Get fitted: why wearing the correct bra size is important

13 May 2021
By Fashion Quarterly

While fashion trends come and go, the right bra size is always in style. With two out of three women wearing the wrong size bra, getting fitted regularly will not only help you find your perfect size but ensure you achieve the best possible support and comfort. 

Ebony Underwire Bra by Pleasure State

Often focused on our outer appearance, it’s equally important to give care to what’s underneath. Many of us experienced our first bra-fitting as a teenager but haven’t continued to get regular re-fits. And as the years go by, we change in many ways, including our breast shape and size. 

Inspired by Bendon’s current campaign ‘Get Fitted’, we found ourselves in-store to try out their complimentary fitting service. Confident about our sizes, we were admittedly surprised by the results, our cup and back size not what we initially assumed. 

If you’re now intrigued by what your size really is, here’s what to expect at a bra fitting and other valuable knowledge to achieve your best fit. 

The experience

Rest assured that when you step into any lingerie store, the staff have your best interests at heart, and they’ve seen it all before. If you’d prefer not to show only your bra during a changing room fitting, measurements can simply be taken over your t-shirt! 

How is the right bra size measured? 

The fitting takes around three minutes and is more effortless than you may think! After asking questions to ascertain your preferences and check your existing bra, it will take about ten easy seconds to measure your current size. 

An under-bust measurement is taken to ascertain your back size and an over-bust measurement for your cup size.

Why does the right bra size matter?

There are so many positives to wearing the perfect fitting bra. It’s comfortable, improves your posture, and will hopefully give you confidence in how you feel, including making your clothes look more flattering! 

What’s the biggest mistake we make when buying a bra?

We asked a Bendon spokesperson what they thought, and as we thought, the biggest mistake is not getting fitted and wearing the wrong bra size. 

Importantly, we should have a bra fitting every 6-12 months. Bodies and breasts are ever-changing, whether it’s due to our health, weight loss or gain, or during and after pregnancy. 

How do we know if our bra size is too big? 

Your bra is too big if your back strap is riding high, you can fit three or more fingers underneath your shoulder straps, or your cups are gaping. 

What about if our bra size is too small? 

If the bra’s centre panel doesn’t sit flat against your chest, your breasts are spilling over the cups, you can’t comfortably fit two fingers underneath your shoulder straps, or your straps are leaving marks, then it’s too small! 

Another noteworthy tip is to wear and have a new bra fitted on its loosest hooks. As your bra ages and material loosens over washes and wear, you can use the tighter hooks to maintain fit. 

Which bra style is right for me? 

If you’re wearing the correct bra size, rest assured, it’s a matter of preference, whether you’re after high support, low-support, or a sports bra. 

Understanding your body and how it changes over time is vital to feeling confident, comfortable, and stylish on the inside and out. Wearing the bra size is an act of self-care, which is why we encourage you not to wait any longer—get fitted! 

Find your nearest Bendon store for your complimentary fitting here


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