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1 March 2017
By Fashion Quarterly

What does your monthly horoscope have in store this March?

Another month, another horoscope. Check out what’s going on for your star sign in March, from Miss FQ’s spiritual guru One Grounded Angel.

(March 21-April 19)
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aries horoscope

There’s a reason Arians are known as the children of the Zodiac – just like boisterous toddlers, they never sit still! But this month it’s all about you (well, isn’t it always, Aries?!), and making sure you reward yourself for all your hard work lately. Indulgence in the style of a pedicure, massage or booking a holiday would be great ways to treat yo’self – particularly around March 25, when you’ll be feeling the pressure of career and personal dramas, and maybe even relationship stress. Not only will taking your foot off the accelerator help you slay stress, it also clears headspace to make necessary decisions about a career quandary or love sitch that need sorting.

Good thing to know: don’t go for any major makeovers, such as hairstyles or wardrobe upgrades, until after April 2. The planet Venus (which rules attractiveness) is going retrograde in your first house (which is all about appearances) – that means big changes to your appearance could go badly wrong (yikes!).

Circle March 27 in your diary – a new moon in your sign means it’s pretty much NYE for Aries. This is the biggest day of the year for you to make a new start, so get going on your goals for the next six months.

(April 20-May 20)
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taurus horoscope

If you feel like you’re not getting a payoff for all your hard work lately, take heart, Taurus. Your sign is one that loves being appreciated, so if you’re not getting results in terms of success, money or kudos, avoid the temptation to throw a tanty. You’ll get a payoff later down the track, but for now, you need to keep putting in the hard yards (sigh). Your mum probably told you that practice makes perfect… annoyingly, she was right. This is particularly relevant if you’ve recently started a new venture, such as a blog or business, and you feel like you aren’t getting traction yet. It *will* happen! Ask your guardian angels to boost your determination levels so you can keep going. Not all good things come easily, BTW. JK Rowling was rejected 12 times before she found a publisher for Harry Potter (#inspo).

Memo from the Universe: make time to do something you love this month. If you’ve been thinking about learning something new such as playing the guitar, learning to surf or taking ballet classes, make like Nike and just do it. But remember that patience thing – don’t go quitting ballet if you haven’t nailed Swan Lake after one term (lol).

(May 21-June 21)
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gemini horoscope

It’s never been cooler to stand up for what you believe in (thanks, Emma Watson), and this month, you’re on board with causes big and small. Some Geminis may feel pulled to learn more and get involved in humanitarian, ethical and environmental causes – beyond, that is, just liking a Facebook post (#slacktivism) – while others will become advocates on a more personal level. Notice any issues that stir your passion or make you angry, and get on board – maybe attending a rally, donating old clothes to a refugee support service or joining a beach clean-up event.

Social issues not your jam? Perhaps the cause that most needs championing is closer to home – standing up for ~yourself~, or for the fair treatment of someone around you. Got a mate being treated badly by a bloke? Intervene. See someone getting a raw deal at work? Say something to the boss peeps.

Your sign’s ruler, Mercury (the planet of communication) is in your teamwork sector from March 15 which means you’ve got an ability to unite people for a common cause in the second half of the month, and you’ve got extra diplomacy skills on tap, too (#influencer). Holler, Olivia Pope!

(June 22-July 22)
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cancer horoscope


Hey Cancer, this emo thing you’ve got going on is cute ‘n’ all, but you really need to dial it down this month. Whether you’re feeding your feelings (Cancers are shockers for this, unforch), crying in the toilets at work or just generally going cray, the Universe wants to help you find some emotional equilibrium. Try using music to tame your topsy-turvy emotions – by listening to calming tunes when you’re feeling the rage, something upbeat to cheer yourself when you’re bummed and some sick beats when you want to hit the treadmill (related: with Saturn in your sixth house, the area of wellbeing, this is your year for nailing fitness goals). If the boss is OK with it, listening to music at work will help you focus better and avoid being pulled into dramas around you.

Speaking of music, some of Cancereans have been feeling the pull to explore your connection to music – it could be that you finally start learning the ukulele or enrol in singing lessons. March 3 would be so perf for this, as the combined power of the Sun and Neptune in your sign will inspire you to chase your long-held dreams.

(July 23-August 22)
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leo horoscope

Oh Leo, are you feeling a bit down in the dumps? That famous Leo confidence seems to have dimmed and left you feeling all Negative Nelly. Although things seem really uncertain RN, the Universe – which, by the way, is better at organising your life than you are – wants you to know that all is not lost. Everything *is* going to be OK, so resolve to say ‘bye Felicia’ to your worrying tendency. Your brain is basically wandering into Worst-Case Scenario Town and taking out a short-term lease. You’re especially likely to overthink, overanalyse and stress yourself out on March 30 (eek!). That’s bad news for your health, relationship and friendships.

This month, to put it bluntly: do not buy into your own bullshit. Whatever you’re stressing about, remind yourself of all the great things in your life (#blessed), and how all the things you worried about a year ago were so not worth it. Tip: what you focus on is what you attract, so when you get stuck in a worry cycle, you’re actually attracting negative energy your way. Much better to focus on the outcome you *do* want.

Britney got through 2007, and you can get through this, ‘kay?

(August 23-September 22)
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virgo horoscope

You’re overdue a dose of sweetness in your life – and no, we ain’t talking about the sugary stuff (soz). Virgos tend to be so busy looking after everyone else they forget to look after number one, leaving them jaded and disappointed. News flash: nobody likes a martyr, Virgo. The Universe wants you to put the focus on yourself and – sorry to go all Eat Pray Love on you – find your own joy. Basically, it’s time to be kind to yourself instead of waiting for others to appreciate you.

Planning-crazy Virgos are slightly allergic to spontaneity, but random fun stuff is actually what you really need right now. Think about what you’d love to do with your BFF right now, then go do it – maybe even by yourself. Book an appointment at a day spa for no good reason, buy yourself the new album you’ve been enjoying on Spotify or load up your lounge with new scented candles.

Your relationships could do with a lil’ sweetness too. Could you give more compliments and small gestures of kindness? Maybe bake a cake for your nana or buy some flowers for your mum. But don’t overdo it, Virgo (we’ve been over this, remember?).

(September 23-October 23)
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libra horoscope

You know how Bachelor contestants are convinced they’re truly, madly, deeply in love with someone they met only 30 seconds ago? Yeah, that’s delusion – and right now, it’s something you *really* want to avoid. The Universe is forcing you to open your eyes and see your situation clearly, especially in your love life. Libras can be masters of self-denial because their desire for peace and harmony means they let people get away with bad behaviour (Kourtney Kardashian with Scott Disick, anyone?). The result: Librans have a history of getting manipulated (boo!).

No more allowing douchey behaviour or trusting someone who your gut is telling you is not the real deal, Libra. The Universe wants you to look at situations with a fresh perspective (particularly on March 4). Because if you can see the actual truth of a situation instead of how you wish it were, you can do something about it – fooling yourself only keeps you trapped.

March 31 will be a day of revelations, too – you may have your eyes opened as to how your emotional baggage is impacting your relationship or how you’re repeating an old destructive pattern.

(October 24-November 21)
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scorpio horoscope

The Universe is lighting a rocket under you this month, Scorpio, motivating you to stand up and make a difference. You have natural leadership abilities (FYI the majority of the world’s political leaders are Scorps – srsly!) and there’s a cause or issue, likely close to home, on which you’re being prompted to take a starring role. This could be anything from taking charge of a project or team at work to starting a crowdfunding campaign to support a mate in need.

Of course, the best types of leaders are the ones who lead by example, so this leadership energy could be more about pushing you to live a life you’re proud of (#rolemodel). The best way to do that? Be the adult you needed when you were a kid. You’ll be espesh productive on March 6 and from March 14 onwards, but make sure you focus on what’s important on March 24 – good leadership is about being true, so if you’re only trying to serve your own agenda, you’ll come unstuck.

(November 22-December 21)
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sagittarius horoscope

Before you rush into anything or follow along with what your squad is doing, really think about whether you’re making the right choices for ~you~. You ain’t no sheep, Sagittarius! If you’re faced with big-ish decisions right now, make sure you do your research, as things may not be as they appear. This is a month where you’ll likely find information bubbling under the surface, so avoid spontaneity and don’t take anything at face value – especially when it comes to matters of the heart. You could be played or overly swayed by other people, even impulsively jumping into bed with a mate (spoiler alert: this will end badly).

It may be fun to play fast and loose, as if random shit just keeps happening to you (‘OMG babe guess what went down last night!!!’), but the Universe is pushing you to put your hands on the steering wheel. Sounds like a buzzkill, but this is important, Sag – with Saturn (the planet of structure and maturity) in your sign until December, you get to build the foundation for your future self… for the next 30 years (for reals!). You want to make sure you’re setting yourself up for a life that is all your own instead of a povo imitation of someone else’s.

(December 22-January 19)
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capricorn horoscope

Lady Luck is in your squad RN, Capricorn. This is a fantastic month for embarking on a new career, starting a new business or attracting a new love connection (maybe all three!). Helping your cause is your new superpower of persuading people to do what you want (peaking March 3 and 13) – use it wisely. To maximise your chances of success, make sure your head’s in the right space. Don’t trip yourself up with self-doubt or pessimism. The more you believe the Universe is sending good things your way, the better your ability to receive them.

It’s a good time to take risks and network with new people, as your likelihood of having golden opportunities fall into your lap is seriously high. It is not, however, a good time to take risks with your contraception – some Capricorns are uber fertile right now, so if changing nappies isn’t your jam, you know what to do!

Speaking of sexy times, from March 31 and through the first half of April, your flirt game is ~strong~. You’ve got Mercury, the communication planet, in your fifth house, which is all about romance, so you’re totally oozing sparkly confidence right now. Single Caps, go get ‘em!

(January 20-February 18)
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aquarius horoscope

Who run the world? Mums, that’s who. And maternal energy is showing up strong in your sign this month, Aquarius, so if you’ve got a long-running feud or recent tension with your mum, this is the time to sort that out. Since mums are literally the givers of life, having a great connection with your mothership means having a great connection to the Universe. If we’re at odds with our mums we can struggle to tune into our intuition, can be distrustful of others and may feel reluctant to step into our power as women. On the other hand, if you’ve lost your mum or are estranged from her for any reason, that’s OK too – just make sure you aren’t holding onto any guilt or resentment for past events, so that you can let it go.

If you’re a mum, this would be the time to let go of any nagging doubts or guilt about your mothering skills (you’re a *great* mum… seriously!) and to celebrate your bond with your kids by committing to some quality time together. If you’re not a mum, but badly want to be one – like, now – what are you waiting for? This is your sign to get cracking.

(February 19-March 20)
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pisces horoscope

Being the most gentle, compassionate and introspective peeps in the zodiac, Pisceans typically have a great connection with animals. This month, that bond is being highlighted, so you could take advantage of that by making your pet a priority – going for walks to new places, buying new toys or organising pet playdates. If you don’t have a pet but badly want one, this is a great month to go for it – just remember to make animal shelters your first port of call, as you’d be wonderful at connecting with neglected animals who might otherwise struggle to trust humans. You’ve got a lot of love to give, Pisces. But if pet ownership is practical for you in the long term (sob!) due to your home situation or lifestyle, ask your local vet or SPCA branch about short-term fostering – they often need emergency shelter for cats (over weekends, for example). Even just visiting a zoo could calm your stress levels.

Looking at the bigger picture here, have you thought about working with animals in your career? If this is an idea that makes your heart beat with excitement, that’s a good sign you should look at dog walking, animal charity work or even (big big picture here!) vet studies. Dream big, Pisces.

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Horoscope illustrations: Bonnie Brown | @bonniembrown

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