The ‘Scandi Hairline’ and other trends you should ask for at your next hair appointment

15 June 2023
By Amberley Colby

Surpassing 8.7 million views on TikTok, the 'Scandi Hairline' technique is the newest colour trend to grace our feeds. Discover this, and five other colour trends to try in 2023.

Daphne Groeneveld.
The 'Scandi Harline'. Image:

We’ve already covered the biggest haircut trends for 2023, but what about colour? From fiery copper red to Tiktok’s coveted ‘Scandi hairline’ technique, there is virtually no end to the hair inspiration appearing on our social media feeds. From muted, natural tones, to bold colour placements, it’ never been easier to find a trend to flatter your unique skin tone and hair type. 

If you’re considering switching things up but don’t quite know where to start, peruse our top trend picks below to take along as a reference for your next hairstylist appointment.

1. Scandi hairline

By now you’ll be well-acquainted with the ‘money piece’ colour trend that captivated the world in 2022, but for 2023, it’s getting a pared-back makeover. If you’ve been scrolling through TikTok as of late, it’s likely you’ll have seen the ‘Scandi hairline’ trend grace your For You page. Offering a fresh take on face framing, the Scandi (aka Scandinavian) hairline technique focuses on applying colour to certain parts of the hairline to mimic where the sun would hit. Providing a sort of ‘colour halo’ to the face, it’s a suitable low-cost and natural way to inject a touch of extra vibrance into your hair.

2. Barbie blonde

With Greta Gerwig’s highly anticipated Barbie movie set to release next month, it’s no surprise that Barbie blonde is trending this year. Seen on Margot Robbie, this type of blonde is a bleached-yet-buttery shade that gives a lifted appearance to the complexion. But as anyone who has dabbled in the realm of blonde before knows, it’s not exactly low maintenance. For those wanting an easier option, try asking for a balayage. You can always work your way up to full Barbie blonde over time!

3. Gemini hair

Like the name suggests, this colour trend is all about duality. Popularised by Billie Eilish, Gemini hair focuses on contrasting two colours together in blocks. For those with dark natural hair, colours like green, purple, pink and blue make for good contrasting options, while those with light natural hair might prefer to opt for yellow, black, blue, green or red. If you’ve got a centre part, you can ask your hairdresser to apply the bright colour to one to one side of your hair (leaving the other natural) for a truly bold look, but for less maintenance, try getting your colour applied from your ends upwards, leaving a section of your natural roots intact to provide the contrast.

4. Coveted copper

Only 1-2% of people in the world have naturally red tresses but luckily you can achieve this colour with a little help from your hairdresser. Continuing to reign supreme this year is copper hair of all shades and undertones. From cool brunette copper to strawberry blonde, it seems as though every It-Girl is trying this colour out right now. Offering a refreshing change for blondes or brunettes wanting a break from their natural colour, when executed well, copper can be a low-maintenance option relative to the other trends we’ve touched on thus far.

5. Silver lining

Noticing your first grey hairs can be confronting and we understand your impulse to cover them as soon as they appear. But if there’s a time to wave the proverbial white flag and end the war on your regrowth, it’s now. Known as ‘grey-blending’, this colour technique focuses lightening large sections of the hair with balayage and leaving out sections of naturally occurring grey to provide contrast. Effortlessly manageable and easy on your hair, we’re thinking grey is here to stay.

6. Mushroom brown

Residing somewhere between a caramel blonde and a cool-toned brunette, mushroom brown is one of the latest hair shades being adopted globally. Adding dimension to your locks, not to mention providing health and shine to bleach-damaged hair, mushroom brown is best for those with warmer undertones. Achieved by adding ashy highlights or balayage to the hair, this is a great choice for natural brunettes wanting to undergo a colour change that will grow out effortlessly, or highlighted blondes looking to return to a colour that closest resembles their natural colour.


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