How to: FQ’s favourite street style hair trends to adopt this autumn

12 April 2018
By Fashion Quarterly

Achieve autumn hairstyle perfection with the latest tool in the trade.

Manipulating our hair with heated styling tools is now a part of daily beauty regimen, giving those who have not been blessed with naturally smooth hair follicles that sense of polish and refinement. But are we getting the most out of our tools? And how do we use them to create those effortless looks worthy of a street style paparazzi moment?

Using the new ghd gold® professional styler, recreating these hair trends is a breeze – and the best part is it will leave you with smoother, sleeker and healthier looking hair*. We’ve put together 5 easy step-by-step guides, so you can easily give these styles a go from home.

Scroll for FQ’s favourite street style hair trends to adopt this autumn: 


6 of our favourite autumn street style hair styles and how to create them | waves-fringe-bangs-hair-styles-street-style-favourite-trends_gallery-1000x600

Bold waves with bangs

Why we love it: Teaming a fringe with luxe waves is a modern take on traditional glamour. Stylishly avant-garde, these bold waves with bangs will keep us looking polished and on trend. The best part?  With the bitter winds bound to blow a gale this autumn/winter, this ‘do will only look even better windswept!

How to create it:

  1. Start with dry straight hair, separate into two-inch sections and mist with a curl hold spray.
  2. Using a tail comb, create a deep centre parting, and separate your fringe.
  3. Take a medium-sized section of hair and place the ghd gold® professional styler at the root facing forward. Close the styler and rotate one full turn, then glide through the hair. Continue to rotate as you glide through to the ends. Repeat this technique throughout the hair, always rotating the styler in one direction and working up towards the parting.
  4. Repeat the technique throughout the back sections, always keeping the ghd gold styler horizontal and with a full turn.
  5. Dress out the curls with an oval dressing brush for an ultra-glamorous finish and mist hair with hairspray to lock your look in place.
  6. To achieve a fullness in the fringe as seen above, bevel the ends by rotating the style 90⁰ downwards towards the brow line.

Tip: When creating your waves, pointing the styler towards the face will encourage the wave to sit forward onto your face, adding a sultry feel to the look.

6 of our favourite autumn street style hair styles and how to create them | low-pony-hair-styles-street-style-favourite-trends_gallery-1000x600

The low show

Why we love it: The sleek low bun has been a solid favourite, but if you have the length, why not flaunt it? This universally flattering style will get you through those pesky in-between-shampoo days and will hold against the elements. No more spending hours curating the perfect hair, only to pull it up into a top knot five minutes into your walk along Oriental Parade…

How to create it:

  1. Prep damp hair with a heat protectant before creating a clean centre parting. Blow dry the hair downwards to smooth hair follicles.
  2. Glide the ghd gold® professional styler over hair from root to tip to eliminate flyaways and give a glossy, super straight finish.
  3. If you want to create volume, using a fine tooth comb, take a section from the crown of your head (towards the end of your parting at the back) and brush about halfway between your hair’s root and your hand and apply firm brush strokes towards the scalp. Repeat this motion until there is a small even cushion of hair at the base. Set with hairspray.
  4. Take a section of straight hair above the area where you’ve backcombed and smooth over towards the back of your head to conceal the cushion of hair you’ve created.
  5. Sweep hair into a low pony and fasten with a tie.

Tip: To add more personality to this style, use a fashion hair tie, hair band or ribbon.

Stubborn or afro hair?

The new ghd gold® professional styler features dual-zone technology using two heat sensors instead of one to control optimum heat resulting in smoother, sleeker and healthier looking hair*. Try using smaller sections at a time starting from above the ear slowly guiding from root to end.

6 of our favourite autumn street style hair styles and how to create them | alexa-chung-pincurls-hair-styles-street-style-favourite-trends_gallery-1000x600

Pin (plus) curls

Why we love it: Hairpins are definitely having a moment. As seen on the likes of Alexa Chung during London Fashion Week and Pernielle Teisback at Copenhagen Fashion Week, it’s never been a better time to experiment with (or grow out) curtain bangs and fringes. We love the nostalgic Hollywood glamour vibes Alexa is putting down here for all those autumn days you just can’t be bothered dealing with hair in your face.

How to create it:

  1. Prep damp hair with a heat protectant before creating a deep side parting aligning with the arch of your brow. Blow dry.
  2. Using a paddle brush, smooth and define your side parting.
  3. Take a horizontal section of hair from above the ear and split into two.
  4. Place section between ghd gold® professional styler plates then, keeping the styler horizontal, rotate 360 degrees and gently pull through to the ends of the hair. This technique creates a defined curl.
  5. Continue to curl all the hair, using the same technique as in step three.
  6. Brush through the curls with a paddle brush to transform into wavy hair and sweep to one side.
  7. Fasten with hair pins to complete the look.

Tip: We recommend opting for new ghd gold® professional styler as its design features a sleek rounded barrel making it ideal for creating perfectly round curls without any snags or plate crimping.

6 of our favourite autumn street style hair styles and how to create them | faux-blow-hair-styles-street-style-favourite-trends_gallery-1000x600

The faux blow out

Why we love it: There are few feelings as good as looking like you’ve just stepped out the salon with a freshly polished blow out. But it can become addictive, not to mention costly. Fortunately, with the latest technology in the new ghd gold® professional styler, you can achieve the same sought-after texture and contouring as you would an in-salon blow out.

How to create it: 

  1. Prepare the hair using a smooth spray to create a straighter base free of flyaways whilst protecting from heat damage.
  2. Starting at the nape, blow dry the hair using a ceramic vented radial brush size 3. Work in 1-inch horizontal sections directing the air flow away from the root towards the ends of the hair. Keep the ends of the hair wrapped around the brush for a few seconds and (if your hair dryer has one) use the cool air setting to set the hair into the shape of the brush, to achieve a soft beveled finish.
  3. Using the ghd gold® professional styler, create a high shine finish and bevel the ends by rotating the styler 90⁰ downwards towards the head.
  4. Mist with hairspray to set the look.

Tip: Running low on time? Don’t let your dated styling tools rob you. The new ghd gold® professional styler heats up in a mere 25 seconds and automatically switches off when gone unused for 30 minutes. How’s that for peace of mind?

6 of our favourite autumn street style hair styles and how to create them | high-pony-hair-styles-street-style-favourite-trends_gallery-1000x600

The high achiever

Why we love it: For days when you’re looking a bit tired or run down, this style will give you the benefits of a facelift by sweeping your dead straight locks into a high ponytail. Ideally suited to long lengths, this style can be both modern and professional. The aim of the game? Sleek tresses from root-to-end and high shine.

How to create it: 

  1. Blow dry hair completely dry. Split hair into two sections front to nape, then sharpen your parting with a tail comb.
  2. Take diagonal subsections starting at the nape. Apply heat protect spray evenly and distribute from roots to end.
  3. Hold subsection at 90 degrees from the head, place a natural bristle brush at the roots and pull straight with your thumb on the hair to add tension.
  4. Place your ghd gold® professional styler at root behind the brush. Maintaining the 90 degree angle, gently close the styler and smooth from roots to ends following the brush.
  5. To add extra shape and lift from the crown, bevel the roots at the top using the bottom plate – rotating back and forth to achieve the lift.
  6. Using the natural bristle brush sweep hair into a high ponytail using full strokes from root to end. Fasten and set with hairspray.

Tip: The smooth, contoured floating plates on the new ghd gold® professional styler glide through the hair for quick, frizz-free styling and salon shine – key for achieving this look.

6 of our favourite autumn street style hair styles and how to create them | off-duty-loose-waves-bombshell-hair-styles-street-style-favourite-trends_gallery-1000x600

Off-duty bombshell

Why we love it: It’s like Victoria’s Secret Angel meets I-woke-up-like-this, and we can’t get enough. If you’re looking for easy hairstyles for your mid length or long locks, create these undone waves and achieve an effortlessly chic look. Wavy hair can add that touch of playfulness to your style and will leave you feeling confident that your hair will last all day and all night.

How to create it: 

  1. Prepare each section of hair with curl hold spray – ensuring a good coverage across the entire head. This will help give the hair that added boost when curling and create long-lasting wavy hair.
  2. Place the 1-2 inch section of hair you wish to curl between the ghd gold® professional styler plates. Twist the styler 90 degrees away from the face and pull through to the hair ends.
  3. Repeat step two until all the sections you wish to make wavy have been curled.
  4. Using an oval dressing brush, lightly brush the hair to loosen the waves out.
  5. To add that final touch of glam to your look, spritz some shine spray through your wavy hairstyle and tousle with your fingers.

Tip: This is a great style to work with your natural hair every day as it doesn’t require too much fuss. You can experiment with where you part your hair or sweep it over as seen in the street style picture above.

How to protect your hair from daily heat styling:

If you, like us, take to heated styling tools on the regular, it’s imperative to understand what temperature is best suited for the health of your hair without compromising on the efficacy of your style. The new ghd gold® professional styler heats to 185 degrees (the optimum temperature for styling) in 25 seconds. Styling tools that go beyond this temperature will damage your hair whereas tools that go any cooler or can’t maintain their temperature won’t be able to style effectively. While products and heat protectants do assist damage from occurring, using the correct tools takes precedence when it comes to styling and protecting your hair.

Where to purchase the new ghd gold® professional styler

Launched in February 2018, the new ghd gold® professional styler, $320, sets the new gold standard for hair and is available from leading salons or online at 


*In a test of 128 consumers, significantly more consumers agreed that ghd gold® was better than ghd V® styler for leaving hair sleeker, smoother, shinier and healthier looking.

This article was brought to you by ghd®

Photos: Getty Images

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