What our choice of lipstick colour and lipstick case really says about us

29 April 2019
By Fashion Quarterly

Guerlain Rouge G

We all know the power of a good lipstick.

Whether you opt for bright, bold or subtle, the shade of lipstick you wear can send a very clear message about who you are, what you stand for or quite simply how you’re feeling that day.

As Guerlain creative director Olivier Echaudemaison says: “Every woman is unique and her favourite shade is hers alone.”

The new Rouge G It-Colour collection from Guerlain has 12 semi-matte long-hold lipstick shades to choose from, enriched with hyaluronic acid to plump and nourish lips and black seed oil which adds continuous hydration.

Eight fun double mirror lipstick cases designed by Parisian jeweller Lorenz Bäumer means you can customise your lipstick even further depending on your mood or the occasion — it becomes a stylish fashion accessory in itself and a chic addition to your handbag.

Read on to see which colour and case combos the FQ team picked – and what their choice really indicates about their personality and style:


Zoe Walker Ahwa, editor

Her lipstick choice: No.40, a coral pink.
Her lipstick case: Rock’n Navy.

Zoe says: “Sensible navy blue is my go-to colour, no matter the occasion (work, evening, weekend), so a matching lipstick case feels like the height of chic. I’d match it with an everyday pop of colour.”

What this choice says about Zoe: This lipstick + case combination symbolises someone who you should never underestimate; they might outwardly project an easygoing, non-confrontational personality, but their inner confidence and rebellious energy means this is one person not to be messed with!

Kelly McAuliffe, digital editor

Her lipstick choice: No.44, a true red.
Her lipstick case: Simply White.

Kelly says: “I’ve amassed a wide-ranging collection of lipstick over the years but when I look at the ones I actually use, you’ll see a recurring theme of one colour being used on the reg: ‘true’ red. I’m drawn to the white Rouge G case here as I’m all about a low-key accessory that will stand the test of time, rather than following a trend.”

What this choice says about Kelly:  A minimalist choice for someone who likes simplicity and timelessness — that, or this person might find it hard to make decisions!

Rouge G lipstickLucy Slight, features director

Her lipstick choice: No.5, a pinky nude.
Her lipstick case: Rosy Nude.

Lucy says: “Take a dig around my handbag, makeup bag or bathroom vanity and you’ll find myriad shades of soft rosy pinks as part of my endless search to find the ‘perfect’ one. Guerlain’s No.5 looks to me like it could be a top contender, thanks to the brown-nude base with just a hint of warmth. I’d choose the rosy nude case because you just can’t beat a classic nude accessory.”

What this choice says about Lucy: This combo signifies a woman who is comfortable in her own skin and is probably considered by others to be “effortless” in her style, which she has carefully mastered over the years. She is approachable and natural with a warm personality.

Rouge G lipstickMegan Bedford, beauty editor

Her lipstick choice: No.80, a deep blood red.
Her lipstick case: Hype Purple.

Megan says: “The lady is a vamp! I’m well known as a big fan of winter and transition everything from my wardrobe and my skincare to cold-weather appropes items, so naturally my makeup also follows suit. The texture of these lipsticks is divine, a plush, hydrating velvet-matte, while the case, an accessory in itself, is the perfect match for the deeper hues I’m always drawn to.”

What this choice says about Megan:  A choice which implies an adventurous soul who isn’t afraid to take risks in beauty, fashion or life. She might love a bit of ‘drama’ (whether of the beauty kind or otherwise!) but one thing is for sure — she will always write her own rules.

Rouge G lipstickJessica-Belle Greer, features editor

Her lipstick choice: No.01, a soft beige nude.
Her lipstick case: Power Chic.

Jessica-Belle says: “I love the soft, nourishing texture of lipstick and I wear one every day. I always have a good nude colour on the go as most days I find it easier to wear, and re-apply, throughout the day. The Guerlain Rouge G in No. 01 looks like a perfect nude because it’s rich and sophisticated – not too pink! I’d then case it in the tan lipstick case as it reminds me of a beautiful vintage leather handbag.”

What this choice says about Jessica-Belle: Probably a classic beauty, this lipstick and case combination indicates someone with sophisticated taste, who has an air of elegance about them. They are probably an old soul and wise beyond their years.

Rouge G lipstickDanielle Clausen, fashion editor

Her lipstick choice: No.61, a bright blue-red.
Her lipstick case:
Urban Emerald.

Danielle says: “My day-to-day style is generally pretty understated, but I do have a tendency to explore my maximalist side after-hours… My party girl alter-ego wants to go with a green case and lipstick colour No.61. Perfect paired with an 80s style mini-dress, sheer tights and cowboy boots. Now where’s the dancefloor?”

What this choice says about Danielle: A dazzling combination, this fashion-forward person is always ahead of the trends, and knows all the latest and greatest places to visit in every city. They are probably the life of the party everywhere they go and will be the first person to be added to any guest list.

Maxine Fourie, junior digital content producer

Her lipstick choice: No.05, a pinky nude.
Her lipstick case: Imperial Red.

Maxine says: “I like the red case because I feel like it’s something that would be easily found in my full handbag because of its bright colour. I’m also naturally drawn to the colour red as it’s always the colour I get my nails manicured! I always wear a nude/pinky lip shade so I’d opt for lipstick No.05. It adds a little bit of life to my makeup without needing to go too bold, which is perfect for work. Or if I’m out and about, the effort is still there.”

What this choice says about Maxine: Known for being a bit of a seductress, this person embraces her own powerful femininity giving off an air of confidence and strength. However, once you get past the tough exterior you’ll find someone soft and sensitive at the core. She can also keep some things close to her chest.

* This article is brought to you in partnership with Guerlain’s Rouge G collection. The Guerlain Rouge G semi matte lipstick refill, $61, and lipstick case, $38, is available at Smith & Caughey’s, David Jones and Ballantynes department stores.

Photos: Supplied


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