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4 products every woman of colour should have, according to UK beauty guru Funmi Fetto

7 January 2020

Funmi Fetto

Acclaimed beauty editor Funmi Fetto has released a new book, Palette, exploring the relationship that women of colour have with the beauty industry.

Using her many years of expertise, she has curated an extensive array of recommendations for hair, skin and makeup for the tome.

Read on for an excerpt from her groundbreaking book, including four key products that Funmi recommends for people of colour.

As someone who suffered from terrible skin for many years – breakouts, acne, pigmentation, uneven texture, you name it – it is a blessing to have a job where I can access the knowledge I need to get my skin to a place where I am happy to go out without make-up. (And I mean properly out – not just out as in ‘putting the bins out’). Why wouldn’t I want to share that with you? I’ve said, and I will keep saying, in the hope that brands will listen, that there are products out there that work for us, but if we are not represented or included in the marketing then how are we supposed to know?


While reading this book, please bear the following in mind:

When choosing a product, ask yourself this: would you invest in the same outfit for a funeral, for the beach, for raving at Afropunk and for a traditional wedding? No, you wouldn’t. The point? Context is key. You cannot expect a single product to work for every eventuality.

I remember meeting a woman of colour (a facialist) with skin so marble smooth you could roll puff pastry on it. She admitted that she never used any of the products she was about to use on me (which naturally filled me with great confidence); all she ever used was Vaseline. Now, if I slathered my face in Vaseline, my skin would give birth to aliens. Not every product works for everyone. You have to find what’s right for you.

There are, however, three things that I believe every woman of colour should have in her skincare repertoire. First, a liquid exfoliator: this will give your skin LIFE. Second, vitamin C in some form, or another kind of brightener. Please understand that I am not talking about bleaching here, I’m talking about something to tackle those pesky dark spots and keep pigmentation at bay. And then, finally, sunscreen. Without sunscreen, all your hard work will go to the dogs.

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