Trish Peng gown NZ Weddings show at NZFW

Why the NZ Weddings show is pretty darned magical

1 September 2016

FQ’s creative director Marcel Gull is a huge fan of the NZ Weddings show. Here’s why:

We all dream of being Cinderella. The NZ Weddings magazine show feeds this obsession by creating a compendium of every girl’s fairytale fantasy  – in this case, Sleeping Beauty meets Game of Thrones. The hysteria around this show is not just applicable to the girls though and I have proclaimed possibly ten times this week that the Wedding show is my favourite at New Zealand Fashion Week (front row seat or not).

Pretty brides and sexy bridesmaids aside, there is a significant reason why I am like a moth to a flame for this midweek show –  the hot, hot male models. While other shows seem to favour rail-thin boys dressed in skirts, NZ Weddings consistently goes for “semi-muscular classic handsome with a hint of boy next door”. Hello Dominic Bowden.

This year the extremely handsome Prince Charmings were decked out in precisely fitted Working Style tailoring with an adventurously short trouser length. Barkers clearly understand that most men die from heat stroke at summer weddings. Their answer? They sent the boys out in amazingly lightweight suits. Linen? Any hot-blooded males dream.

Right, now let’s talk about the girls. The bridal designers took their cues from old world silhouettes and added modern touches. A column dress from Alma Wong achieved new heights of “sexy bride” with a slit that would make even Angelina Jolie blush.

For a more traditional bride, Modes showed a slick take on 1920s silhouettes with pearl embellished bodices and scoop neck dresses featuring organza trims in lieu of lace.

Leisa Welch for Joico did an incredible job of styling the hair into key bridal looks, including romantic, wispy milkmaid braids and low textured ponytails wound up with leather lacing (did I mention Game of Thrones?)

Last but not least, Trish Peng went all ‘Red Wedding’ on us by sending Ella Verberne out in a red brocade dress with a tulle train that literally took up the length of the runway… and more. The aforementioned hotter-than-hot male models  re-appeared from backstage in their silver armour to help Ella navigate the U turn at the end of the runway.

Ultimately, the beauty of the NZ Weddings show isn’t just in the garments but in the seductive power of the entire production – including that 40 metre red train.

Joico NZ Weddings ponytail look


Created by Leisa Welch for Joico.

1. Spray roots with Joico Hair Shake and rough dry to create volume and texture.
2. Use a round brush on the tip of your head to create volume and shape.
3. Take small sections of your hair at the front and curl the pieces with a small curling wand. Continue along the hairline, as you work your way backwards start to curl larger, less structured sections.
4. Use a larger wand on the ponytail section. Backcomb the crown to create a nice shape, then smooth hair over it.
5. Pull hair back into a low ponytail and secure. Encourage flyaways and movement by rubbing the front and top of the hair.
6. Back comb the ponytail with a wide tooth comb. Now wrap half of the ponytail with a leather strap.
7. Use Joico Flip Turn on the hair for strong hold, and add Dust Powder for texture and grit.
8. Spray Joico K-Pak Colour Therapy Dry Spray Oil for added shine.



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