Inside Parris Goebel’s new reality TV series ‘The Palace’

19 November 2015
By Fashion Quarterly

Parris Goebel dance crew


If you haven’t heard of Parris Goebel by now, it’s high time you rectified that.

The talented Kiwi has been hitting headlines worldwide in recent weeks after choreographing and directing dance videos for Justin Bieber’s new album Purpose (yes, the album that has even the harshest Bieber critics beliebing.)

Despite one of the videos being viewed online more than 125 million times, this isn’t Parris’ only claim to fame. She’s worked with stars like Nicki Minaj and Janet Jackson and this weekend, Parris and her dance crew of yet more incredible Kiwis will be opening the American Music Awards with Jennifer Lopez.

23-year-old Parris and her crew are fast earning reputations as some of the best dancers in the world and as well as touring the globe, starring in celebrity video clips and gracing the big screen in films such as Born to Dance, they’ve also found the time to film a reality TV series.

The Palace launches exclusively online on at 8pm on Thursday November 19 and documents the blood, sweat, tears and many hours that went into preparing for the 2015 World Hip Hop Dance Championships. The show introduces Parris’ key dancers and their families, one of whom, Kaea Pearce, left behind her life in Northland to learn under Parris.


In between rehearsals with Jennifer Lopez for the AMAs, Kaea Pearce – who also featured in the Bieber videos and Born to Dance with Parris – took some time out to share with Fashion Quarterly a few of her favourite beauty tips, fashion must-haves and memorable moments from 2015.

Kaea Pearce

FQ: You’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry so we know you’ll have a few stories to tell… But which artist or celebrity exceeded your expectations when you worked together?
Kaea Pearce: JLo surprised me; she’s super nice and caring. I thought all famous singers only cared about themselves but she’s lovely and I love working with her.

Let’s talk beauty. Can you share some of the best tips you’ve learnt from makeup artists on set?
I learnt how to contour my face. You highlight under your eyes and your nose with a lighter skin shade and put a darker skin shade foundation on your cheek bones.

What’s your favourite beauty product right now?
The silk highlighter by MAC is my favourite.

And your must-have fashion piece?
I like high-waisted tights.

What song will you have on repeat this summer?
All of Justin Bieber’s new album [Purpose].

Biggest highlight of 2015?
Working here [in Los Angeles] with JLo performing at the AMA awards.

Any New Year’s resolutions?
Focus only on dance and work hard to make all my dreams a reality.

And finally, what’s your best tip for keeping in peak health while travelling?
Going to the gym once a day and eating healthy – alongside a treat three times a week.

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