Here’s how to get a flawless fake tan this winter

26 June 2018
By Fashion Quarterly


About to head off on a winter getaway but concerned about your present skin tone state?

We all suffer from pale and dull skin hues over winter due to a lack of sunlight and hibernation from the cold. And no matter what we’re planning to do this winter – be it escaping to European beaches or staying at home – it can be reassuring to know a quick and easy fix for dull skin is within reach.

So how do we take our washed out winter skin and rejuvenate it? We sat down with founder and managing director of Eco Tan, Sonya Driver, to learn all her tips and tricks for attaining a healthy and genuine looking faux glow.

To learn all about the Eco Tan range and Sonya Driver’s tips for holiday tanning and winter skin care scroll below:

FQ: Can you tell us about Eco Tan – how it came to be and its unique point-of-difference in the market?

Sonya Driver: In 2010, my younger sister was diagnosed with a melanoma, and as being in the sun became a no-no we resorted to spray tanning. I became concerned by the ingredients in the spray tan the beauty therapist recommended as it would have penetrated into her scar. When researching the tan’s ingredients, I was horrified by what I found. Because of this I began to source organic ingredients and started creating my own tan formula in my tiny kitchen. Word of mouth spread, orders started flocking in and my organic tanning company Eco Tan was birthed later that year.

For someone about to go on a winter escape, when would you say is the optimal time to tan before you leave on your trip?

If you’re having a spray tan, have it the day before and take a moisturising organic gradual tan to top up every second or third day throughout the trip. Or use our genius award-winning ‘Winter Skin’ which is a moisturiser and a soft golden tan all in one!

When would this mean you’d need to exfoliate and prep your skin and what is the best way to do so?

For the best tanning results and an even surface, we recommend prepping your skin 48 hours prior. Never exfoliate the same day as tanning as the tan needs some dead skin cells to adhere to. Eco Tan has a brilliant reusable tan removing glove that you simply use with water and wash after use.

How would you suggest travelling with tanning products without worrying about a bottle of tan leaking in your luggage? Any tips or tricks?

Easy! Take our travel pack on board as it’s only 50mls and has all the product you’ll need to maintain your tan as well as a range of body care products. Of course, they are all certified organic, vegan and cruelty-free and your partner will definitely steal our body wash – its divine!

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How can you prolong your faux glow during your holiday despite swimming in the ocean and pool?

We’ve created our organic ‘Winter Skin’ as a perfect tan extender and moisturiser. It’s as subtle as a soft golden holiday tan or as deep as you desire by just re-applying.

Once your tan starts to wear off, what is the best thing to do to avoid patchiness? Should you exfoliate off the remnants and start again? Or what is the alternative? Any hacks?

Our organic tans honestly fade off, they don’t wear off patchy so you can simply just re-apply.

Are there any particular tips you can give around tanning your face, especially as you might be keeping this protected on holiday while the rest of your body develops a natural tan?

Absolutely, without a doubt use our number one selling, cult following, award-winning ‘Face Tan Water’. We created this certified organic, gorgeous little product to give your face a natural sun-kissed look without clogging your pores or causing breakouts. Those that have used it, hail it as the holy grail of their beauty collection.

How can you maintain both your natural and faux glow once you’ve returned home and your holiday is but a distant memory?

Keep your skin moisturised so your skin layers don’t flake off, avoid synthetic soaps and body washes and once again use our award-winning ‘Winter Skin’. It’s the perfect way to keep that holiday glow!!

Is there anything else we need to know about how to fake a genuine glow in winter?

Keep it natural! It’s better to have a soft golden glow rather than a deep bronze in winter – it’s much more believable. And remember to keep your skin hydrated with an organic moisturiser.

To learn more about Eco Tan and shop their products visit

Photos: Getty Images and Instagram.


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