This new luxe cream range uses a rare honey – and it will change your skincare regime for good

14 October 2019
By Fashion Quarterly

Forget what you knew about your standard moisturising creams.

A heavy-duty moisturising cream needn’t be one of those beauty add-ons you use for the sake of using, or because you’ve been told to. Pick the right one and every skincare junkie knows it is one necessity that can’t stray far from the beauty cabinet. In fact, the very best in the business will function as the holy grail in skincare because of its multi-use, from hydration to anti-ageing to protectant.

With the environment stressing the skin every day (think pollution, dirt, makeup and grime) our skin cell function is seriously impacted and this is visibly demonstrated through premature ageing and wrinkles, uneven tone and texture, loss of plumpness and elasticity among others. With so many agents claiming to fight one or all of these, pinpointing exactly which product and ingredient will counteract each of these external stressors has typically meant buying into several different products to deal with each skin concern. That is, until now.

Guerlain Abeille Royale Day Cream

Honey has long been known as one of the best natural healing substances in the world, so it is only natural French beauty house Guerlain would turn to the sweet amber-coloured elixir and its super-powerful ingredients to discover its full skincare potential. Over a number of years, the research conducted in France revealed that the scar healing process and the way signs of ageing are repaired, share common features. Using these and other scientific discoveries , Guerlain developed a range of age-defying skincare products made from honey and royal jelly from the bee hive  aimed at being a dual-action product designed to address a range of concerns, including ageing and skin imperfections.

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The resulting skincare range, Abeille Royale, derives its ingredients from only the purest of honeys, made by black bees found on the French island of Ouessant, a UNESCO-designated landmark. The luxurious product is packaged in equally luxe gold packaging, making it not only an essential product on your shelf, but a beautiful one at that.

Honey is one of the world’s natural treasures and this buzz-word ingredient works in a number of ways: as an anti-ageing agent, it will give a mattifying effect and work on correcting wrinkles from the first application. It also strengthens the skin barrier, evens out imperfections, protects the skin from environmental oxidants and boosts its natural defences, creating a radiant-looking complexion. Honey used in combination with other ingredients such as Propolis, Vitamin C and Vitamin E mean you will get maximum results across a range of skin concerns and the ‘BlackBee Repair Technology’ as it is dubbed, has been proven to boost skin’s natural ability to repair itself.

From left to right: Abeille Royale day cream, Abeille Royale rich day cream, Abeille Royale mattifying day cream, Abeille Royale night cream.

The Abeille Royale range first consisted of the Youth Watery Oil to replump and Double R Serum to renew and repair, and now with four new additions — Abeille Royale day cream, Abeille Royale rich day cream, Abeille Royale night cream and Abeille Royale mattifying day cream — which can all be cleverly incorporated into your daily skincare routine, your skin will be thanking you for regulating its cell function and fighting the visible signs of ageing, all while giving balance back to skin that has been over-stressed by the causes of neuro-ageing.

Nothing is sweeter than honey when it comes to skincare and once you’ve test-driven these products, you’ll never look back.


Photos: Supplied

This article is brought to you by Guerlain Abeille Royale. The Guerlain Abeille Royale skincare range is available now at Smith & Caughey’s, David Jones and Ballantynes. 

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