Ben and Caitlin’s rock solid friendship leaves fellow designers stone cold in Project Runway episode 9

26 November 2018
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The competition amps up as only six designers remain. Later, personal matters take its toll and with no more immunity up for grabs, the designers are left to see if the pressure really does make diamonds.

Fair warning this episode is no holds barred in letting us know how it is.  In the opening scene Kerry dives in with a comment loaded with shade on Benjamin and Caitlin’s friendship: “The six of us that are left, it’s kind of six and two. There’s the Benjamin-Caitlin couple, and then there’s the rest of us.”

Kerry is like the Benjamin Button of a Sour Patch Kid. He’s sweet and then he’s sour.

You know, he keeps saying “If this is how they want to get through the competition then so be it,” but he doesn’t seem to be letting be so. That or the producers are like “Sorry, Kerry what was it you were saying about Benjamin and Caitlin,” each episode.

This week it’s all about the bling… and (spoiler alert) the B&C power couple. Also, is it me or is Georgia more pumped up with energy than usual? She’s super sprightly and really talks – like a lot – in this episode. I wonder if she’s just found out she’s modelling for Victoria’s Secret in real-time or just had some media training. The girl is on fire.

Read on for this week’s episode recap:

The brief

Create an evening look inspired by a collection from the Pascoes jewellery range.

During the Challenge:

There’s always going be an issue that the episode was going to really hone in on during the designers’ time in the workroom. Last week it was Jess going nutty, one week it was Judy being a ball of nerves, and this week it’s the divide between the Benjamin and Caitlin versus the “commoners,” as Kerry describes.

But what I want to focus on is how much screen time we’re getting with Andreas. And no, not because he’s handsome, but because it’s fascinating to hear his feedback and coaching from the fabric stage through to the concept development and the construction. Gee, I hope he pipes up during the judges’ deliberation, we see the end product sure, but he can appreciate what techniques it takes to create shapes, movement and unique design. These fab outfits aren’t always down to luck, you know.

Okay, I take back what I said earlier. We’re seeing more of Jess being nuts and Judy being nervous. But, unlike weeks prior, it’s hard to picture what will be walking down the runway.

Runway Day

All I can say is poor Peni. Spine issues have set him back (see what I did there?) with hours of intricate work left to be hashed together at the last minute.

In the Schwarzkopf hair studio and Maybelline makeup suite, this week’s looks are actually okay. A textured high bun with salt spray, a smokey eye with a dark lip – these are all doable and I may just be swiping one of those Maybelline lip stains next time I’m near the beauty cupboard…

But holy smokes, we’re now at the runway and I don’t know what’s more exciting… the fact that this is my favourite Georgia Fowler beauty look yet, or that Ladi6 is sitting in the guest judge chair… A little off key, but I love that woman and I can’t wait to hear her feedback.


Judging this week’s Pascoes jewellery challenge is Fashion Quarterly magazine editor Sally-Ann Mullin, WORLD director and designer Benny Castles, supermodel and host Georgia Fowler, and guest judge hip hop artist Ladi6.

Scroll for the final runway looks from week nine:

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