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1 May 2017
By Fashion Quarterly

What does your monthly horoscope have in store this April?

Another month, another horoscope. Check out what’s going on for your star sign in April, from Miss FQ’s spiritual guru One Grounded Angel.

(March 21-April 19)
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aries horoscope

If ‘does not play well with others’ ever appeared on your school report card, congratulations – you’re a typical Aries! Unfortunately for you, 2017 is all about collabs, so you might find yourself pulled into teamwork or social circles that require you to let that whole ‘doing my own thang’ go – and if you can do that willingly, it’ll pay off. Working with mentors (particularly on May 9) and joint financial projects (May 10) are likely, as are new entrepreneurial projects (May 12).

But here’s the thing, Aries: you’ll need to open your taringas wide, especially around May 11, as rushing into something with your trademark headstrong approach could leave you up shit creek without a paddle. So make sure you are listening – *really* listening – to solid advice from peeps you trust, but most of all listening to your intuition. Pay attention to messages you receive in feelings, ideas and dreams – and don’t let impulsiveness or greed cloud your perspective. This is true for the romance department, too – for example, if you go rushing ahead with new flings that you know deep down so aren’t right, it will all end badly.

(April 20-May 20)
Emoji: lightbulb

taurus horoscope

Memo from the Universe: everything you want is within reach, Taurus, as long as you’re paying attention. Your intuition powers are peaking – particularly around May 19 – so prepare for crazy-timely synchronicities and signs smacking you in the face. This could be lightbulb moments giving you brilliant career inspo, random financial windfalls (an out-of-the-blue tax refund, perhaps), awesome job offers coming through unexpected channels and sudden trade-ups in your relationship status (hello ring-finger bling!) are all on the cards.

You’re a cynical bunch by nature, but Taureans who can open their minds to possibility will be richly rewarded (and we know how much your sign loooooves to be rewarded!). If you hold on too tightly to black-and-white ideas about how things are ‘supposed’ to play out, you’ll miss out on the magic that can happen when the Universe does its thing. There’s a mystical quality to this planetary alignment, so be willing to suspend your disbelief that higher powers (like, you know, the Universe) may be giving you guidance. Expect anything from a seemingly coincidental meeting with just the right person at the right moment to a deceased relative saying hello from the other side (#shivers).

(May 21-June 21)
Emoji: OK hand


No matter who pisses you off or lets you down this month, avoid a Kim vs Taylor-style slagging match at all costs. Sure, the idea of revenge can *seem* really satisfying, but with the way the stars are aligned for you right now, you’re likely to go OTT (which you’ll later regret). Instead of jumping straight into defensive mode when someone pushes your buttons, take a day to CTFD. The urge to hurt people who’ve hurt you may be strong, but if you can instead try to forgive them – even when what they did was really really shitty – you’ll avert likely disaster down the track. Just like an accidental ‘reply all’ company email (awks!), spiteful words can never really be taken back. If you find it hard to let it go, try to remember all the times you’ve done the same thing to someone else – not to beat yourself up, but just as a reminder that we’re all human. Make this your motto: thou shalt not judge, because thou has screwed up also. Even if you’re still not OK with what they did, try to let go of your anger in a healthy way then move on.

(June 22-July 22)
Emoji: high five


If you’re feeling bored with your life and ready for new challenges, the stars have good news for you. If, however, you’re scared of change and want everything to stay the same, maybe go hide in a cave until June 1. This month, you’re being pushed to let go of what you’ve outgrown and to bravely embrace new opportunities. It’s human nature to grab hold of what’s familiar – even when it sucks – rather than take a chance in unfamiliar territory, but if you can buck that trend, new and exciting adventures are on the horizon for you. Maybe you’ll learn a new skill. Maybe you’ll move to a new city. Maybe you’ll start a new heathy lifestyle (FYI May 19 is a very good time for that).

For Cancereans who feel ready for and positive about their futures, the Universe could present out-of-left-field career opportunities (particularly those involving digital technology). For those peeps wanting to take the next step with bae, May 12 is a great day for having *that* talk. For those looking to upgrade their Facey profile to ‘in a relationship’, May 19 is a great day to make your move on that RyGos lookalike.


(July 23-August 22)
Emoji: girl on laptop


There’s so much vying for your attention right now, but the only way to get through May with your sanity intact is to steer clear of distractions. Entrepreneurs, hustlers and aspiring social media influencers: get ready to shine – Jupiter (the planet of global affairs) is cuddling up to Uranus (the planet of technology) on May 19, meaning the world (and the virtual world) is your oyster. You could go viral or land a major international opportunity – so if that’s what you want, stay focused on expansion and success.

Singles, cross-cultural romances and long-distance love affairs are totes likely – especially those involving technology (time to fire up Tinder?). Again, you’ll need to be focused, so if you’re spending more time stalking your ex or bitching about your loved-up friends than you are thinking about attracting a romance, that’s not going to go well for you.

BTW when it comes to focus, here’s a slogan to remember: energy flows where attention goes. Meaning if you’re focusing on why things can’t/shouldn’t/won’t work out for you, that’s the likely outcome you’re creating for yourself (not ideal).

(August 23-September 22)
Emoji: money-mouth face


The drinks are on you, Virgo, because 2017 is shaping up to be a *very* lucrative year. If that’s not happening so far, this is the month to sort it out. Money management, property investments and savings are soo not sexy to discuss but if you can capitalise (pun intended) on this money energy now – with the planet Jupiter (planet of fortune) in your second house (the area of money) until October – you’ll set yourself up big time. BTW May 12 is a great day for taking great leaps, such as hitting up the boss for a payrise and signing on for an investment opportunity.

You want to feel rich in all areas of your life, not just your bank balance, right? Look at where you’re lacking: Is it… self-confidence? Social time? Romance? Take charge of these areas in practical ways and you’ll reap the rewards. BTW if it’s in the love department you’re seeking a change of fortunes, May 19 is a prime opportunity for making a move. Blind dates, hot new bedroom plays or unexpected shows of affection could all pay off.

(September 23-October 23)
Emoji: sparkly heart


Time to exhale, Libra – peace, love and harmony are on the way (your faves!). Managing relationships is totally your jam… but no one can avoid dramas completely. As far as your love life goes, honest self-expression is the key – especially if you want to shift a certain crush from stuck to f…. you know the rest. This might mean sharing your deepest secrets and fears, or it might mean facing what you’ve been putting off – laying out all your cards on the table or signing a lease together, maybe (especially around May 9 or 19).

When it comes to relationships with the fam, your usual ‘swallow your anger, pretend everything is OK’ tactic probably isn’t working RN. When it comes to family tensions, if you can confront the deeper issues you’ll prevent them spilling over into your other relationships – clinging to boyfriends because you didn’t have a bond with your dad, for example, or letting your BFF put you down like your sister did growing up. These issues are most likely to come to a head on May 25. Coming face to face with the past now will set the tone for future good feels.

(October 24-November 21)
Emoji: trophy


Lights, camera, action! Leading up to, on and following the May 10 full moon in Scorpio, the Universe is cheering you on with a new project, such as a renovation, property purchase, vlog or business. The odds are in your favour… but you’ll need to keep your eyes on the prize.

Speaking of prizes, the Universe is drawing a big fat line under the word ‘money’ this month (yes, again!), so focusing on finances could prove lucrative. If you need a bunch more moolah, around May 12 you’ll be extra lucky so ask the Universe to help you lure extra pingas your way. At the other end of the scale, if your finances are blowing out, you’re being put on notice: sort that out now, or the consequences will be mega bad. Putting your living costs on a diet and saying ‘no’ to stuff you may want but not need may be your best decision ever (especially around May 19 and 29). Using technology to help you, such as money-savvy apps or software, would be a smart move, since the planet of technology, Uranus, is your friend right now.

(November 22-December 21)
Emoji: two girls with bunny ears


Oh hey, Ms Popularity. Everyone wants a piece of you this month… especially if you’re single (more on that later). Friendships are the main attraction in May. Some Sags might find themselves flooded with social invites. Others may downsize their squad by spending quality time with a small number of trusted pals. Some may finally cut ties with someone in their circle who’s become as toxic as a post-Coachella liver (bye, Felicia!).

When it comes to love, Cupid is aiming his arrow squarely in the direction of single Sags (yusss!). Venus, the planet of love, is in a favourable transit with the new moon on May 25, ushering in a new chapter of romance. If a long-term lover is what you want, the Universe is helping you attract it – but it may come from unexpected corners, so don’t be too fixated on the picture you have in your head. This is good news for those already coupled up, too – old tensions, issues and stumbling blocks are likely to fall away so your partnership can enter the next stage. Bring it on!

(December 22-January 19)
Emoji: girl with hand up


Who is supporting you right now, Capricorn? (Nope, not talking about your bra.) If you’ve been struggling to do all the things all of the time all by yourself, the Universe is tapping you on the shoulder and reminding you to ask for help. Burnout is soo 2016. Caps in couples: you know you’re in a team, right? Opening up to your partner instead of struggling alone (especially relevant around May 25) will make you two serious #relationshipgoals.

This month is also about the people you are supporting. Your desire to look after others is heightened around May 19, so it’s a great time to adopt a new pet from a rescue shelter, mentor a rookie at work or start sponsoring a child.

Romance is on the cards for singles, and with Mercury (the planet of communication) in your fifth house (the house of love), your flirt game is strong. BTW flirting is not just for singles – long-term lovers could find a little sexting or smooth talking totally reignites the fire between them (as long as that flirting is with your partner obvs).

(January 20-February 18)
Emoji: map


You might be feeling like you need Google Maps for your life this month – eeek! Everyone loses their way from time to time, though, so don’t send up the quarter-life crisis distress signal just yet. Even though things aren’t falling into place for you RN, and it feels like you’re falling down snakes more than climbing up ladders, you’ll get through May if you can remember to – ‘scuse the lame meme – keep calm and carry on. You’re doing much better than you think you are… for reals! If you’re in full freak-out mode, try asking the Universe to give you a clear sign that you’re on the right track, and remember to always trust your gut instinct.

Some Aquarians may be feeling all Debbie Downer because they’re dwelling on their fails. Instead of beating yourself up over what you did or didn’t do, try being as kind to yourself as your BFF would to you. And hey, if J-Law can recover after tripping over in front of millions of people at the Oscars, you can get over that cringey comment you made at work drinks.

(February 19-March 20)
Emoji: peace dove


OK Pisces, who is annoying the shit out of you RN? This is not about the lady who stole your carpark at Pak’n’Save yesterday – it’s about the person who has really hurt you on a deep level, and you’re still (maybe unconsciously) spewing about it. Bitterness is taking up too much of your emotional space so the Universe is pushing you to work at letting this go. Otherwise it’s going to tear you up, particularly around May 11 when emotions will be way heavy.

Like last month, issues with dads and male authority figures are showing up strong, thanks to Saturn (the planet of restriction) being all up in your 10th house grill (the area of patriarchy). If throwback issues in that area are coming up, this is your opportunity to make peace and move on.

When it comes to conflicts, maybe look at the part you played. Pisceans can go waaaay OTT helping others, often sacrificing too much of themselves then getting screwed over. If you’ve ever given up everything for a guy, maybe moving cities or quitting your job so he could pursue his dreams, only to be dumped by him, you’ll be feeling this so hard. Lesson learned now, yes?

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Horoscope illustrations: Bonnie Brown | @bonniembrown

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