How to curate a sustainable wardrobe 

15 April 2021
By Hemma Vara

Society is becoming more aware of the fashion industry's impact on the environment, and at FQ we believe we have to be the change we want to see. We've put together a guide to curating your very own sustainable wardrobe, all the while staying true to your signature style.

Minimal Wardrobe

In the words of climate change activist Greta Thunberg, “you are never too small to make a  difference”. 

If you’re ready to extend this principle to your clothes, look in your wardrobe, because the most  sustainable wardrobe is the one you already have. First, divide your clothes into yes, no, and maybe piles. It’s time to curb your consumerism and adopt a minimal mindset. 

For the yes pile, think items you wear all the time, basics, workwear, and activewear. For those  alluring maybes, take your style cue from KonMarie. Pick up each item, one at a time, and ask  yourself, “Does this spark joy?” If the thing doesn’t “spark joy”, thank it, and move on. And for the noes, get rid of those one-hit wonders and ill-fitting pieces. We’re crying sartorial tears  alongside you, promise. 

Do avoid putting your noes in the bin, because discarded textiles are contributing to the climate crisis. For clothes in a wearable condition, think clothes swaps, selling on consignment, and donating to organisations like Dress for Success and The Aunties. For the rest, consider places that repurpose textiles, including United Sustainable Sisters and the SPCA. 

After your wardrobe clear-out, it’s tempting to head to Commercial Bay for the shopping spree  of your dreams. However, first figure out which items you need to complete your now-curated capsule wardrobe: pieces that complement your style and you’ll wear again and again. Then, consider what you can buy second hand. Pro tip: try The Real Real or Designer Wardrobe for  luxury bargains. 

When purchasing new, consider purchasing natural, eco-friendly and recycled fabrics, and from brands that are transparent about their sustainability efforts and who treat workers fairly. If you need an outfit for a one-off occasion, consider renting a piece for the night. 

Mend and care for your clothes to extend their longevity, and remember, no one’s perfect. We’re on this sustainable journey together. 

For more sustainable style inspiration, read our tips for navigating the re-sale marketplace here

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