Girl you need to know: R&B singer Jordan Gavet

28 November 2019
By Fashion Quarterly

Auckland-based Jordan Gavet’s star is on the rise.

Jordan Gavet has only recently just taken the plunge to put her all into her music career (prior to that, she was working in office jobs in Auckland and Sydney) but very quickly, the talented singer was snapped up by Stan Walker to support him on his New Zealand tour, which is a platform where she is simultaneously honing her live performance and having her music heard all across the country.

Her first single ‘Hesitation’, produced by Willstah, who has also worked with Ariana Grande and DJ Mustard, has had rave reviews (the music video was filmed in Avondale where she partly grew up) while her new single ‘Away’ (out on Friday 29 November) is bound to have similar success.

We chatted to the 30-year-old R&B artist about how she got to where she is today, the biggest challenges she’s faced so far in the industry and what’s next for her.

What’s your story and background? How did you get to where you are today and where did your passion for music originate?
I grew up around music. My dad plays bass and formed a band, so I literally grew up loving music, sitting in their rehearsals or writing sessions until my Mum would tell me it’s bed time. That is definitely where my passion for music started, I would’ve been five or six years old.

When did you know you wanted to work in the music industry?
Ever since I can remember, although growing up I was really shy so I didn’t want to perform or be on the stage, my plan was to be a songwriter in the background.

You grew up between Avondale and Sydney – how did your ‘Kiwi-ness’ play a part in your musical development?
Well my Dad and his band were all New Zealanders and I think they brought something different to the urban scene in Australia at the time just by being themselves. NZ has it’s own groove, so I definitely always carry that with me.


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Your recent single ‘Hesitation’ was produced by Willstah (who has also worked with Ariana Grande and DJ Mustard) – what was it like working with him and what was the process?
Willstah has been so good to work with, we have good banter and get on well personally and I think that helps! We can be honest, he pushes me if he thinks I can do more, and we trust each others visions and don’t stop until we get a song to where we want it.

What does a typical day look like for you?
Every day is different. But I always try to start my day with quiet prayer and black coffee and I try not to touch my phone for the first hour. Some days are full on, I could have promo or events, or shoots or meetings, and other days could be show days or I’m back and forth to Sydney for studio sessions. It’s always different! In between that I’ve been trying to work on my next project.

Who do you admire most in your industry and why?
A lot of people. So far in NZ, working with Stan Walker and getting to know him I admire that he stands in what he believes in. He’s genuine and his humility and work ethic is crazy! And obviously, his voice is annoyingly flawless lol.

What would you say is your greatest accomplishment or milestone to date?
To be honest, everything big or small. Just the fact that I’m getting to do what I love. There were days, months, years where I didn’t know what my purpose was so now walking in my purpose is an accomplishment in itself for me.

What is one of the most challenging things about working in the industry you do?
I think for me it’s learning how to balance your personal life and the industry. Remembering what’s real and what’s not, and staying true to yourself. It’s easy to get caught up in things, and I hope to stay grounded by keeping good people around me.

What’s your favourite part of the song-writing process?
The little moments where you can see it coming together, the start is always iffy. It could go either way, but when you know that it’s working, it’s a good feeling. Nothing beats when it’s finished though lol.

What’s been one thing you’ve learned from being in the music industry (and wish you could tell your younger self)?
Who cares what anyone thinks of you!!! Go and be great little girl! lol hands down.

Any life-changing books, podcasts, or websites you recommend?
A Ted Talk by Mel Robbins on the 5 Second Rule actually helped me a lot last year when I was writing my EP. Motivation comes and goes, and the creative process can be dark for me at times. Sometimes I needed things outside of myself like Ted talks or sermons to get me out of bed and in to the studio.


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How would you describe your style?
My style is growing and ever changing because I actually listen to many different genres of music. I’m definitely an R&B  girl at heart though.

What’s your favourite go-to outfit or piece when you need to feel confident?
Lately it’s been thigh high boots lol I had these black latex ones that I just totally wore out last year and my friends would tease me and call them my Catwoman boots, so that was all I needed to hear to be addicted to thigh highs lol.

What’s the one beauty product you couldn’t live without?
ABH – Brow Pomade and moisturiser.

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?
There’s too many to name! But off the top of my head, D’Angelo.

Can you share what it’s been like being a female working in this industry?
So far, so good! I love being a girly girl and sometimes I can be the only girl around and I take 4 hours to get ready lol everyone has been accomodating and wants me to always be comfortable. I always voice my opinion respectfully and I get respect back. I also hold my own and grew up with all  boys so you gotta give and take the banter and I’ve got a very cheeky mouth so that helps lol. You can’t take yourself too seriously.


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First show down. New Plymouth tonight! #ijustwannahavefun lmao 🥳

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How would you describe your biggest strength as an artist?
Life experience and being relatable.

Do you have favourite quote or mantra to live by?
My Dad actually always said, “It’s a journey, there’s no destination” meaning to always strive, keep learning and growing, and don’t get complacent. There’s never going to be a day where I can say “I’ve done it all, I know it all, I’ve made it” There’s always more. I’ve used it in all different areas of my life.

Being told no, being rejected or failure in general is a hard reality we all face at some stage. What do you find is the best approach to dealing with this?
As cheesy as it sounds, have a day to be in your feelings and then look at the positives because there always is a lesson and a growth opportunity in it! My biggest strides have always come straight after setbacks or “failures”, so now I look forward to challenges! Use the “rejection” as fuel and you’ll be surprised how gutsy you can be.

What is your usual process for creating a track – how long does this whole process take?
My recent process is I listen to a bunch of different sounds and beats sent in by producers, and I go with whatever grabs me first. Usually I can hear a melody or lyrics and I usually write the hook first. But it’s always different, sometimes a song can come together in 1 day or 1 year lol for me anyway.

When did you last act fearlessly?
Filming my first music video. That was a surreal and crazy experience for me because I am still a bit shy, and the first shots were on a main road in front of people but as soon as the director said action, I got into work mode and did that.

You’ve already achieved so much, what’s next for you?
Next up, is my second single, Away being released this week. It’s one of my favourite songs from the EP so I can’t wait for that! And a couple more exciting surprises to finish this year off!


Interview: Kelly McAuliffe
Photos: Supplied, Instagram


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