16 Halloween costume ideas that are high fashion and on trend for 2018

30 October 2018
By Fashion Quarterly

You can always judge how iconic a year has been by the #trending Halloween costumes. 

Whether you’re after a bangin’ solo costume that’ll have people talking faster than that time Meghan Markle left her tag hanging out the bottom of her dress, a dynamic duo for you and your significant other of BFF, or a group costume that’s high impact yet super easy to execute, we’ve trolled the internet to bring you the most relevant costume ideas for Halloween ’18. It’s got a good ring to it, doesn’t it?

Scroll for the best Halloween costume ideas below:

Solo Costumes

Halloween-Costume-2018-I, Tonya

Nothing says iconic at a Halloween party like showing up as the lead in an iconic film from that year. I, Tonya which followed the true story of controversial Olympic ice-skating champion Tonya Harding (played by Margot Robbie) was the talk of the town. And if you’re partial to anything Margot Robbie does (i.e. you’ve already done Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad, like, twice already), then this costume is for you. So, whip out your leotards from dance competitions, stick on some rhinestones, slap on an Olympic medal go big on hair and makeup. Voila!

Instantly recognisable Edna Marie “E” Mode appears in the Pixar superhero animation The Incredibles.  At first glance, you might be wondering what’s more to this cartoon? But beneath the distinct black bob and thick-framed glasses is a fashion icon. No seriously, Vogue Italia has interviewed her on numerous occasions and even Kendall Jenner is a big fan: “she’s a visionary”.  So if it’s good enough for Kardashian/Jenner, it’s good enough for you.

Venus is in retrograde which means there’s plenty of angst and disruption going on in the universe, (which in itself is scary prospect befitting of a Halloween costume). But the reality is, 2018 has been more zodiac-obsessed than those before the Edwardian calendar was invented. Stars, moons, galaxies and cosmic wonders have been seen in makeup, manicures and even fashion (we see you RUBY star sign t-shirts). So if you’re typically partial to a fairy costume, turn up the volume and indulge in candy cotton colours and a glitter. Like, on everything.


Whether you’re a fan of the hit Netflix series or not, who doesn’t want to spring at the chance to dress up Riverdale-style in a vixen cheerleader costume, Pop’s Choc-lit Shoppe waitress outfit, Riverdale Highschool jock jacket or even get down and dirty in a Southside Serpents ensemble? There’s plenty you can craft from pieces already in your wardrobe, or if you just cbf, the internet has stores galore with costumes ready to wear (because of course, it does!). 

Let’s get ~ourselves~ to the Greek. Mamma Mia fever is in full swing. There’s no time like the present to rock your blue-washed ’70s festival flares, crop tops and crimp that hair like a brick of uncooked 2-minute noodles. Spray paint some go-go boots, hop on your bike and grab a mic.

Now, this is one for the high fashion ladies with taste. Bountiful layers, bright prints, stacked strings of beads, Dolce & Gabanna-esque earrings, red lips and a floral crown are key components in nailing the vibe quintessential to Frida Kahlo. With so much going on, you literally can’t go wrong. But if in doubt,  the unibrow shall not be left out…


Time to channel your inner tomboy Drew Barrymore or Gwen Stefani style. Washed vintage denim, boyfriend jackets, dark red lips, dishevelled blowouts, bandanas and bad attitudes are what make this era golden (and easy to emulate for Halloween last minute!).

Following this fantasy sci-fi’s release, search trends for Black Panther-inspired Halloween costumes have blown up on Pinterest. Strong, powerful, tribal and futuristic is the name of the game.

Self-proclaimed “influencers” look away if you’re not #digging satire because this is one for those with a sense of humour to the highest degree. Soon after becoming available on retail website Urban Outfitters, the “Influencer” costume took to news outlets by storm. And rightly so, it’s hilarious (and again, easy to emulate). Featuring minimalist sporty style, the muted tonal-leggings-bra-hoody-cap-oversized-sunglasses-ugly-sneaker combo is so now. Faith in humanity restored.

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Costumes for couples (or BFFs)


Double trouble, toil and bubble, this wrestling pair will kick you to the rubble. If you, like us, obsessed over the ’80s nostalgia rife in the Netflix hit-series GLOW  (that stands for Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling by the way), you’ll know just how gold this costume is. The hardest part will be deciding who plays who… Just keep it in the ring, yeah?

According to Pinterest, dessert-themed costumes are in demand. Kind of like, actual dessert. So if you’re seeking a costume that requires you get all arts and crafty, then this is an idea to sink your teeth into.

Halloween-Costume-2018-Harry& Meghan Royal Wedding

Awww, the modern romance! Harry and Meghan is an inevitable costume idea following their nuptials of royal proportions in May. Just make sure your boo wears a ginger wig so people catch on. You wouldn’t want them to think you’re scared of marriage or a bridezilla or something. Oh and don’t iron the dress… too soon?

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Group costumes

The breakfast of champions millennials. Half of the crew can go as toast and the others as avocados or both! There’s plenty of creative options for this simple concept.


This costume has the power to be genuinely scary. Red dress. White Bonnet. Done. And the more of you, the better. The Hulu series which released its second season this year has had everyone in the office (and the world, probably) gripping the edge of their seats.

Interpret this one as you will. Whether you and your team of fellow hallow goers wear coordinating clown outfits or adopt more traditional roles; the bearded lady, the magician, the acrobat, the bear on a bike, etc. Carnival has come full circle with Pinterest citing it as one of the trending costumes for 2018.

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Words: Terri Dunn
Photos: Pinterest


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