Find out what your horoscope has in store for you in January 2018

1 January 2018
By Fashion Quarterly

With Miss FQ’s spiritual guru, One Grounded Angel.

Check out what’s going on for your star sign in January, from Miss FQ’s spiritual guru One Grounded Angel

(March 21-April 19)
Emoji: Surfer girl


Ready, set, chillllll. I know, that’s totally not what you expected to read, since you’ve got massive plans to slay in 2018 and you’re super thirsty. But Jupiter, the planet that pretty much expands everything it touches, is sitting pretty in your eighth house, which is a zone all about taking your time. So being more methodical with your plans and projects instead of throwing sh*t at the wall to see what sticks. Think of the Muppets: less Animal, more Kermit (lol). Maybe you put your career domination plans on hold and relish cruising with no responsibility (for now). Maybe you quit random hook-ups and revel in having the whole bed to yourself. Maybe you take up yoga or surfing or veggie gardening or some other totally-Zen-but-still-totally-‘grammable activity. This is a good moment to properly enjoy being right where you are.

A word of warning: the Leo full moon – which also happens to be a super moon and a total lunar eclipse (whooooa!) – on January 31 will make things hella intense. Watch for fierce emotions, which could spill over, buying you a one-way ticket to Regretsville (meaning: unkind words you can’t take back, or an entire tub of Goody Goody Gumdrops… maybe both).

(April 20-May 20)
Emoji: Four-leaf clover


Taureans are basically pirates when it comes to money – always searching for buried treasure. This month, fortune is shining on you, so shake out your handbag for any long-forgotten Lotto tix, polish up that pitch to your boss (chance of success: high) and put a bottle of bubbles in the fridge (you know, *just in case*). From January 17 and into February, Venus, the planet of beauty, is going off in your house of careers, meaning if you wanna charm a (new or prospective) boss or client, the odds are in your favour. The drinks are on you, Taurus!

When it comes to relationships, you’ll be #winning when you open your taringas more often than you open your mouth. Listening – *actually* listening – in chats instead of rushing in with your advice and opinions and any ‘enough about you, let’s talk about me’ angles will make your bonds with the fam real tight. Especially around January 6, when Mars, the planet of confidence, and Jupiter, the planet of expansion, rendezvous in your house of relationships – perfect time for spill-your-secrets convos around beach bonfires. You may need your mates in the coming months, so keep ‘em close.

(May 21-June 21)
Emoji: Green leaf


The word ‘review’ might make you crap yourself when it comes from your boss, but the Universe is using it in a gentler, non you-might-get-fired kind of way. After the NYE hangover eases, take some time to do a life review. What’s working? What do you want to achieve? What burning buildings (metaphorically) do you want to sexily strut away from like Taylor Swift’s squad in the Bad Blood video?

Got health goals? The planets are on your team. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, is in your sixth house, the zone of health and fitness, until November, giving you a celestial kick up the butt if you want to join (and *actually* visit on the reg!) the gym, manage stress better or eat clean. You’ll need to move gradually though – this alignment is all about slow, sustainable change (swearing off junk food totally will only lead to a massive binge later; cutting down slowly works best).

If you want to adult better financially, the January 2 full moon in your money zone offers the perfect opportunity. Think about what you want in six months’ time – a house? a super-fat travel fund? – and make a financial plan. Boring, but it might pay off (literally).

(June 22-July 22)
Emoji: Boxing glove


Maybe chuck some boxing gloves in your handbag, because in your sign – to quote Tim Finn – there’s a fraction too much friction. The best advice: be a lover not a fighter (unless it’s in fitness classes, obvs). Especially from January 26 onwards, when aggressive planet Mars is in Sagittarius, the sign of strong opinions, and your sixth house, the place of detail… being judgy, over-critical or ‘I told you so’ will not end well for you.

Your romantic life will likely hit a few obstacles in ‘18 (soz) but if you are willing to drop your expectations (ie perfectionism), you’ll have a relationship stronger than the All Blacks’ game plan. On January 9, Venus, the planet of love, hooks up with Pluto, the planet of stuff that’s hidden, in your relationship zone, pushing you to share your secrets with bae. If you expose yourself (in a non-nude type of way), you’ll give your relationship new depth. Remember, it doesn’t matter how relationships look (ie cute pics on Insta), it’s how it *feels* that counts. FYI single Cancers: this month, don’t be blinded by good looks and smooth talk. Instead, notice the way potential dates talk about their ex and treat restaurant staff – that’ll tell you everything.

(July 23-August 22)
Emoji: Bunny-ear girls


Independent Leos aren’t exactly great team players – you don’t mean to be queen bee, it’s just that things work so much better when people do it *your way*. This month, however, you may need to take off your bossy (but totes chic) pants. Sometimes other people have good ideas too – srsly! – so if you’re willing to listen to others and give their suggestions a crack (especially at work), your popularity will rise higher than the temperature in your aircon-less Corolla this summer. A January 13 date between Venus, planet of love, and Uranus, planet of boundaries, will be savage. If you’re overstepping into other peeps’ beeswax, that come back to bite you.

That goes for your love life, too. Sure, you may be living on your terms, but are you letting people in? From January 31 until mid-February, Mercury, the planet of communication, parties in Aquarius, the sign of community, and your seventh house of relationships. If you’ve got something touchy to discuss with bae, need a totes awks convo with a flattie or you want to form a Survivor-style alliance at work, run with it. If you’re single, go forth and mingle – your flirt game will be super strong during this transit.

(August 23-September 22)
Emoji: Wave


Ever been called a control freak? Congratulations – you’re a typical Virgo. Unfort, in Jan you’re being pushed to go with the flow, especially in the lead-up to the lunar eclipse at the end of the month in your 12th house, the zone of closure and healing. If you’re trying to push a casual hook-up into a relationship, trying to influence your BFF’s behaviour (hello, Monica from Friends!), trying to push for a career progression that’s so not happening, get out of the driver’s seat and into the passenger side. Unlike that two-star Uber driver you had last weekend, the Universe knows how to get you where you need to go, so let it drive.

And just on that eclipse, it may bring up some yucky emotions, FYI. If there’s something hurty you’ve been avoiding – a break-up, maybe, or quitting some totes unhelpful habit (eg overspending or drunk texting your ex) – that’ll likely be all up in your grill this month (good luck with that).

Craving a change of scene? In Jan – and most of this year, TBH – Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is in your third house of local community. You could swap renting for house-sitting, move to a tightknit community or nab a job with lots of travel (yasss!).

(September 23-October 23)
Emoji: Tree


Are you out of the woods yet, are you out of the woods? Well, not quite, but the finish line is on the horizon. Last year was tough on Libra, with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, causing carnage like a toddler who’s been mainlining sachets of Raro. That’s affected your relationships, career and ‘self’ areas (ie your ideas about who you are). If you stepped up to those challenges like a boss, you’ll find the planets will give you a gentler run this year.

If, like an awkward Year 9, you’re still struggling to ‘fit in’, you may be pushed to ditch your squad and find a new, more like-minded tribe. Not everyone understands you, but the people worth knowing *will*. Many Libras are chronic people-pleasers – if that’s you, the Universe will dish out some hard lessons in ‘18. Cutting ties with energy vampires, or those who see you as their personal ATM, will be more important this month than ever. Same deal with those who aren’t keeping it real. If you’re hanging with people purely because they look good (read: they’re popular and SAH), you might find yourself starring in their real-life dramas. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

(October 24-November 21)
Emoji: Globe


New year, no fear! Like an amped-up puppy who’s escaped from the yard, you’re off on new adventures. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and travel, is in your sign, setting you up to potentially change careers, relationship status, country of residence and everything in between. This transit kicks on ‘til November so things will roll out gently over the coming months, giving you time to figure out what you really want… especially in relationships. Singles who are willing to date ‘against type’ or try a new script (sick of getting ‘hey!’ as an intro? So are potential dates…) may get swept up in a hot romance.

Coupled-up Scorps might feel hot, too, but not the kind of heat you want (soz). Tension might spring up around January 13 when Venus, the planet of love, and Uranus, the planet of rebellion, do MMA-level fisticuffs. And from January 26 until March, having Mars, the planet of aggression, in your second house, the zone of security, may leave you feeling doubtful about the future (and current FB status) of your relationship. Bad idea: putting pressure on bae to step up commitment wise. Good idea: be chiiiill. You’ll get all the answers you need in good time.

(November 22-December 21)
Emoji: Fire


The planets are pretty much pouring V down your throat this month, Sagittarius – not for epic nights out (hey, nothing stopping you from that tho), but so you can kick some ass. The Universe is giving you a green light for big plans, especially if they involve travel or career advancement. Pay attention to bright ideas that spring into your brain – even the ones that seem a bit crap at first; they could contain the seeds of serious genius. Especially around January 6, when Mercury, the sign of communication and intellect, dances with Uranus, the planet of progression. Not only will you be able to download some serious #inspo, you’ll be able to sweet-talk others into getting on board, too. (Use this superpower wisely, OK?)

Things go next level from January 26 and into March when Mars, the sign of action, is in your sign – and that’s awesome for pretty much every area of your life, especially romance. Memo to singles: Mars will fire up your confidence, meaning you’ve never been more attractive. Couples who’ve been going through an, err, dry patch could find themselves spending *a lot* more time naked. Sexy dirty love? Yes please!

(December 22-January 19)
Emoji: Watch


History isn’t just a channel your grandad is glued to, it’s something that takes up a lot of your attention, too (too much, actually). This month the planets want you to let go your regrets over the past and fears that it’ll repeat. Instead, focus on what’s happening RN… and, you know, actually enjoy your life. You’re a shocker for running around like a mofo, ticking off your to-do list, but forgetting to stop and smell the kowhai (so to speak). That’s why you’re so effing tired, BTW.
Speaking of that to-do list, it’s waaaay too long. When you try to do too much, your energy gets as scattered as shards from a dropped wineglass. Instead of totally nailing a few things, you end up doing a half-arsed job of a lot of things. Narrow your focus: what do you really want to achieve this year, Cap? Get real clear on that. If it’s romance-related, from January 17 to February 10, Venus, the planet of lurve, hangs with Aquarius, the sign of networking, in your zone of long-term goals. You could upsize your relationship (think: ring-finger bling) or meet a partner through an existing contact. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

(January 20-February 18)
Emoji: Map


Being a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-Kate-Sylvester-pants type, organisation and systems aren’t exactly your strong suit (pun intended), but getting a solid foundation in place is what you need to slay this month, and beyond. It all kicks off on January 2 (after the hangover cloud eases, obvs) with the Cancer full moon – which is also a super moon, so it’s pretty much wearing a cape – in your sixth house, the zone of plans and systems. Want to hit the surf in Sri Lanka in 2018? Amped to corner that corner office at work? Set on selling your own bespoke jewellery? Whatever your dream, you need a plan to get there – a Google Map for your goals, if you will – so use the super moon energy to get cracking.

Your sixth sense is peaking this month, especially around January 9 when the Sun, the entity of openness, and Pluto, the planet of what is hidden, rendezvous. You’ll be super attuned to other peeps’ energy, tension and even sexual chemistry – which you could totally use to your advantage (that’s where the confidence thing comes in). Actually, you could even see dead people… not literally, but maybe you’ll sense a loved one who’s passed on (whoa!).

(February 19-March 20)
Emoji: Brain


This year your brain is hungry, but not for carbs (soz). Many Pisceans will feel called to binge on brain food. Love learning, but hate student loans? You might, instead, opt for night classes, online courses or random weekend workshops, particularly in the personal development area – think: anything from public speaking to motivation to meditation. And if you’ve got, in the words of Liam Neeson, a very particular set of skills, you might find yourself becoming a teacher or mentor to others #rolemodel.

Actually that meditation thing would be totes helpful, given your stress sitch. Sure, RN you’re chill AF as you laze on the sand on your new beach towel (cheers for that, Santa), but as soon as work starts again, your stress levels will be off the freakin’ chart. Learning how to manage your wellbeing better will become massively important around the January 31 total lunar eclipse, since it hits your sixth house, the zone of wellbeing.

This month you could also get your spiritual on, with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, couch-surfing in your ninth house, the zone of positive thinking and all things airy-fairy. You could go vegan, embrace manifestation or start your own church (OK, probably not that). Namaste!

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Horoscope illustrations: Bonnie Brown | @studio.bon


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