Mail order brides(maids) and dramatic transformations in Project Runway episode 8

19 November 2018
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The models take centre stage and become the designer’s clients for this week’s challenge. And with no more immunity’s to be won from here on out, the pressure is on the designers to create a winning look.

Week eight commands survival of the fittest as designers~literally~ fight over the bouquet of their desired bridesmaid dress and model to base their design on. While Gracie (pictured far left below) fires her bouquet over her shoulder straight into the arms of Benjamin (shock), some bouquets were left for dead on the ground with no designers leaping to their rescue. Jess’s failure to catch any of the bouquets of her choosing meant that she wound up with the last dress and fabric choice she wanted to work with – and it shows in her final runway look.

Read on for this week’s episode recap:

The Brief

Create a fashionable outfit using an old bridesmaid dress for the client – which in this case, is the model.

From left to right: Benjamin’s client wears the orange and white midi-length dress with flutter sleeve; Misty, the long-sleeve burgundy velvet bridesmaid dress; Caitlin, the blue and white polka dot; Peni with the deep teal mini dress; Kerry, the neon yellow princess cut dress; Jess, the blue satin sheath dress; and Judy with the red chiffon floor-length gown.

During the Challenge:

The models set the tone for what they want. Be it a going out to dinner turned night out ensemble, a pair of overalls, a statement blouse or university look, it seems our designers are taking generous liberties in interpreting their clients’ wants. Fast forward to The Fabric Store and Andreas makes a surprise appearance. It seems as though the designers are all gravitating towards white striped materials. I wonder if they planted this or have they been hiding him in the Holden Astra for the past seven weeks waiting for this moment to arise? Curious. 

Jess has made some serious ground in the past few weeks proving she has what it takes as a designer, but, like many who have gone before her, it seems this week’s challenge is the one to break her down. Her impartialness towards the blue satin sees her model’s top get more and more non-existent, and her irritability tests the others in the workroom. To put it plainly, she seems to have gone a “bit nutty” – alongside her trouser design.

Project Runway New Zealand EP8 - photocredit Tom Hollow (27)

High scorer Judy disappears into the midground as she tries to meddle with a design to make it less like the one she produced for the red carpet challenge. Working with red chiffon and a halter neckline (as desired by her client), Judy pretty much can sit back and ride this one out.

The bond between Caitlin and Benjamin shows no sign of abating this week. The two work closely together strengthening each other’s concepts. And by each other, I mean Benjamin is educating Caitlin on all the techniques to create her envisioned design. If Kerry’s piece to cameras didn’t reveal how sour he is about the working friendship (jealous, Kezza?), then his snatching of the iron off Caitlin certainly did. Does Benjamin go after him and seek justice? It sure started to look that way until the cameras cut to a new scene. *Deep sigh* – I guess we’ll never know.

Runway Day:

Jess requests an eyeliner to bring out the cobalt blue in her design, and in true Maybelline studio fashion, she comes out with a blue eyeliner (top and bottom) and a winged shadow. You know, just in case you didn’t make the connection with blue top, blue pants, blue earrings… 

Misty’s client wanted overalls. Misty’s client got velvet pants and a sheer blouse with floor length sleeves. Hell, if she’s going to put something on the runway, it’s going to have Misty drama written all over it. Because, as she said, the only client she’s ever designed for is herself. Kerry’s client can’t decide if she loves the design or hates it – and it shows on the runway. 

With Peni’s rollneck coat resembling something of Matt’s work (who left in week three) worn over a Pagani-esque night-crawler top and some tribal pants 3″ too short, who knows how the judges will feel. Sometimes there’s just no predicting. 


Judging this week’s bridesmaid dress before and after challenge is Fashion Quarterly magazine editor Sally-Ann Mullin (far left), WORLD director and designer Benny Castles (far right), supermodel and host Georgia Fowler (right), and guest judge fashion guru Robert Nowa (left).

Scroll for the final runway looks from week eight:

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