Girl you need to know: artist Scarlett Harradine-Stevenson

23 August 2016
By Fashion Quarterly

Scarlett FEATURE

Another one of our home grown sweethearts is already showing signs of fame and fortune.

Seventeen-year-old, Scarlett Harradine-Stevenson is proving her creative talent to a growing audience, after being selected to work on a unique project alongside Goodness Natural Beauty Lab for New Zealand Fashion Week. She has designed and hand-painted 360 goodie bag totes for our Miss FQ show this Saturday!

The self-proclaimed “arty farty” student is studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Whitecliffe College of Art and Design. Although Scarlett is majoring in a Graphic Design her craft does not stop there. Scarlett also dabbles in photography, painting and is even a small Instagram business owner. Baudelaire Cotton and Co creates sweet hand embroidered cotton briefs made to order. Because we all know us girls deserve something a little special.

We think it’s fair to say, Scarlett can do it all.

Miss FQ’s Digital Editor, Skye Ross caught up with the quirky Scarlett, to ask about her inspirations, her role in New Zealand Fashion Week, and what we can expect to see from her next!

Miss FQ: Did you always see yourself as someone who would be involved the creative industry?

Scarlett: I for sure didn’t always see my self as someone that would end up being a part of the creative industry, no. Between the ages of 8 and 16 I was an extremely dedicated competitive figure skater and competed in national events. I was a national gold medalist and skating was my heart and soul. I was fixed, in my early years of high school, on becoming as physiotherapist when I grew up! Eventually I grew out of the competitions and sparkly dresses. This was around the time that I met my boyfriend Louis who is a cool, arty, creative boy. I quit skating after nationals in 2014. I think Louis was definitely good in helping me sort of fall into my creative self. I quickly left the P.E room and entered the painting room. My painting teacher Mr. Strachan was a huge part of really developing my painting skills. He was incredible and in one year he taught me so much – practically everything I know now!! After a year of painting and design classes in high school I was ready to move onto bigger and better things.

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Why did you decide to study a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Whitecliffe College?

I decided to study a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design when I had began year 13 at school and really wasn’t that into interested, all of my friends had left for uni, as they’re all older than myself, and I wanted a taste of challenge. So far Whitecliffe has been better than I ever could have imagined. They push me to my creative limits and really pull the best out of everyone out into the open.

Tell us, what is your dream job?

I am planning on majoring in either graphic design or photo media, as I’m indecisive and just can’t decide. Typical. My dream job would either be to be an amazingly original yet well known photographer NY or Europe. Or being a commercial graphic designer again in either NY or Europe.

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We love your adorable designs on briefs! What inspired you to launch Baudelaire Cotton and Co?

I was inspired by nature to start up Baudelaire Cotton and Co honestly. I love, love, love flowers and nature. Who doesn’t want cute nature inspired embroidered undies?! I started off making them for myself and then my boyfriend and his mother really believed that sharing them with a wider audience would be a great idea. So i did.

Cacti pair $15

A photo posted by Scarlett Lily (@baudelairecottonandco) on

How did the amazing opportunity to collaborate with Goodness for New Zealand Fashion Week come about?

Funny story actually, I used to work at RUBY and my boss at the time, Jordanne who has since moved on to working with Goodness products, contacted me knowing that I was a creative and would love the challenge. It was such a cool opportunity and I cant thank her enough!

Can you give us the inside scoop to the designs?

The designs for the bags themselves where inspired by a pattern that features on the packaging of some of Goodness’ not quite yet released products. I sort of took the concept and morphed it into my own, following the pattern very vaguely.

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If you could choose to own your own studio anywhere in the world, where would it be?

If I could choose to own my own studio space anywhere in the world it would have to be in a place of beauty and nature – maybe somewhere in Italy, maybe Finland. Honestly I couldn’t choose!!

I have to confess, I did spend a while stalking you on Instagram and I love your style. How would you describe it and who/what are you inspired by fashion-wise?

I would probably describe my style as ‘Sophisticated Tomboy x Elegant Adolescent’. I chopped all of my hair off earlier this year and it felt like the best decision ever. I love being able to have a strong powerful look about me and short hair, in my opinion, sort of speaks for itself in terms of making one look confident within oneself as a woman. I live in ripped jeans and and oversized t-shirts on a day-to-day basis. Fashion-wise I’m inspired by the likes of many feminist, out there girls on Instagram. For example @vuthien239, is such a bad ass bitch and I love her vibe so much . I adore a female’s ability to dress in menswear and pull it off in such a way it speaks of relentless power.

What are the top three clothing garments you think every girl should own?

A perfectly fitting vintage denim jacket

An old, thrifted, oversized t-shirt


A photo posted by scarface (@scarlett_lily_) on

If you could choose any designer to give you a wardrobe for a lifetime, who would it be?

If I could have any designer to give me a wardrobe for a lifetime it would have to be either whoever designs Acne Studios clothing or the designers of I Love Ugly, except all morphed for a woman.

Who are your favourite Instagrammers, you think we all have to follow?





As a full time art student your life must be pretty chaotic! How do you spend a lazy Sunday?

My life if super duper busy as a full time student with a part time job yes!! An ideal way to spend a lazy Sunday for me would be to hang out with Louis, and spend my time watching Netflix, reading and drawing. And getting uni work done!

Where do you hope to see yourself in 5 years?

I hope to see my self loving my chosen career path, and really flourishing as a young woman. I hope that I will have landed myself a job that I’m really passionate about, and that I will be having the opportunity to be regularly travelling different places around the world. Maybe even have that aspect as a part of my work.

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