How to pack lightly and solve your style dilemmas on the go

24 December 2018
By Fashion Quarterly

FQ fashion editor Danielle Clausen solves your style dilemmas.

Q: Every time I take a trip, I end up with a crammed suitcase but still find myself wearing the same thing over and over. How do I avoid the unnecessary excess and make packing easier?

Taking the time to thoughtfully pack before jet-setting off – whether for a weekend or long haul – is a luxury and not a necessity. Sure, a super tight edit is great in theory, but for those who are ‘instinctual’ dressers as opposed to ‘uniform’ dressers, it might actually cause panic upon reaching your destination. Travelling with a reduced wardrobe is more about finding an approach that works for you as opposed to strictly sticking to any numbered guidelines or ticking boxes. Figure out how much room you realistically have in your luggage for clothing and accessories and work backwards from there…

1. Identify your vibe

Fashion hoarders need not kid themselves, if your form of dressing is more spontaneous than standardised, packing a rigid capsule of staple pieces is going to be an absolute drag. Survey your day-to-day wardrobe space (however hectic it may be) and create a microcosm of this in your suitcase space.

2. Playing favourites

Regardless of where in the world you are, you’re going to be grateful for remembering those go-to pieces that you reach for time and time again. Did someone say grey cashmere sweater? Perhaps you just can’t live without your fluffy slides? Start with the garments that bring you most sartorial joy and pack outfits around these.

From top: Globe-Trotter vanity case, $2573, from Net-a-Porter. Deadly Ponies pouch, $125. Loqi transparent bag, $35 from Smith & Caughey’s. Ookonn suitcase, $594, from Net-a-Porter.Samsonite 82cm suitcase, $1145, from Smith & Caughey’s.

3. Action stations

Do a quick mental scan through the types of activities and situations you will actually find yourself in while away and couple this with a Google search of the weather in your locale.

4. It’s in the bag

It’s a cliché, but much like an office filing system, using cloth or PVC bags to separate items within luggage makes things a whole lot easier when it comes to locating something as you rush to happy hour by the pool. And don’t forget a generously sized laundry bag. Lastly, never underestimate the power of a sturdy suitcase.

Got a burning sartorial question or not sure what to wear for your next big event? Send your dilemmas to [email protected].

Words: Danielle Clausen
Photos: Getty Images, Supplied


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