7 ways to get rid of a hangover that actually work

10 July 2019
By Fashion Quarterly

We’ve all been there – that one rosé somehow turned into several and we wake up the next day feeling broken.

As good and steadfast our intentions may be to just have one glass or have a glass of water for every wine, sometimes the night has other plans in mind.

Once upon a time backing it up night after night was no problem and running on zero to little sleep was the norm. Sound familiar? Oh, how times have changed.

Unfortunately, as we get older our body just can’t hack it like it used to. There’s a multitude of reasons for this – but put simply, we’re out of practice and for the most part lead pretty healthy lives so when we do drink (or binge drink!) our body goes into shock, doesn’t know what’s hit it and struggles to bounce back.

Read on for seven ways to get rid of a hangover:

Sleep in

While alcohol severely dehydrates your body resulting in a pounding headache, the severity and longevity of a hangover often comes down to inadequate sleep. Yep, it’s basically you’re body crying out for more rest.

Alcohol may make you fall asleep quicker but as a result, you have very low-quality sleep – your body doesn’t even enter the REM phase (AKA a deep sleep). The best cure for a hangover is undoubtedly sleeping through it – or at least the worst of it.

Mind over matter

On those mornings where you have other commitments – work, brunch plans or maybe even round two – and sleeping in isn’t an option, then fake it till you make it! Hop in the shower, wash away evidence of last night (reminder: scrub off those stubborn club stamps!) and give yourself an internal pep-talk!

Then, brush your teeth twice and use mouthwash if possible because despite what you think, one brush will not get rid of champagne breath.

Drink water – a lot of it

Alcohol drains your body of hydration so it’s crucial to rehydrate as much as possible the next day. As an alternative to water, opt for electrolyte alternatives like coconut water and the renowned ‘blue ambulance’, also known as Powerade. Electrolytes, including sodium and potassium, help your body hold onto the water it needs.


Ginger is great for curbing bloating and nausea and may also reduce lingering faintness. Sip on ginger tea or quench your thirst with a ginger beer.

Boost your energy

Alcohol is a diuretic that drains your body of essential vitamins and nutrients during a night on the town – the most important being vitamins B and C. Those that take a vitamin B complex to combat hangovers swear by their effectiveness. The most commonly taken is B12, which performs a key role in the functioning of the brain and nervous system.

Sweat it out

It may be the last thing you feel like doing but getting up and pounding the pavement is one of the best ways to remedy a hangover – the fresh air will also do you wonders.

If you’re game we also recommend higher intensity calorie-burning exercise to get your blood and oxygen flowing and you’ll sweat out all the toxins. Trust us, even just 30 minutes at the gym and you’ll be on your way to feeling half-normal again.

Avoid beige and fried foods

As a rule of thumb, resist the temptation to eat potato crisps, french fries and carb-heavy foods – especially anything fried. They actually make you feel worse, deplete your energy and cause bloating.

This article originally appeared on beautyheaven.

Words: Erin Berryman
Photos: Michael James Rooke for Miss FQ Issue 1, 2016


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