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31 July 2017
By Fashion Quarterly

What does your monthly horoscope have in store this August?

Another month, another horoscope. Check out what’s going on for your star sign in August, from Miss FQ’s spiritual guru One Grounded Angel.

(March 21-April 19)

Emoji: rocket

aries horoscope

The Universe is lighting a rocket under your bum this month, Aries. You’re being asked to look at where you’ve given away your power – say, letting others take credit for your work or keeping quiet when bae isn’t treating you right – and break that habit, stat! There’s also a push to do a kind of life makeover; finding new squads and chasing down new roles are all likely, especially around the August 8 lunar eclipse.

Around August 25, the planets align to help you launch big plans – enrolling in courses, launching a new project or taking over the world (well, you *are* an Aries after all!) could tempt you. Time to revive plans you made at the start of the year then forgot about/put into the too-hard basket. Whatever you do, make sure it’s driven by you, and not forced on you by others. Equally important: slaying nerves. If fear is trying to sabotage your plans, repeat the words Glinda said to the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz: “You have no power here.” If you can sidestep nerves and get started, your fear will evaporate faster than a slab of Woodys at a West Auckland wedding.

(April 20-May 20)

Emoji: rainbow

taurus horoscope

Great news for Taureans who’ve been butting heads with bae or family members – the storm clouds are about to clear, making room for a rainbow (phew!). Towards the end of the month, Venus, the planet of harmony, is coming into your fourth house, the place of all things domestic, meaning tension and instability in your closest relationships are going the way of payphones (buh-bye!).  Couples might move in together or talk babies, and singles could find themselves falling for someone in their inner sanctum (oooh).

Taureans are rational types by nature, but the Universe is gently inviting you to open up to matters more mystical RN. If you can relax that scepticism and logical mindset just a smidgeon, and make space for the Universe to do its thing, you might find something deliciously unexpected occurs. This is particularly relevant around August 4 when Pluto (the planet of all things hidden) turns up in your ninth house (which is all about philosophy) where it pretty much starts a fight with Jupiter (the planet of expansion), which is hanging out in your sixth house (the place of daily routine). Confused? Let me break that down: the left and right sides of your brain are going to be clashing big time. The take-away: if you can lean away from practicality and open up to fate… BOOM!

(May 21-June 21)

Emoji: hourglass


Geminis love sitting still about as much as Monica Gellar loves a messy house (read: not so much), but rather than rushing around like a mofo and achieving very little, the Universe is suggesting you dial it down a notch by focusing all your energy on just one thing this month. Sure, there’s a risk you’ll get bored (something Geminis are allergic to), but if you concentrate on something you really care about – progressing at work, making travel plans, etc etc etc – that will help you stay on task. FYI the August 21 new moon is a great time for starting something new, especially in the business world. But just like Rachel Hunter and Pantene, it won’t happen overnight, so you’ll need to exercise some patience (soz).

Some Geminis may be dealing with parental issues this month, with the mothership/fathership all up in your grill or rubbing salt in old wounds. It’s a good time for making peace with your parents who, while far from perfect, did manage to keep you alive (which is more than you’ve managed with that limp-looking plant on your desk, amirite?). Either find a way to mend fences or to limit the extent they piss you off.  You’ve got bigger things to focus on, remember?

(June 22-July 22)

Emoji: green leaf


Just like a nosy Biggest Loser trainer, the Universe is sticking its head in your fridge and judging you. If your last encounter with vegetables was the carrot cake served up at an awkward workplace rendition of ‘happy birthday’, consider yourself put on notice. Cancereans are being pushed to do a better job with their nutrition intake RN – it’s not about what the scales say, it’s about getting enough nutrients to improve your energy levels, skin, immunity and stabilise your moods (which your whanau and flatties will thank you for). Saturn, the planet of discipline and structure, has booked an Airb’n’b in your sixth house, the astrological zone of health, fitness and organisation, up until December, so there’s a lot of planetary power behind this message. And one thing Saturn has zero tolerance for is excuses, so whatever story you’ve been telling yourself to avoid a healthier lifestyle (I’m too busy/too tired/too poor), that won’t fly anymore. Planning meals and bringing your lunch to work would be a great start; getting to the heart of why you’re avoiding looking after yourself (low self-esteem?) would be an even better play. And if you’ve been thinking about going vegetarian or vegan, that could work out pretty well for you. #plantpowered

(July 23-August 22)

Emoji: explosion


Being a Leo, you probably already know you’re pretty special, right? I mean, the freakin’ SUN rules your sign (no wonder you’re often the centre of attention lol). And in 2017, you’re #beyondblessed because there are TWO new moons in your sign, which is very rare. The first was last month; the second occurs on August 21, and it’s also a solar eclipse, making the Leo energy even more powerful (holler!).  That means it’s your time to shine brighter, so if you’ve got big plans for what Oprah might call ‘living your best life’, this is your moment. Pay attention to ideas or messages from your intuition this month, particularly anything that encourages you to stand out or do something you’ve always wanted to do. Think back to when you were a little kid: what did you envisage yourself doing with your adult self (helping animals or being in healthcare, maybe)? Maybe you could bring elements of that into your adult life.

On the romance front, the August 7 full moon in Aquarius (also a lunar eclipse) centres on partnerships. You could fall big time for someone new, or get super serious with bae. The flipside: some partnerships (business or pleasure) which need to fall apart will do just that – but it’s all for the greater good.

(August 23-September 22)

Emoji: money bag


Security is a big theme for Virgos this month – but not the burly bodyguard type of security, a la Mariah. The planet Jupiter (all about fortune) is in your second house (all about money and confidence) until October, meaning the stars are pushing you to boost your financial and personal security reserves (yussss). If burying your head in the sand is your current financial strategy, consider this your wake-up call. Just like on My Kitchen Rules, preparation is your best MO, so download apps (and, you know, actually use them) to help you budget and manage your money better. Prep + financial stability = adulting better = lower stress levels = winning.

Speaking of security, how’s your confidence ATM? Look at where your insecurities are, and develop strategies to build yourself up. Got body issues? Something like ballet classes may help you appreciate your body for its strength to help you stop focusing on its exterior. Feel like you suck at your job? Take short courses to super-size your skillset or ask your boss for mentoring. Above all else, remember to be kind to yo’self – if you can’t be on your own side, how can you expect anyone else to?

(September 23-October 23)

Emoji: volcano


Three words for you, Libra: bad life choices. This month, expect people and situations that are bad news to pop up – and it’ll be up to you to say ‘hell to the NO!’.

Some single Librans will find themselves pulled towards romantic partners who are what Taylor Swift would call Trouble (think: Bridget Jones falling for Daniel Cleaver), especially around August 4 when Pluto, the planet of all that is hidden, is in an angry alignment with Jupiter, the planet of expansion. The result: a pull towards situations that ruin errything you’ve worked hard for. Sure, drama can be alluring… but tread carefully.

The August 7 new moon – coinciding with a lunar eclipse, which boosts its impact – falls in your fifth house of passion. That could be a good thing for couples whose sex lives have been flatlining, but not so great for those prone to emotional outbursts (expect fireworks).

Gravitating towards people who are gentle and just, you know, really ~nice~ will help you navigate this planetary version of Wipeout. The August 21 new moon is spotlighting your squad, so it’s a good time to bond with peeps who just ~get~ you (and ditch the drama llamas).

(October 24-November 21)

Emoji: girl on laptop


Slip into your cutest blazer and get your girlboss on! The planets are pushing you to focus on leadership and responsibility; some of you have been in cruise mode for too long. Around August 13, the sun makes a happy alignment with the planet Saturn (associated with structure and order), which means being pro-fesh will take you a long way.

But that’s just the opening act. The August 21 new moon – which coincides with a solar eclipse, so it’ll be extra powerful – in Leo falls in your career house, sparking a period of werk wins. Using your initiative and – excuse the lame corporate cliché – some blue-sky thinking will take you a long way. Remember, good leadership is about being a good role model (unlike what you saw in the Netflix show Girlboss, it’s wise to play nicely).

Singles, there’s a high possibility of meeting your Forever Bae this month, but he/she might not look like what you expect. You might *think* you know what you’re attracted to, but your heart always knows best. Cross-cultural, long-distance and large age-gap relationships are all likely, especially around August 12 and from August 26 until mid-September. Keep an open mind.

(November 22-December 21)

Emoji: microphone


The Universe just handed you the microphone, Sagittarius… nothing new there (lol)! Sags normally have zero problems speaking up and sharing what they’re thinking, but with two powerful eclipses this month, being savvy about how you use your voice (or your keyboard) will get you what you want. And if you’re willing to trust your own brilliant ideas, new doors could open up to you.

On August 7 the full moon – a lunar eclipse – is hitting your third house, which is all about communication and information. It’s a great time to ask for a promotion (using research and facts to back your case, obvs), pitch a proposal, write a convincing job application or hit ‘publish’ on a powerful blog post.

Two weeks later on August 21, the super-charged Leo new moon – also a solar eclipse – will give you the chance to basically download a life upgrade. The Universe is encouraging you to take a bold risk and try something different that really pushes your boundaries. Scary? Sure. But if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got, right? The Universe will bring the inspo, if you’re willing to bring the courage. Warning: results may be life-changing.

(December 22-January 19)

Emoji: packing box


Cleaning. It’s not very sexy, but it is super-therapeutic. And this month it’s your *life* that needs a good scrub to remove the ‘dirt’ – the f**kboys, the draining friendships, the inconsiderate flatmates, etc etc etc. While you’re at it, you could even shed some *actual* clutter from your home (bonus: more room for pretty new things!). This process is like using make-up wipes on your energy field – you’re clearing away what once looked good, but now isn’t quite right. So, what’s not working in your life? With Saturn (the planet of discipline) in your twelfth house (the zone of endings and closure) until December, it’s a good time to make like Craig David and walk away.

There may be tough decisions to make around August 4, when Jupiter (the planet of expansion) is in fisticuffs with Pluto (the planet of things that are hidden), which is currently sitting in your first house (all about self-identity). What that all means: you’ll feel pulled between what you thought you wanted, and what you *really* want. For example, you could get offered your dream job but the hours would kill your social life and strain your relationship. To make a difficult decision, choose the option that fits who you truly are (go with your gut).

(January 20-February 18)

Emoji:  crown


The role of Prince Harry’s princess is now effectively taken so you’ll probably never be royal, but you can still rule over your own kween-dom. So, why aren’t you doing that? The August 7 full moon falls in your sign (FYI it’s also a lunar eclipse, so super powered) which means the Universe is inviting you to take the throne by going after what you really want, instead of holding back out of a fear of failure. It also means being who you truly are, instead of hiding behind masks. Have courage, Aquarius. If the you that you are today is not the you that you want to be in one, two or three years, you’ll have to take action now – and this, right here, is a golden opportunity to do just that. Sure, it might go as badly as Ed Sheeran’s Game of Thrones stint, but so what? There’s nothing worse than regretting the opportunities you didn’t take.
Your greatest adversary will be not a White Walker but your own brain. If you can overcome a tendency to quit when things get too hard, to delay or to put yourself down, you’ll be able to reign like the kween you are. It’s your move.

(February 19-March 20)

Emoji: boxing glove


Got your boxing gloves handy? This month you could be heading for the type of showdown that doesn’t involve the gym or your cute new activewear. If you’re a lover, not a fighter, you’ll need to avoid petty dramas and keep a cool head when sparks fly around you. An August 15 clash between Venus and Pluto could spell a power struggle with a friend or colleague (BTW, you’ll need to take an honest look at whether you’re inadvertently causing the drama), while an August 17 Venus-Jupiter match-up could spark jealousy and control issues with bae.
You’re also being asked by the Universe to look at whether you’re effectively using your own power or trying to hide from it. Playing doormat is soo last season. Leadership is highlighted on August 13 (time to push for a promotion?), and after August 25 Saturn (the planet of discipline) ends its trouble-making transit through your career house, meaning it’ll be easier to attract jobs that make you ~actually excited~ to go to work. Being a compassionate soul, you may feel pushed to look for professions or industries that feel ~rewarding~, particularly around the August 21 new moon. If that’s not an option, volunteer work could be the go.

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Horoscope illustrations: Bonnie Brown | @bonniembrown


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