How Kylie Jenner kept her pregnancy a secret

7 February 2018
By Fashion Quarterly
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Kris Jenner’s ‘momaging’ for the win.

We’ll level with you on this one: There’s not really much of a story to tell in terms of pulling back the covers on how Kylie Jenner managed to keep her pregnancy to Travis Scott a secret over the past nine months.

But like anything worth doing well, it obviously took a lot of preparation.

According to Entertainment Tonight, a source came forward about the so-called logistics of keeping Kylie’s pregnancy under wraps.

stormi 👼🏽

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Decoy cars and legal rights

Decoy cars and patient privilege rights were exercised to ensure that the youngest sibling of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians series kept her pregnancy a safely guarded secret known only by close family members and selected friends, including best friend Jordyn Woods.

According to the source: “They enforced the legal rights of patients. It’s against the law to release information about patients to the public, Kris no doubt would have made sure they upheld their responsibilities to their patient.”

Tight-lipped friends and family

Kylie Jenner may have been carrying the weight of a growing baby and countless In-N-Out burgers for nine months, but selected friends and family had to bear possibly an even heavier task of remaining tight-lipped about the star’s pregnancy.

Despite the possibility of binding non-disclosure agreements being involved (let’s face it, Kris Jenner doesn’t mess around folks), the effort to essentially hide someone of Kylie’s status out of clear daylight for months on end with publications prepared to front big money for photos or intel is a feat not to be scoffed at.

But alas, Kylie proved it could be done.

Through sister Kim’s baby shower, her own baby shower and even the infamous annual Kris Jenner Christmas party, Kylie’s family, friends and extended network remained quiet – and so too, did the countless doctors and household staff who came into contact with her over the nine months. Powerful stuff.

Why did Kylie hide her pregnancy?

Jenner has been upfront throughout her Keeping Up With The Kardashians tenure about her concerns with living her life in the spotlight, admitting that ‘fame’ isn’t for her. But in the interest of her fans, Kylie continued to play a key part in the TV reality show that made her a household name, and even starred in her own series, Life of Kylie in 2017, revealing a more candid, sensitive side.

Even so, her black-out from social media seemed unusual to justify at best, subjecting the star to far-flung rumours and speculation for the better part of her absence.

Once Kylie announced the birth of her daughter Stormi Webster on Instagram on February 1, accompanying the news was a message to her fans explaining that her decision to see out her pregnancy in private was to protect the health of the baby, implying that the media can be, at times, a significant source of stress.

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The message guided fans to a video documenting her pregnancy which ultimately brought them up to speed, proving that sharing the journey of Jenner’s pregnancy wasn’t a matter of if, but when.

A manoeuvre that could not have been realised without the undoubted support from Jenner’s mother and manager, Kris Jenner.

The source continued to validate Kylie’s time out from the media:

“Kylie really enjoyed her time out of the spotlight. It was really her first time [out of the spotlight] since she was a little kid. You have to remember, Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney all lived normal teenage lives, even into their early twenties. But Kylie didn’t have that, so she wanted to make the most of this time.”

Whether you’re on the Kardashian fan wagon or not, respecting someone’s privacy is paramount, and with this insider information to support the decision, we expect there will be no grudges held from even the most fervent Kylie Jenner fans.

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