t have to put up with peeps who turn you from Bruce Banner into the Hulk. This month the stars are gently suggesting you delete some names from your contacts. Building up to the June 28 full moon in your 11th house, the zone of friends and networks, it’ll become blindingly obvious if you’re – to quote Lorde – on each other’s team… or whether some of the people you call friends are anything *but*. And on June 27 there’s a clash between the Sun, which is all about your natural talents, and Saturn, planet of discipline, meaning someone threatened by your awesomeness could try and tear you down like a tall poppy. BTW make sure the person standing in your way is not *you*. Treat self-doubt like a fire hydrant in a Beyonce video (read: smash the crap out of it).

Do not let anyone steal your sparkle, Pisces. Spend this month focusing on what you want to become over the rest of 2018, letting that famed Piscean imagination run wild. FYI the Gemini new moon on June 14 is prime time to set new goals.

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Horoscope illustrations: Bonnie Brown | @studio.bon


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