Miss FQ trials the Insta-famous hair vitamin said to provide lush locks

23 July 2018
By Fashion Quarterly


Can you really get goddess-level locks by popping a pill? Miss FQ beauty editor Megan Bedford finds out.

Thicker, shinier hair is obviously on most people’s list of beauty goals and there’s a huge market of styling products, tools and serums dedicated to achieving it.

And riding a wave of popularity for naturally-derived supplements devoted to treating beauty issues from the inside out, a tiny Tiffany-blue pop-able pill, sorry, bear, is getting cred for turning its proponent’s locks into Victoria’s Secret Angel-worthy do’s.

Sugar Bear Hair is a vegetarian hair vitamin regularly hocked by the Kardashian crew, all being paid heftily, one can assume. So instead of taking it with a grain of salt, I decided to take the vitamin with a glass of water and put it to test to see if it actually makes a difference.

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Hair vitamins are nothing new, and it’s interesting to note that this iteration doesn’t include any particularly exciting or revolutionary ingredients. Most variations contain some combo variation of zinc, biotin and other B vitamins (which Sugar Bear Hair has), sometimes with added silica or collagen, all known to support the follicles that grow your hair.


It’s here that the magic happens. As your strands are technically dead, taking a supplement won’t make your current mop shinier or stronger, but some ingredients can help boost the condition (and arguably the speed) of new growth.  Biotin is the key ingredient for Sugar Bear Hair, helping to increase essential fatty acids in your scalp and boosting hydration and keratin levels in each follicle, allowing it to pump out better hair.

So while they’re technically similar to other products on the market – in NZ you can find hair vitamins by Go Healthy – but a cutesy shape, delicious taste and the influencer endorsements, has equalled a smash hit if you consider the brand’s 2 million followers on Instagram.

My experience?

I bought a couple of bottles of the blue bears online, costing me around $30 USD per bottle plus $15 shipping. They turned up within a couple of days, and I started popping.

Sticking to the two a day recommendation was hard – their chewy gummy form and sweet berry flavour make them not dissimilar to your average Haribo addiction. Turns out, it’s because they’re also full of sugar (glucose syrup and sugar are both on the ingredients list) but you’d think I’d have got that from the name! However, it’s a selling point for those that have trouble swallowing pills.

I have light brown locks lightened to blonde with an ombré blend. When I started taking them I had a lot of halo breakage around the crown which caused short, fluffy flyaways sticking up from my already fine head of hair. It was particularly noticeable when I pulled my hair back into a low bun and they continued to stick around for the next couple of months.

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While I didn’t notice anything to begin with (you’d expect that) it was with the newer growth that I saw results.

Two-and-a-half months in I’m just at the end of the second bottle as I’m not as religious about taking them as I was at the start. I can confidently say I do see a difference, as the hair around my part looks stronger and shinier with no new breakage – the halo is slipping! Those shorter pieces are finally growing longer, even after having my colour re-done in that time.

So while there’s no such thing as a quick fix with hair vitamins, if you can commit to the long game your hair can potentially benefit from a supplement. There is some merit to the ingredients in Sugar Bear Hair vitamins however you can likely achieve similar results with similar products you can find in your local health food store, or in making sure your everyday diet includes lots of foods in which these vitamins naturally occur.  But they DO come with some sweet stickers and look lit on the gram, so make like Kylie and Khloe post your best pout with a little blue bear.

Words: Megan Bedford
Photos: Instagram

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