How to achieve glamorous curls with photo shoot-worthy volume

8 June 2018
By Fashion Quarterly

Top stylist Lauren Gunn uses Cloud Nine styling tools to create a gloriously voluminous look for Fashion Quarterly’s ‘Open Road’ editorial.

When it comes to beautiful hair, Lauren Gunn has carved out an industry niche, acing the midpoint between ‘done’ and ‘perfectly undone’. So while looks created by pros for fashion and beauty shoots are often a glamorous amplification of reality, Gunn’s work retains an element of effortless, real-world cool. The in-demand stylist, Cloud Nine ambassador and owner of hip Auckland salon Colleen joined the FQ team on location where she created a modern vision for hair with a nostalgic nod to the ’70s mood of the editorial photo shoot.




1. Lauren prepped model Georgia Pratt’s hair by running mousse through the lengths and ends, as well as applying a volumising mist through the roots and top section. She then removed moisture with the Cloud Nine Airshot Dryer.

Tip: Tousling hair with hands while drying encourages a soft texture that’s a great starting point. “Blast hair rough and wild to get maximum texture and volume. Make it really fluffy,” advises Lauren.

2. Starting at the nape of the neck, take small sections of hair at a time, lightly misting with flexible hair lacquer that gives a touch of shine. “Once the style is finished, it’s hard to add shine without weighing strands down and losing shape. Adding it before tonging helps keep a weightless feel.” Lauren wrapped each piece around the Cloud Nine Curling Wand, working towards the face, giving it a little twist as she brought the length around the barrel to maintain the definition of each section. Don’t overthink it though! “That twist happens naturally as you bring your hand around the tong.”

Gently remove hair from tong and clip the curl against your head to cool. “If you let it fall as it cools, it will lose volume, so I clip it up close to the scalp to maintain shape,” says Lauren.

3. Lauren used the Cloud Nine Micro Iron to create a little more curl around Georgia’s face. “It gives you a bit more control over what you’re doing so you can shape the hair how you want it without having to be so concerned with technique. It’s so helpful to have a variation in the sizes of tools — you can get closer and create stronger shapes around the face.”

Tip: “A lot of people like to use their irons to make curls. I find that really flattening on the hair. It’s fine if you don’t want any kind of volume and you’re after that really elongated look, but I feel like we’re moving on from that.”

4. Take the clips out, gently loosen and rake out with your fingertips. For a smooth glossy feel, use a cushioned boar-bristle brush to brush out
the look.

Use the Cloud Nine Airshot Dryer to gently fluff up hair for a light, floaty finish.

This article is brought to you by Cloud Nine. Cloud Nine tools are available from premium salons nationwide, including Dry & Tea, Frenchie & Co, JAM, Jean Jacques Hair Design, La Villa Hairdressing & Extensions, Olette, Sable, Servilles, Stephen Marr and Trois on Allen.

Photos: Jarad Donkin


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