These are the shopping mistakes to ditch before you’re 30

2 January 2019
By Fashion Quarterly

Everyone loves to look their best, play up their style and accumulate new items.

But blowing your money just for the sake of it isn’t something to write home about, especially if you’re embarking on your more responsible adulting years, complete with property investments, business start-ups and growing families. To this end, we’ve compiled a list of shopping habits you might want to adopt, to ensure you are smarter with your money, and nip any of those naughty mistakes in the bud while it’s still a choice – and not by necessity!

Scroll for the list of mistakes to ditch below:

No.1 Not being a trend selector

Trending items are a sure-fire way to elevate your existing wardrobe keeping you ahead of the pack. But don’t let affordable high-street prices convince you that you need to shop them all. It’s fashion, not Pokémon. And therefore its cost to our planet exceeds that seen on its price tag.

Solution: Instead of filling your wardrobe with unnecessary clutter of items that, let’s face it, you’ll likely only wear once or twice, choose styles that you’re guaranteed to get plenty of wear from that don’t require you to rebuild your wardrobe from the ground up.

No.2 Not trying before you buy

While this is relevant to all clothing items, it is particularly true for shoes. You only get one pair of feet, so it makes sense to look after them, right? As striking and gorgeous a pair of shoes can be, if they give you painful blisters or dig in, realistically you’re never going to wear them and could wind up resenting them.

Solution: Avoid this remorse by giving them a solid walk around in-store before committing. And if you bought them online, try them out on your carpet first in case you need to send them back.

Which brings us to point three…

No.3 Not reviewing return policies

Choosing items on sale, online or when they’re subject to questionable hygiene – like underwear, swimwear, shoes or jewellery – may mean you’re unable to return them if they’re not suitable. No one enjoys passive aggressive emails to customer service or heated debates with shop assistants, especially those who have to deliver the bad news.

Solution: Manage your expectations before you pin in your account details by looking into the company’s return policy, even on damaged goods.

No.4 Impulse purchases

Check in with yourself and be honest: do you really need these items? Are you shopping under rational conditions? Is there a chance you might need this money for something more important before next payday? Part of what makes new garments and accessories fun is the reward of getting the item knowing full well you deserve it, it looks good on you and you didn’t need to sacrifice basic needs to get it.

Solution: Shopping in the dark on your laptop beyond 1am with a few wines under your belt does not qualify as rational shopping conditions. It’s tempting, yes. But don’t spend your hard earned cash on things you simply don’t need.

No.5 Choosing trends over practicality

If you find the foundation of your wardrobe featuring a few gaping holes by way of staples, don’t let what’s trending right now affect your selection. These items are intended to last you well and last you for a long time.

Solution: Quality denim, knitwear, cotton basics, and outerwear are far more important than taking a chance on an emerging colour way or silhouette.

No. 6 Buying for the sake of buying (or just because it’s on sale)

Don’t settle. Your wardrobe should be filled with items that you’re madly in love with for one reason or another. They should be in there for a purpose or because they mean something to you.

Solution: Even if it’s part of a deal or discounted by 75%, if you’re not ecstatic about it, it’s as good as gone. There’s a reason why it’s on sale, and it probably has something to do with a) no one else wanting it, b) there’s something wrong with it ie the fit, or c) it doesn’t have longevity in terms of trend and the company doesn’t even want it.

No.7 Speed shopping on investment pieces

Committing to an investment luxury item (or three) is a great privilege in one’s life. But with that higher price point comes greater commitment. These are the supposed ‘chosen ones’ of the luxury fashion world and shouldn’t be bought on a whim purely because you’ve seen it on a street style star or you’ve accumulated enough savings.

Solution: Take your time and mull over it for a week or even a month to know you’re choosing it for all the right reasons, including its quality, longevity, and relevance to your personal style evolution. If your worst enemy showed up wearing it the day after you bought it, would you still love it? If the answer is yes, then you’re likely on to a winner.

Words: Terri Dunn
Photos: Getty Images

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