How Lash Noir’s Rebecca Hutchinson made her business dreams a reality

8 November 2016
By Fashion Quarterly


Rebecca Hutchinson decided to take a leap of faith and pursue her own creative venture. We look at what it takes to be brave and make a bold move brought to you by the Mitsubishi ASX.

What does it take to throw caution to the wind and start a business from scratch? Passion, determination and lashings of confidence.

At least that’s what Lash Noir’s Rebecca Hutchinson had on her side when she left a company that wasn’t quite the right fit. Feeling out of place, with a burning desire for creative freedom, in 2009 Rebecca decided to stop listening to other people’s start-up horror stories and start trusting her own intuition.


“Opinions are probably the most discouraging factor when starting a business – listening to what too many people think. You’ve really got to turn inward, be fearless and just think if it doesn’t work out, no worries, on to the next thing. Opinions are just someone else’s old story.”

The payoff? A successful company that averages around 70 clients per day, six days a week, with a minimum wait of four weeks (although you will have to sit on Rebecca’s own personal waitlist for at least six months).


“I like having things that no one else has, and having a business that’s uniquely decorated. I think that’s why we are so successful. We are refreshing and it’s about to hit a whole new level with Lash Noir Ink.”

In November this year, Rebecca plans to expand the business by offering what she has dubbed ‘the next generation in permanent makeup’, with Lash Noir Ink.

Visit and follow @lashnoir on Instagram.

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I like to miss traffic, so I drop my dogs at daycare early on the way to the City Works Depot, and generally listen to a podcast on my way to work. I have a long commute, so having Bluetooth means I can listen to ‘Firestarter Sessions’ (amazing podcast) while I drive.

I usually have breakfast at The Botanist where I organise my day and get a takeaway coffee, then I’m ready to open the salon.

I see clients on Mondays, and Tuesday is supposed to be my day off but I use it to make ground on new projects, have meetings for the new fit-out or the website, pick things up, do orders and restock product.


I’m often driving around Auckland – city parking is not fun and having a reversing camera saves my life!

Other days I’m working on plans for the new extension, checking the space and meeting with my business partner.


On Wednesdays and Thursdays I work late nights; Fridays and Saturdays I’m with clients again. I live out at Bethells Beach, so if the waves are good I surf after work, usually at sunset, or I take my dogs for a walk down at the river.



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