How to find the perfect home fragrance according to the founder of Glasshouse Fragrances

1 July 2021

To celebrate the launch of the delectable new Sugar Coated collection by Glasshouse Fragrances, Fashion Quarterly caught up with founder Nicole Eckels.

WORDS BY Nicole Saunders

Glasshouse Fragrances Nicole
Image: Supplied

Tell us about the upcoming Glasshouse Fragrances Sugar Coated collection.

I’m so excited about this launch! As we come to celebrate our 15th birthday, I wanted to celebrate our most loved fragrance, A Tahaa Affair, by creating a group of incredible gourmand fragrances that all sit within the brand.

The Sugar Coated collection is everything you expect it to be: indulgent, sweet, and scrumptious. They truly smell like you can eat them. They are fun and light-hearted in their execution by sophisticated in their fragrance. They are everything I think we need in 2021.

Fragrance is deeply personal. Do you have any tips for buying the perfect fragranced gift for someone else? 

Of course, it is. All fragrance is personal. If you know the person well have a little look around and see what fragrances they are wearing or using at home and look for new fragrances within the same category. 

If you are unsure then either buy something that reminds you of the person or your favourite fragrance.


Glasshouse Fragrances Sugar Coated

Working with fragrance all day, do you ever find scents overwhelming?

Thankfully no. I experience fragrance quite differently from most people because it is work.  It’s always an opportunity to explore and ask questions. It’s something that has developed over the years, I can move from a gourmand fragrance to a selection of fresh, woody fragrances and not feel overwhelmed.

Is there a particular scent or memory of scent that evokes the emotion of happiness for you?

I love the scent of grass in New York in the springtime. It’s different to the grass in Australia and it’s just magic.

Glasshouse Fragrances Taaha

Do you have any advice for finding the dream fragrance for your home?

Don’t overthink it. Fragrance, like artwork, is 100 per cent personal. At home, I have different fragrances for different occasions. The candle I burn for a dinner party (currently I love Arabian Nights) is different to what I burn for a relaxing Sunday night (Ode to Women). 

Honestly, I think of home fragrances exactly how I think of personal fragrances. It’s a wardrobe and very emotionally led.

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