’80s winter luxe yacht parties – it’s a thing. Plus, everything you missed on Project Runway episode 10

3 December 2018
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Watch Project Runway New Zealand on TVNZ 2 every Monday at 7:30pm from October 1, 2018, or watch it on demand.  

In the most technically complex challenge yet, designers are pushed to their limit in pur-suit of impressing the judges and remaining in the competition.

It’s been a whole week since we witnessed Caitlin Crisp being eliminated from Project Runway New Zealand and my best bet is that heads are still rolling (and according to the comment threads on social media, many who believe it ought to have been of Peni). If you too fall into the latter category, make sure you check out our interview with Caitlin on life after reality-TV and her soon-to-be-released namesake label.

We’re down to five designers and the point in the competition where even the smallest misstep can send them home. With no more Caitlin, Benjamin is left on an island of his own and without the mutual consultation throughout the construction process.

Is it all faces down, bums up from here as designers fight it out to the finish? Or will Jess’s cockiness result in her tricks of the trade becoming common knowledge? Either way, plenty of drama is guaranteed to ensue.

Read on for this week’s episode recap:

Step aside Gretchen and Regina, there’s a new mean girls duo in town: Kerry and Judy.


Back at the apartments the designers call home for the duration of the series, the said mean girls tell us how they really feel. And by ‘us’ I mean the producers are encroaching on a private conversation and playing it back for our enlightenment. Turns out, Kerry “really hates Jess’s design” saying that it looked like a caterpillar. Fair. But it was a chic caterpillar, at least. And Judy chases with: “I’ve seen it *so* many times,” in response to Benjamin’s design.

As for Benjamin on his island sans BFF Caitlin? Jess wastes no time to address their “clicky” relationship. To Jess’s credit, she didn’t beat around the bush on it. However, it did soon surface that, if anything, Jess may have just felt a bit stink being on the outer.

“We trusted enough to give an honest opinion and not be fake, and not say anything bad about each other behind our backs,” says Benjamin.

And on that note, Benjamin jumps up and leaves the room and we’re swiftly moved through to the following day to find out what the next challenge will be.

The Brief

2 ½ days and $400 to create a tailored suit. Think classic, sophisticated and sleek.


Project Runway New Zealand EP10 - photo credit Tom Hollo (8)

During the Challenge

This is the biggest budget and the longest amount of time to complete a challenge to date and the designers are buzzing. Except, Judy. She’s packing due to her lacking (of tailoring experience, that is). The designers sit seaside – you know after Georgia Fowler arrives via helicopter to brief them in on their challenge for reasons unknown to me – getting their sketches underway. Jess and Peni have a chuckle, as do Judy and Kerry… and here’s Benjamin minding his own business and Kerry’s more interested in shooting him down now that he’s without his “confidante.” Come on, Kerry – just back yourself. We get it. You and Benjamin ARE NOT FRIENDS.

At The Fabric Store, the designers are choosing their fabrics (funny that) and Andreas pops in to provide some guidance. Benjamin knew what he wanted from the outset (black suede), whereas Peni, on the other hand, was pliant enough to take Andreas’s advice… and thank god he did. That grey fabric with the bright yellow was in-ter-rest-ting.

In the workroom, Judy starts to improvise on the construction of her shoulder pads before the spotlight is turned to Jess and Benjamin. The pair seems to be having a quarrel over Jess’s decision (and right as the winner of last week’s challenge) to choose her model. The model in question being Gracie who has typically partnered with Benjamin. It is conflict-city up in here.

There’s a cute-ish/forced moment in the sewing room where Kerry – who is wearing his half-constructed cape – tries to chat with Benjamin. Something about him mistaking Benjamin’s sewing machine for humming? We cut to a piece to camera, and unknowingly, we hear a bit of a prophecy from Benjamin: “I hate capes. But see that’s the thing; it’ll be so well made that it will be perfect and he will probably win.


Judging this week’s tailoring challenge is Fashion Quarterly magazine editor Sally-Ann Mullin, WORLD director and designer Benny Castles, supermodel and host Georgia Fowler, and guest judge fashion designer (and Georgia’s personal stylist and friend) Paris Mitchell of Paris Georgia.

Now, I haven’t typically remarked on guest judges in previous reviews beyond whether or not they’re a relevant fit, but this week I will make an exception. Paris was a refreshing voice on the panel that was incredibly knowledgeable, constructive and sharp. She was amazing. A job well done, in my opinion.

But that’s enough girl crushing for now. Let’s jump ahead to the runway action, shall we?

Scroll for the final runway looks from week ten:

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