Georgia Fowler is a vision in her latest Moët & Chandon campaign

25 November 2022
By Fashion Quarterly

Between a spontaneous engagement, being announced a Moët & Chandon ambassador, and her first trip home in three years, Georgia Fowler has a lot to celebrate.

Georgia Fowler has a lot to celebrate — including her first trip home in three years.

Set in a heritage penthouse surrounded by a tower of champagne coupes, luminous gold lighting, and layers of Moët & Chandon, Georgia Fowler’s latest campaign was a charming, glamorous, and memorable affair. 

The model, mother, and fashion icon adds Moët & Chandon ambassador to her long list of accolades as 2022 draws to a close. For Georgia, partnering with the French champagne producer was befitting ahead of the festive season. 

“How better to celebrate than with a glass of Moët in hand? Partnering with them is authentic –  a bottle will always sit at our Christmas table,” says Georgia. 

But it’s not just the campaign Georgia has to raise a glass to; earlier this year while on a shoot for Tiffany & Co Georgia’s partner Nathan popped the question. 

“The proposal came as quite a surprise to both of us, ha! Nathan’s not a huge planner and mid-way through shooting he thought: ‘what better time to drop a knee?’ It was so special to have the raw emotions captured and was very us.”

While you’d be forgiven for thinking the Moët & Chandon campaign was set in a high-rise villa in a romantic European location, the shoot, captured by Mara Sommer, actually took place in Auckland emulating a chic party of opulent proportions. 

“We had a blast! The location was perfect and the team did an incredible job at a really international level – not that I’m surprised, there is amazing talent back home.”

Making the most out of every moment, the campaign doubled as an opportunity for Sydney-based Georgia to spend time with her whānau and friends. 

“I haven’t shot in New Zealand for what feels like aeons! It’s always special to come home, New Zealand will always hold the biggest place in my heart and it was amazing to bring my daughter [Dylan] back and have my family look after her whilst I shot. Whānau forever.”

Below, FQ speaks with Georgia on managing her time, remaining motivated, and how she plans to celebrate this season. 

Georgia Fowler is a vision in her latest Moët & Chandon campaign in an Auckland heritage building.

How are you planning to celebrate this festive season?

With a toast or two shared! I love the Christmas season, this year especially everyone is feeling extra festive! Our family will spend Christmas in Sydney as we will be busy wedding planning, and my New Zealand family will all be over early next year! It’s also a wonderful time to connect with special friends and celebrate the year that was.

As we’re coming into summer, do you have an idea of how you will be spending your time? 

Dylan is keeping us very busy at present, she’s so much fun and is a real water baby so will be spending as much time as possible at the beach swimming. I’m also looking forward to hosting our friends for drinks and dinner parties and enjoying the best of Sydney summer.

What aspects of your work do you love and keep you motivated? 

I’m so lucky that I get to work with some of the most talented and creative individuals in their fields. You don’t need that much motivation when you love what you do and the people you’re doing it with!

You have achieved so much and now balance modelling with motherhood. How do you relax away from work and maintain the life/work balance? 

It’s a work in progress, sometimes I feel like I’m nailing it, often it feels like I’m missing out on moments with my child, or work opportunities.  I’ve been so lucky to have my mum as the best nanny ever which allows me to relax whilst at work. On days off I try to make sure I’m completely present. I put my phone away, and embrace every second.


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