Getting to know model Jordan Daniels

28 August 2016
By Fashion Quarterly

jordan daniels

18-year-old Jordan Daniels was the breakout star of NZFW.

We sit down with the model to discuss her favourite trends this season, her beauty secrets and more.

Which shows have you walked for so far and what do you have coming up?
So far I have walked for Harman Grubiša, Eugenie, Wynn Hamlyn, K Road, Lucilla Gray, Penny SageStolen Girlfriends Club and Huffer. Today I have Trelise Cooper and tomorrow I have Andrea Moore and Miss FQ and the Fashion Quarterly show on Sunday!

What are your favourite trends this season?
Definitely chokers, I love that chokers are coming back. Another cool trend for makeup would be a bold lip, and layering for styling. I’ve always loved layering statement pieces with basics and high wasted jeans.

What NZ designers are you loving right now?
I love Jimmy D and Harman Grubisa and Stolen Girlfriends Club is always one of my favourites!

Are you a minimalist or a ‘maximalist’?
I think I’m more of a minimalist.

Heels or sneakers?
Sneakers, for sure.


What are you reading right now?
I always have so many novels that I am reading at the same time, but magazine wise I am reading Fashion Quarterly as I’m in the latest issue.

What are your favourite fashion sites to visit for online shopping?
I love Pepper Mayo and Kookai and I love stores like Adidas because I can always buy little cute stuff I can always pair up with different things, and Boohoo.

Who are you loving on Instagram right now for style inspiration?
I always look at Kendall Jenner because she has got a similar body type to me. I have a really long torso and long legs, so it is really hard for me to match lots of things that look quite flattering. So people who have longer bodies like I do I tend to look at things they’re wearing, especially for layering because it can be quite hard to layer things. So definitely Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and I love Hailey Baldwin – and of course, Rihanna as well.

What are you going to do celebrate when the week is over?
Well I already have a shoot booked for Monday so I feel like I’m not even going to get a break. But from Tuesday onwards I’ve got nothing on so I am just going to sleep – have a cup of tea and go to sleep.

What is your beauty routine?
I drink a lot of water, so that has definitely been my saving grace for fashion week – keeping myself really hydrated as it’s so easy to forget so it’s really important. I moisturise my body all the time, I smother myself in cocoa butter. I feel like it is really good for my skin tone and I have no stretch marks because my mum has used it on me when I was a baby, so cocoa butter has always been my go-to.

What international designers do you love?
Louis Vuitton – their new collection is incredible. I recently did a shoot in their new collection which was really fun. And Balmain I always love. And Kayne West’s Yeezy, it’s incredible.

What is your ultimate holiday destination?
St. Barts and Fiji, I’m going at the end of the year on a cruise I‘m so excited. Definitely an island just to go and relax on the beach and tan!

So you just finished high school?
Yeah, so this is my first year out of high school. I was studying at uni and I did a semester but I decided to have a gap year, so I’m a full time model now!

I love you bby @sophiafrankish and I for @huffer_ tonight #nzfw 💜

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What is something that people may not know about you?
I’m a real big people person. I love making friends – that’s my favourite part of fashion week. Making friends and getting close with a lot of hair and makeup artists and stylists because that’s the people you are really up close with. Making those connections is probably the best part of modelling for me.

Words: Nathalie Owen.
Photo: Jono Parker & Instagram.

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