Your horoscope for the month of May 2018

1 May 2018
By Fashion Quarterly

Check out what’s going on for your star sign in May 2018, from Miss FQ’s spiritual guru One Grounded Angel.

(March 21-April 19)
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Remember that Destiny’s Child hit ‘Independent Women’ from the 90s? That song is pretty much Aries’ mantra – when you want something, you just go out and get it… yes? This month the planets are asking you to ease your ankle-booted foot off the accelerator a little. Jupiter, the planet that expands whatever it touches, is in your eighth house, the zone of all things woo-woo (can you smell the incense?)… plus in the second half of this month it’s getting cosy with Neptune, the mystical planet, in your 12th house, the zone of subconsciousness. Confused? Yeah, you will be. What that all means is you’re being challenged to sit and wait for the Universe to guide you instead of trying to make things happen *your* way. Think: less Monica, more Phoebe. Maybe download a meditation app, eg Headspace, or sign up for a yoga workshop to get in the zone.

You’ll need to keep your emotions in check at work. Around May 7, Mercury, planet of communication, is butting heads with Pluto, the planet of hidden stuff. You could find colleagues and clients aren’t being totally transparent. Notice what’s *not* being said… and try not to lose your shit completely if things turn ugly.

(April 20-May 20)
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If you cringe every time someone asks: ‘So, what do you do for work?’, the planets have good news. Your career sector is getting a reboot, meaning you could saunter into a new role or own your current gig like a total boss. On May 16 until August, Mars, planet of action, is hanging out in your career zone, and it’ll kinda feel like you’ve got food on your face – everyone is suddenly noticing you (but for the right reasons). Golden opportunities could fall into your lap, business ideas could randomly be downloaded into your brain and you’ll get a surge of werk motivation. Pow! Ready for a total personal rebrand, a la Miley Cyrus? On May 15, Uranus, the planet of revolution, enters your sign – and hangs around for almost a decade – meaning reinvention is on the way (yassss!).

So, what flavour of humble pie is your fave? Utter harsh words and you’ll later have to eat said pie (d’oh!). This is highly likely around May 26, when Venus, planet of harmony, clashes with Saturn, planet of stability – basically the cosmic equivalent of an SJP vs Kim Cattrall feud. Resist the desire to say what you *really* think… that will go badly.

(May 21-June 21)
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Fight the urge to hibernate this month. The weather might be cooler, sure, but if fidgety Geminis are stagnant too long they’re likely to go stir-crazy (as opposed to stir-fry crazy, which is much more delicious). Getting amongst nature will stir your soul in all the right ways. Better yet, head outside and exercise – getting endorphins surging through your brain will help you cope with this month’s challenges. Jupiter, the planet that expands what it lands on, is in your sixth house, the zone of health and nature – so basically, the stars are helping you become #fitspogoals.

You could find your interest in spirituality piqued – maybe you’ll get an ‘I totally knew that was going to happen!’ sense occurring on the reg. That’s because Saturn, the grounding planet, is in the eighth house, the zone of intuition, making those gut feelings extra powerful. If you feel inspired to learn meditation, visit an energy healer or delve into Oprah podcasts, for example, go take a deep-dive. Oh, and if you’re trying to sweep any painful issues under the carpet, that will become almost impossible from May 15 onwards, when Uranus, planet of reinvention, forces you to face up to hidden emotions. Remember: you gotta deal to heal.

(June 22-July 22)
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Work work work work work. If your professional life has been a total mare recently, no matter how hard you’ve tried to impress the boss or prospective clients, blame the planets for dumping you on Struggle Street. Thankfully, you’ll be saying ‘bye Felicia’ to that mess around May 15, when Uranus, the planet of revolution, shifts out of unpredictable Aries and into grounded Taurus – in other words: fewer career cyclones, more stability. It won’t be a snooze-fest, though. With Uranus hitting your zone of teamwork and technology, it’s a perfect time to create an app or online business, or join a network of like-minded professionals (#girlbossdrinks). Taurus is pretty much the Captain Planet of the zodiac, so you could even get on board with environmental causes or groups. Oooh Cancer, who even are you?!

There’s also change afoot in the love game, which might be a little challenging for some. With Saturn, planet of structure, in Capricorn, sign of discipline, in your seventh house of partnerships, some couples will find once-solid relationships are as now as shaky as the US President’s grasp on reality. Meanwhile, Cancereans trying to keep things casual might find that hook-up is suddenly feeling a lot like The Real Deal (OMG!).

(July 23-August 22)
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See that crown on your head? Maybe send it off for polishing while you take a much-needed retreat from the throne. I know how your all-guns-blazing approach is the total opposite to the soft touch I’m advocating, but here’s the thing – even kweens need to rest now and again. Drama is soo not what you need RN – especially around May 30, when the full moon in your fifth house, the zone of passion and creativity, means there could be tears and tantrums around you – try to keep a cool head instead of fanning the flames.

Things could get stressy at work, too, especially around May 16 when aggressive planet Mars does fisticuffs with spontaneous Uranus, meaning if you aren’t careful, you could find yourself in fisticuffs of your own (yikes!). Try listening to music in earphones (if the boss allows it) to isolate yourself from other people’s dramas. Quiet weekends by yourself – Netflix subscription optional – will help you keep calm and carry on during a challenging month. Maybe a personal project, tapping into that creative energy of the fifth house, will give your restless nature something to focus on, like finally taking guitar lessons or starting a cooking challenge… step aside, Nadia Lim!

(August 23-September 22)
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You want to go to boot camp tomorrow morning but you also want to drink more pinot. You want to call your nana tonight but you also want to binge on Suits. You want to boost your travel savings but you also want to ‘add to cart’. Yep, May is all about choices, and your willingness to prioritise what’s really important to you is how you’ll make good, not bad, ones. That’ll be much easier after May 16 when Mars, the planet of motivation, rocks up to your sixth house, the zone of organisation, until August, helping you really get your shit together.

If you haven’t had a relationship since Khloé and Lamar were still a thing, your luck is about to change. Platonic relationships could follow Hermione and Ron’s lead (ie veering into romance territory) from May 19 onwards, with Venus, planet of love, in your eleventh house, the zone of friendships. And since the eleventh house also rules technology, you could fire up Bumble/Tinder again to make the most of this energy. Already found your bae? New beginnings are in the stars around May 30, when the full moon hits your fourth house, zone of home and family (think: a shared address, pram shopping…).

(September 23-October 23)
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Feeling a little sensitive? You could find yourself boomerang-ing between intense emotions this month, kinda like Carrie lurching from Mr Big to Aidan and back again, which will be pretty uncomfortable. But avoid your typical urge to pretend everything’s sweet. Being OK with feeling crappy, angry or hurt – and everything in between – is the best way to deal. Remember: this, too, shall pass (#wisdom).

Around May 11, Pluto, the planet of hidden stuff, and the Sun, which shines a light wherever it falls, join together to put all your secret emotions right up in your grill (um, yeah, thanks planets). Adding to the shitstorm, Saturn, the planet of adulting, is joining Pluto (that secrets planet again) in Capricorn, which is hanging out in your fourth house, the zone of home, emotions and family… are you keeping up? Yep, it’s complicated, and so too will be your personal life. You could find long-buried issues are suddenly swept out from under the carpet, especially any family skeletons. It’ll be tempting to ignore them with a combination of tequila and workaholism, but if you’re willing to face up to your issues and own your part in them, life will be soo much easier henceforth (and thank God for that).

(October 24-November 21)
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You know how sometimes you’re showering, thinking about random stuff, and a genius work idea just jumps into your mind? Expect a few moments like this in May (not necessarily in the shower), especially towards the end of the month. With Mercury, the planet of intellect, in Gemini, the sign of communication, from May 29 and into June, you’ll be plucking ideas out of thin air like an under-pressure Masterchef contestant whipping up winning recipes on the spot. Huzzah!

This superpower can help your love life, too (yasss!). If you need to have a Very Difficult Conversation with bae, wait for divine inspo on how best to approach. From May 13 to 29, Mercury is in your relationship house so it’ll be easier to broach awks topics. Singles could get ideas on smooth ways to reveal their feelings to that hottie they’ve been crushing on *hard*.

Speaking of crushes, be careful around May 7, when love planet Venus clashes with Neptune, the planet of muddy waters. If your spidey senses are telling you this is not the real deal, pay attention – you could be seeing what you want to see instead of what’s really there (ruh-roh). If alarm bells are ringing, don’t hit snooze, get out of the bed.

(November 22-December 21)
Emoji: Sad face


Bring out your Lonely lingerie, Sag, because you just scored a non-stop ticket to Passionville. From May 19 to mid-June, Venus, the planet of love, touches down in your eighth house, the zone of sex. If your relationship has been flatlining, it’ll be brought right back to life like Winona Ryder’s career. If you’re so single you wear Bridget Jones underwear on the regular, someone sexy could set your world aflame. It’s all fun and games until someone drops an emotion. Since this planetary alignment takes place in Cancer, the sign of emotions, you could also be facing up to some of the not-so-good aspects of your love life, like the way you approach (ie sabotage) relationships. Ouch! Shit could get very real.

On the plus side, things could work out pretty well for your wallet. The eighth house is about shared income, so you and bae could come into cash, or maybe you and your business partner will net a sweet investment to take your fledgling company next-level.

In other news, there’s a full moon in your sign on May 30, giving you the green light to start making one (or more) of your dreams come true. Do it!

(December 22-January 19)
Emoji: Freaking-out face


If the word ‘balance’ makes you think of your bank account (ugh), the planets are giving you a wake-up call. Caps tend to live to work instead of work to live, but this month you’re being put on notice: get a better work-life balance, or things will turn srsly ugly. From May 16 until August, Mars, the planet of motivation, is firing up your second house, the zone of work, so it’ll be uber tempting to burn the midnight oil… and don’t. Unless you want to end up sobbing in the foetal position at the end of the day, you’re gonna have to slow down and put more focus on life outside the office.

On that note, from May 15, Uranus, planet of revolution, rocks up to your fifth house, the zone of passion and creativity, reigniting your interest in non-work activities. You could start an art project, begin making your own jewellery or even fall *hard* into a passionate love affair that breaks all your own rules (oooh!). Some Caps will deep-dive into spirituality, becoming passionate about anything from meditation to kundalini yoga. Yep, it’s going to be an interesting ride (and FYI this planetary alignment lasts eight years, so strap yourself in).

(January 20-February 18)
Emoji: Baby


Got babies on the brain? From May 15, Uranus, the planet of revolution, swans into your fourth house, the zone of home, feelings and family, and stays there for eight freakin’ years. Adding to this cosmic smoothie, the May 15 new moon also hits the same zone (whoa!), making you extra, extra emotional and feeling totally connected to the fambam. Optional upgrade: during this planetary transit you could start a major house reno or go from welcoming ASOS packages to expecting a delivery from the stork… if that’s what you want, that is.

Aquarians who are so not up for parenthood ATM: there’s plenty of other stuff going on. Namely, your werk life, which pretty much overdoses on Red Bull. From May 16 until August, Mars, the planet of motivation, is in your sign, making you as ambitious and confident as Rachel Berry from Glee (but not as annoying, thank God). Make the most of this random surge of energy by networking like a boss, posting up a storm on social media and pulling out your elevator pitch on the reg. Procrastination is totally last season – you’ll have the focus of a laser-eyed kiwi this month. Use this superpower wisely, Aquarius.

(February 19-March 20)
Emoji: Thought bubble


Do you get busted daydreaming on the regular? Yep, that’s totally a Pisces trait, and this month, you might be even more spaced out than usual. But hey, it’s a good thing (except when you’re driving, obvs) – it’s how you escape routine and conformity, making space for creativity and romance. This month, embrace that tendency – it could work out pretty well for you. You could even plan a dream holiday, do something totally spontaneous or get a whole new look.

On the other hand, when it comes to your love life, you don’t wanna float too far from reality. Around May 7, Venus, planet of love, faces off against Neptune, planet of fantasies, making you more likely to think with your heart than your head (pro tip: ideally you want to listen to both).

Speaking of the heart, from May 29 until June, Mercury, the planet of intellect, is in your fourth house, the astro zone of emotions. Expect tissues and issues during this time – basically May is less One Direction, more Sam Smith. The good news: Mercury also rules communication, so the planets will help you express yourself and get it all off your chest. Let it allll out, Pisces.

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Horoscope illustrations: Bonnie Brown | @studio.bon


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