How to care for sensitive skin this autumn

15 March 2021

If you suffer from sensitive skin, you need to take a well-considered approach to your skincare routine. Here's how to do just that with Dr. Lewinn's Recoverëderm.


Anyone who suffers from sensitive skin knows that it can strike at any time – even when you think you’ve got it under control. From our busy lifestyles and diet to certain skincare ingredients and genetics, it’s impossible to pinpoint any one cause of sensitive skin.

Fortunately, there’s plenty you can do to keep sensitive skin happy and well-nourished all-year-round. And because long gone are the days where skincare only caters to one skin concern – because, let’s face it, we want calm, radiant and youthful skin – the Dr. Lewinn’s Recoverëderm range combines the best of both worlds. Not only is the range formulated to soothe and calm irritated and sensitive skin, but Recoverëderm is also packed with plenty of skin-nourishing, youth-restoring skincare ingredients that keep skin looking it’s best.

One of the best steps you can take to care for sensitive skin is returning to the basics and reconsidering your approach to your day-to-day skincare routine. Here’s how to do just that using Dr. Lewinn’s Recoverëderm range.

Step One – Cleanse Your Complexion

Cleansing skin both morning and evening is the most important part of any skincare routine. Still, when you have sensitive skin, you need to know the cleanser you’re using isn’t going to strip your complexion of moisture and aggravate sensitivities. Formulated with a host of calming ingredients – including soothing Tazman berry and cucumber extract –  Dr. LeWinn’s Recoverëderm Ultra-Calming Restorative Cleanser gently whisks away the day’s impurities while working to comfort and soothe skin.

Step Two – Tone Up

Although toners have suffered from a bad rap in the past – blame the alcohol-laden, moisture-stripping formulas of yesteryear – toners of today take a much gentler approach to skin. The Dr. LeWinn’s Gentle Skin-Protecting Toning Mist is 100 per cent alcohol-free and works to hydrate and refresh skin instantly while relieving tightness and irritation. Spray it directly onto your complexion or a cotton pad, and use it both morning and night straight after your cleanser to reap the benefits

Step Three – Hydrate Your Skin

Sensitive skin is often prone to dehydration and dryness, which is why you need a rich, hydrating moisturiser in your routine that will care for your skin all day long. While Dr. LeWinn’s Recoverëderm Cellular Defense Rich Replenishing Cream keeps sensitive and irritable skin calm and comfortable, a clever cocktail of skincare ingredients works to restore hydration and keep skin looking youthful too. The stars of the show – the ProRenew Complex CLR (a powerful probiotic complex) and Australian marine algae – help strengthen the skin’s barrier, so it’s better able to fend off external stressors.

Step Four – Get Your Beauty Sleep

When night rolls around, you’ll want to reach for a night cream that works hard to boost your skin’s own repair process, all while you get much-needed shuteye. Dr. LeWinn’s Recoverëderm Intensive Overnight Barrier Repair Balm features the same ProRenew Complex CLR and Australian marine algae as the day moisturiser but includes a couple of additional super-charged ingredients that support sensitive skin as you sleep. Castor seed oil deeply hydrates skin, while sunflower seed wax forms a gentle barrier that helps to protect your complexion. 

Step Five – The Treatment

Even with the right skincare routine in place, sometimes your skin needs a little extra attention or pampering. Dr. LeWinn’s Recoverëderm Australian Bio-Active Marine Algae Rescue Face Mask harnesses bio-cellulose technology that acts as a second skin to help enhance ingredients’ penetration of the skin. Aloe vera and Centella Asiatica extract boost resilience and rejuvenation, while Australian marine algae leaves your complexion thoroughly hydrated and radiant. Plus, it’s 100 per cent biodegradable. 

Dr. LeWinn’s Recoverëderm is available at Chemist Warehouse, selected Unichem, Life and independent pharmacies nationwide.

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