How to give your wardrobe a new year refresh

21 December 2021
By Danielle Clausen

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to give your closet some TLC.

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Harness the renewed sense of energy that January often brings and start the new year as you intend to continue — with a freshly edited closet that puts the fun back into getting dressed each morning.

Scroll on to read FQ’s simple tips for a wardrobe revival that will set you up for sartorial success.

1. Say goodbye

You’ve heard it time and time again, but parting with pieces that you no longer wear is a must. Enlist a trusted second opinion for a few hours and create three piles: keep, sell, donate. Networks like Designer Wardrobe and Tatty’s are great options for pieces you think still have re-sale potential. When it comes to donating, ensure that each piece is freshly washed and in usable condition, consider local charities like Dress for Success — always double check they are currently accepting donations.

2. Take stock

Now it’s time to give the keep pile some TLC. Re-hang everything in a way that suits you, make sure knitwear is stored flat and folded to prevent stretching. Reflect on any gaps that may be appearing too, sometimes the addition of just a few new pieces will help make your exisiting wardrobe function a whole lot better.

3. Make do and mend

Take note of anything that needs repairing or altering and put aside to get it all done in one go. Independent creatives like Reparation Studio and Sew Intense offer a modern take on tailoring that will add new life to garments and keep them in your wardrobe for longer. 

4. Do your research

Once you’ve got a clear idea of the additions you need to make, create a plan of attack — there are so many options out there, this can often be the part where overwhelm leads to defeat. Doing your research online ahead of hitting the shops can help take the stress out things. Narrow your hit list down to a few key stores and have a loose idea of the pieces you plan to try on.

5. Consistency is key

Rather than relying on one massive clean out per year, break things up and give your closet smaller, more frequent refreshes. Not only does it mean you’ll look more polished as a result, it will make for more informed and sustainable wardrobe choices in the long run.

In the mood for more sartorial solutions? Take note of these styling tips from the runways of Milan Fashion Week.


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