Glow Lab is the natural skincare game changer delivering high-end results without breaking the bank

11 December 2018
By Fashion Quarterly

In a perfect world, our skincare would be accessible, affordable, effective, luxurious and preferably doing more good than harm to our skin and the environment.

But the trouble is, even with so many options available to us, we’re still making trade-offs: Luxury often comes with a less-than-ideal price tag; natural usually means less effective; and affordable or accessibility suggests that there’s harm being done to our planet – or the people – along the way.

That was until Kiwi brand Glow Lab entered the scene offering a natural solution that delivers high-end results without breaking the bank.


Combining the best of nature with cosmeceutical smarts, Glow Lab products allow your best skin to be realised without sacrifice. We’re talking packaging that looks super premium on your shelf (very important), active ingredients that are scientifically backed (because that’s really why we’re here) and it’s available at the supermarket (which means it’s affordable).

And above all, it’s designed for Kiwi women like you and me. Skincare couture if you will.

Leaving no box unticked, Glow Lab is sourced from nature and proudly made right here in New Zealand. Their products are cruelty-free and vegan with no nasties in sight, and have been dermatologically-tested and pH balanced making it suitable for all skin types.

Glow Lab products worth trying

Chances are, whatever problematic skin issue you’re plagued with right now, Glow Lab will have a killer ingredient to see you right.

Super sensitive skin?  
Derived from ginger root and chamomile extracts, SymRelief® 100 – that’s the killer ingredient, btw – is a synergistic blend of anti-irritants found in Glow Lab’s Facial Serum and Facial Toner which calm skin and reduce redness by up to 49%.

How about dull, tired and ageing skin?
Sounds like you could do with a boost of SuperOX-C™. That’s the killer ingredient behind Glow Lab’s Eye Serum and Night Cream which draws on the Kakadu Plum; the superfruit with the world’s richest source of Vitamin C which defends against oxidation damage ultimately improving skin radiance, luminosity and reduces the appearance of wrinkles by up to 38% after just 30 days.

Glow Lab Facial Serum; Glow Lab Facial Toner; Glow Lab Night Cream

But the anti-ageing antidotes don’t stop there. ProRenew Complex CLR™ – a potent probiotic lactic acid –  and Matrixyl® Synthé 6™ – a powerful peptide that targets wrinkles and improves collagen levels – can also be found in the Facial Serum, which operates from the inside out, rebuilding skin where it’s needed to even out skin and smooth wrinkles.

Hydration, firmness, or just want that straight up glow?
Killer ingredient Beraca Biobehenic™, which is derived from the Amazonian Pracaxi tree, makes for one hellishly luxurious oil promoting even skin tone, deep hydration and firmness in Glow Lab’s Facial Oil. Otherwise, you can rest assured smooth, soft and hydrated skin is merely one of many Glow Lab products away thanks to Betaine, a natural sugar beet extract that optimises hydration at a cellular level. For its super-hydrating properties, you’ll discover Betaine in Glow Lab’s Body Washes, Hand WashesHydrating Facial Sheet MaskDetoxifying Facial Sheet MaskBrightening Facial Sheet MaskHair Mask and Shampoos and  Conditioners.



It’s nature’s finest imbued with science which means you’re getting access to premium ingredients usually reserved for departments stores at a far more palatable price point. Plus, it can be picked up in your weekly shop. (You may be busy but you also deserve the best!)

Glow Lab is a broke but woke solution that means business — and you don’t have to be a hippy, mother earth type to get on board.

Glow Lab is available in supermarkets nationwide. To find out more, visit


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