Find out what’s in store for July with your monthly horoscope

9 July 2018
By Fashion Quarterly

With Miss FQ’s spiritual writer, One Grounded Angel.

Check out what’s going on for your star sign in July, from Miss FQ’s spiritual writer One Grounded Angel

March 21-April 19
Emoji: Eggplant

aries horoscope

If your relationship has become so ho-hum that you can’t even remember the last time you used the eggplant emoji, Venus, the planet of love, is here to shake things up. On July 11 Venus does the paso doble with Uranus, the planet of spontaneity. That means your love life is getting a serious injection of passion. If you’re single, someone who makes your pulse race faster than a triple-shot espresso could suddenly appear on your radar, and if you’re a smug-married, you could find yourself swapping your flannelette PJs for a little somethin’ somethin’. That passion extends beyond romance, too – getting into a passion project or a hobby you love could be just the thing to nix those dreary winter blues.

Speaking of Venus, the love planet will be trading punches with Neptune, the planet that muddies the waters, around July 24, meaning there could be some weirdness in your love life. If jumping to conclusions is your standard cardio, remember that things may not be what they seem. Sit back and wait for the Universe to show its hand. Otherwise you could end up taking your Big Mac back to the wrong house… JK, this is more about confusion in relationships. (But srsly, don’t do that.)

April 20-May 20
Emoji: Trophy

taurus horoscope

Got big dreams? Your work life is total *fire* this month, with a July 28 lunar eclipse in your 10th house of career and long-term plans giving you the motivation to shift your goals from ‘I want’ to ‘I’m totally nailing it’. You could get recognised in a big way, maybe even going viral like that skyscraper-climbing raccoon, or landing an unexpected promotion. Update your profile on LinkedIn (yeah, we know, it’s super annoying), and sign up to job websites – sweet opportunities could come your way. Unfortunately, they may not be beautifully wrapped like a Body Shop gift pack… in fact, some opportunities could turn up looking downright shoddy (think: restructures and redundancies). But hey, if Justin Timberlake can turn getting cheated on into a hit single (Cry Me a River), pretty much anything crappy can turn into something better, right?

This month your intuition is basically your own internal Google Maps. Around the July 13 new moon, check in with yourself to ensure you’re following your own path and not just going along with what other peeps are doing. Listen to what your gut says (unless you’ve recently eaten a super hot vindaloo curry… bad idea).

May 21-June 21
Emoji: Friends

You already know you’re awesome (I mean, obviously, ‘coz you’re Gemini), but do you actually treat yourself like the total badass that you are? This month is all about R-E-S-P-E-C-T (just a little bit…). Author Jim Rohn reckoned we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with, so give your squad the CSI forensic treatment (sans the UV light) and examine whether someone around you is not the real deal. If you’re hanging out with peeps who are sketchier than a Dick Frizzell cartoon, that will suddenly become impossible to ignore, thanks to Pluto, the planet that reveals hidden stuff, being in your eighth house, the zone of intimacy. Same deal if your SO is *so* not the person you thought they were.

Patience comes about as naturally to a Gemini as rhythm comes to David Seymour, but this month the planets want you to remember that your story is not yet fully told. Try to be OK with things not being OK right now – keep working towards your dreams, and don’t let a lack of success thus far steer you off course. Better things are ahead for you (because you’re Gemini, obvs…).

June 22-July 22
Emoji: Party popper

It’s all about you, Cancer! On July 13 a solar eclipse/new moon combo hits your sign, putting Cancers who are ready to shine firmly in the spotlight. It’ll be like finding $50 in the pocket of a coat you forgot you owned, but better *(yassss!). You could net a golden job opportunity or make major progress on a personal project/side hustle. But, just as every Cadbury’s Favourites box contains a few stink ones (we’re looking at you, Turkish Delight), this month won’t be *all* delicious Caramellos. If you feel like you’re going backwards, remember that sometimes the Universe holds us up to help us figure out something isn’t working.

Cancereans looking for love might meet someone special in July – and FYI your mindset will be *everything*. If you secretly think of yourself as a bruised apple at Countdown that no one wants to put in their trolley, you need to work on your self-worth. You can’t attract something that you secretly don’t think you deserve. Even if you’re not looking for romance ATM, July is a good month to focus on love. Think about treating your favourite humans or spending quality time with someone who needs a little extra TLC.

July 23-August 22
Emoji: Family

It’s a pretty safe bet that Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada was probably a Leo, since she wanted everything done *her* way. This month the planets are sending Leos some major empathy vibes to help you better deal with people who aren’t following the master plan in your head. Around the July 13 partial solar eclipse – which is pretty much a super-powered new moon – your 12th house, the zone of compassion, gets a boost. This will help you swap your judgey pants for… uh, understanding underwear (whatever that means). At the risk of sounding like a yoga studio’s Insta, try to remember that ‘everyone is fighting a battle you can’t see’… so maybe cut them a little slack even if they are a bit douchey sometimes. And if you’re dealing with a family feud IRL, the July 5 hook-up between the Sun and Jupiter in your fourth zone of whanau will help you make peace with a relative causing you dramas.

Speaking of family, do you want to start one of your own? Good news – Jupiter, which expands whatever it touches, is in that family zone pretty much all year, so you could see two lines on a pregnancy test… if that’s what you want. Tell your gran to start knitting booties.

August 23-September 22
Emoji: Globe

If 2018 for you has so far been as bleak as a Hamilton fog, the Universe is throwing down a challenge: if you want more excitement, more adventure or just more of everything, step up and make it happen. Uranus, the planet that changes things up, is starting a revolution in your ninth house, the astro zone of travel and expansion. There’s never been a better time to chuck in your job and move to Amsterdam, maybe, or trek through Central America. If that’s too freakin’ scary for a routine-loving Virgo, new beginnings could come in the form of game-changing study or maybe a health regimen you actually stick to (oh hey there, long-neglected abs).

Speaking of your body, the July 28 full moon in your sixth house, the zone of health, will push you to make sure you’re not treating your body like you treat your houseplants (ie borderline neglect). If you’re currently heading for burnout, you might get a rude wake-up call from your body, eg a cold that you just can’t shake or seriously angry-looking skin. And if you’ve already been busy making ch-ch-ch-changes this year, the planets are rooting for you – keep that shit up.

September 23-October 23
Emoji: Car

The reason Libras are super indecisive is not because they want to have their rainbow layer cake and eat it too (so pretty!), but because they’re scared of making mistakes. Unforch, your sign often spends so long weighing up pros and cons you end up like a car on Ninety Mile Beach with high tide approaching – ie totally stuck. This month the planets are your personal cheerleading squad, encouraging you to channel your inner Jacinda and shake up the world. Don’t let doubt and anxiety keep you stationary (nope, we don’t mean the Kikki.K kind). The July 12 partial solar eclipse illuminates your 10th house, the zone of plans and professional life, hopefully prompting you to nudge the gear stick out of neutral and into drive.

Eclipses often reveal things that are hidden, so you may suddenly realise where you’ve been cruising (OK OK, enough car metaphors now) or taking things for granted. Think: in five years’ time, if your life was exactly the same as it is now, would you be cool with that? If not, what do you want it to look like, and how will you make that happen? Take charge of your life #likeaboss.

October 24-November 21
Emoji: Broken heart

If learning the truth about Santa left you with major trust issues, you’re pretty much a stereotypical Scorpio. (And if you didn’t already know the Santa thing, we apologise… and suggest you call your mum, stat.) This month your trust issues might loom large as you struggle to trust someone in your inner sanctum. While it’s OK to be wary, make sure you’re not overreacting based on what may have happened in the past. Your intuition (every Scorpio’s secret weapon) will tell you if someone’s the real deal or not, so use that to help you figure out who you can trust and who is about as reliable as a survey that “should only take five minutes”.

July is all about getting closure. It could be in family situations where you’ve been let down – FYI the July 28 lunar eclipse will hit your fourth house, the zone of fambam. Or it could be in relationships – if you’re still seething over how an ex turned out to be a total Scott Disick in Chris Hemsworth clothing, that emotional baggage might mean you’re unwittingly keeping all potential baes at bay. Meanwhile, the July 14 dance between Venus, planet of love, and Saturn, planet of security, reveals where you and bae are in sync and where you’re holding back.

November 22-December 21
Emoji: Smiley face

Bad news: The Universe doesn’t work like Uber Eats (soz). So if there’s something you’re working towards, drop any delusions you have about instant gratification, and remind yourself that the Universe is playing a long game. Just because things aren’t working out for you right now, doesn’t mean they never will, OK? Follow the guidance of ‘80s band Journey and don’t stop believin’. Luckily, your sign is renowned for its Kimmy Schmidt levels of optimism, which will help keep you on track.

Sagittarians are great mates, and this month you’ll need to be as kind to yourself as you are to your friends. Don’t beat yourself up when you screw up or make a bad call – give yourself the love and support your BFF would show you if the roles were reversed. The feels continue for most of the month. Around July 27, Venus, planet of lurve, and Pluto, planet of things that are hidden, form a strategic alliance. The result: you’ll be spewing out secrets (your own, that is) and hidden fears like a Hawaiian volcano. And that’s a good thing, BTW. Even superheroes need to take off their cape and show their human side now and again.

December 22-January 19
Emoji: Strong arm

From the outside, you’re pretty much the Mitre 10 Mega strongman (ie: bulletproof), but inside, you’re struggling with the same fears and insecurities as everyone else (because, life). This month you’re being challenged to be as fearless as you pretend to be. Your sign has a tendency to chase professional success while neglecting your personal life, and the planets aren’t letting you get away with that caper this month. You’re being challenged to look at who you want to be (outside of work) and to make sure fear isn’t stopping you from moving in a different direction if need be. If you tend to measure your value only by how hours you log at the office or deals you nail, this month might be about as comfortable as the mattresses at a uni hostel (ugh).

Uranus, the rebellious planet, is on a hikoi through your fifth house, the zone of passion and creativity, so July is all about doing things that make you feel good. Unleash your inner child by having some fun (you do remember what that is, right?!) – maybe take an acting class, head to an open-mic night or bake an OTT Instagram-able cake. Oh, and if adult fun is more your thing, go ahead and turn up the heat in the bedroom #sexytimes.

January 20-February 18
Emoji: Freaking-out face

How you doin’, Aquarius? No, really. There may have been some turbulence in your life recently, thanks to Uranus, planet of surprises and upheaval, being in your fourth house, the zone of home, feelings and family, in May. That likely left some Aquarians looking for new digs, unexpectedly expanding their family or feeling as emotional as an episode of This is Us (sob). Here’s what you need to know: this will pass… eventually. In the meantime, keep going with your plans and don’t get discouraged. Be as determined as a widowed clownfish riding the East Australian Current in search of his lost son. It worked out pretty well for Nemo and Marlin, and it’ll work out well for you, too.

Does the word ‘influencer’ make you die a little inside? Take a deep breath… the July 28 lunar eclipse in your sign will prompt you to – as pretentious as it sounds – make some changes to your personal brand. You might change up your look or glow up your attitude. You might also decide that some of the people you spend time with aren’t really your people; but if you cut ties with a mate, do it respectfully and not in a Regina George kinda way.

February 19-March 20
Emoji: Selfie arm

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? This month, it’s Pisces – that’s what the Universe wants you to really, truly, wholeheartedly believe. Your ruling planet, Neptune, is currently sitting in your first house, the zone of self… yep, it’s all about ‘moi’, as Miss Piggy would say. If you’re struggling with self-image – maybe you’re a serial dieter or maybe you’re, like Kirsten Wiig in Bridesmaids, getting up early to put on make-up before bae wakes – this month is all about forming a better relationship with your body. No, it doesn’t involve a #nomakeup selfie (unless you feel the urge), it’s more about making sure you’re not measuring your worth by your appearance. Try not to bag yourself out for ‘having a fat day’ or because you don’t look like an effortlessly cool Instafamous bikini model, for example. Try a little self-love.

BTW Neptune is the planet of dreams, so you might find your shut-eye time gets extra weird (nope, nothing to do with that cheddar you nom-ed on), or even notice your imagination getting super-charged. Hopefully, this will help you get some major epiphanies on your life, rather than confusing the hell out of you (like those Nina-from-Offspring type of visions).

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Horoscope illustrations: Bonnie Brown | @studio.bon


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