How to create a perfectly cosy bed for the colder months ahead

29 May 2019
By Fashion Quarterly


Winter really is coming.

And it’s never too early to start prepping your bed despite the fact that we haven’t yet reached the depths of the chilly season. Ensuring it’s the warmest, snuggliest place to be during the cold months is necessary as we enter into hibernation mode. No one wants sleepless, freezing nights or to be rushing out at the last minute to buy a desperately needed winter duvet.

And while changing the duvet’s weight goes a long way to ensuring warmer nights, there are also many other adjustments worth making. Not only will these changes make for a better night’s sleep, but as an added bonus you’ll end up having a Pinterest-ready bed worthy of everyone’s envy and any Netflix and chill kind-of-days. So while the weather is changing, look to our tips below to ensure your bed is fully prepped for winter.

All eyes on the mattress

While a well-made bed never puts the mattress on display, it is the foundation of any good sleep and therefore highly important. You can have all the luxe linen in the world but if your mattress is uncomfortable, be prepared to say goodbye to a good night’s sleep. The aim is to have a bed that you don’t want to get out of – not a bed you can’t wait to get out of.

So before it gets too cold, assess the state of your mattress. Ask questions like: Is it comfortable? How old is the mattress? Do I have any aches and pains from the mattress? If your answers are all negative then it’s probably time you consider purchasing a new bed. Trust us, your future well-sleeping self will thank you.

Bottom heavy

It’s also important before you hit the sheets to start off with a good base on top of your mattress. Purchase a mattress protector to not only look after your bed but to also keep it clean and free of dust mites that might flare up any allergies. If you consider a mattress topper unnecessary, think again. Not only will this layer add insulation, it will also provide extra comfort and protect you against any cold drafts rising up from under the bed. And if you like your bed to be extra toasty before you hop in consider investing in an electric blanket.

Switching sheet sets

Switching sheet sets can go a long way towards making your bed the ultimate place to be this winter. For added warmth, opt for sheets in a brushed cotton flannel, linen or with a high thread count. You’ll spend many hours between these sheets (we’re talking about cost per use) so consider what you buy an investment and choose quality over quantity.

Don’t forget about the duvet

Yes, it’s that time again. Change out your light summer quilt for a warm winter duvet containing fibres like wool, goose down or feather. If you’re purchasing a new winter duvet this year then you’re good to go. However, if you’re pulling last year’s one out of the cupboard, make sure you give the duvet a good air before it is applied to the bed. This will ensure you duvet feels fresh, clean and any residual hayfever-causing dust is removed.

Opt for bedding with darker colours

Don’t just think practically when setting up your bed for winter, also consider making the space visually pleasing during those restful hours. Your light, white and brights sheets should be laid to rest until next summer. Dark, moody and glowing tones are perfect for conveying warmth in the colder months so select hues like a rich navy, golden ochre or deep forest green.

Layer, layer, layer

Now that you’ve got the key ingredients for the perfect winter bed sorted, it’s time to add a touch of finesse. Creating a Pinterest-worthy bed is so much more than duvets and sheets, so for a sense of depth, comfort, luxury and colour ensure you layer your bedware. Include a range of pillow shapes and sizes, such as a mix of European, standard and smaller-sized pillows. And/or consider adding a folded blanket at the end of the bed. Not only does it look stylish, it’s also practical for when it gets too cold in the night you can simply roll the blanket up towards you.

Finally, accessorise

Accessories can make or break any good outfit and the same can be said for your bed. Winter sleep accessories are all about maximising warmth, so additions like bed socks, cosy pyjamas and a rug at the base of the bed go a long way towards creating a restful atmosphere.

Words: Ella Francis
Photos: Getty Images


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