The FQ editors reveal their fashion resolutions for 2019

4 January 2019
By Fashion Quarterly

We live for fashion, it’s true. But could we be doing a better job of it?

As one year comes to a close and new one begins, we adjust our habits, our choices, our wrongs, our rights, in an attempt to make the next year an even better, healthier, happier one.

The Fashion Quarterly editor’s reveal what they’re hoping to adjust for 2019 when it comes to their sartorial decisions:

Care, Aware


“I’d like to say that I’ll stop buying updated versions of the same thing – i.e. white high-necked blouses – but I’m not going to put that pressure on myself. Instead, I’m going to do practical things to really take care of the clothes I already have: look after my shoes, organise the chaos of my wardrobe so I can see everything I own, store my coats and knitwear properly over winter, and finally get hems and jacket sleeves taken up so things fit properly.”

Zoe Walker-Ahwa, editor

Statement Jewellery

“While I keep to a fairly straightforward uniform (lots of pants, blazers, the odd sequin…) in recent years I’ve stripped back completely on jewellery, going for an understated look with a fine chain and my engagement ring all I wear daily. I’m determined for that to change in 2019 as I’ve recently rediscovered a love of earrings – big and small – and have become quite attached to some chunky Meadowlark pearl drops of late. Upping the ante on jewellery, fine and costume, is my fashion priority in the new year.”

Megan Bedford, beauty editor

Love Thy Existing Clothes

“This resolution is one that began in 2018 but will be at the heart of all my fashion decisions in 2019: buy more consciously. That doesn’t just mean purchasing from brands with sustainable practices (though that is, of course, a big part of it), but also thinking more about the things I buy and how they’ll fit in my wardrobe. No more buying pieces just for the sake of it – it’s got to be L-O-V-E love.”

Lucy Slight, features director

S-L-O-W Is The Go

“When you’re living, breathing and writing fashion, inspiration is everywhere and self-control is not. In 2019, I’m hoping to slow it down a bit and invest in quality, mostly New Zealand designs, which may have on-trend elements but are elevated enough to go the distance. With longevity in mind, I’m also resolving to take better care of my clothes, both in terms of storage and resisting a spot clean in favour of the odd dry clean.”

Jessica-Belle Greer, features editor

Flat Out And Feminine

“Last year during this exercise I implied my footwear choices were detrimental to my health, but that I chose to wear them anyway. This coming year, after many, many years being known for my 12cm point front stilettos, I’m investing in my body and moving away from such sky-high options. In preparation for my 2019 sartorial life changes, I’ve just purchased La Tribe fluff slides. Still super feminine, interesting and fun. I’m also planning to wear more colour, looser clothing and just have more fun with what I put together. So in a nutshell, quite the epic rebrand. Bring on 2019; I think it’s my year.”

Sally-Ann Mullin, fashion department

The Thrift Shift

Opting for sustainable, fair-trade and organic alternatives has been my game for a while now, but the focus for 2019 is to shift away from new purchases entirely. I’ve never been fond of owning something someone else could have (except for basics, of course) which is why I’ve always turned to my sewing machine for one-off occasional pieces. Trouble is, I’m simply adding to my already expansive wardrobe. Instead, if I feel I need something new or identify something missing from my wardrobe, I will seek out existing options from op-shops. In the first instanc,e anyway!

Terri Dunn, digital content producer

Photos: Getty Images


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